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Was Death of Michael Jackson a SIGN that Nuke Terrorism is Nigh...
October 26st 2009
Written By Staff of 247 News 247 News Net
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There's a New Movie about to release. THIS IS IT, the final say on the death of Michael Jackson.

A group of fans are protesting with sites called THIS IS NOT IT.

One is run by fans of SOLLOG the famous modern seer so accurate his fans call him THE NEW NOSTRADAMUS.

An early Sollog prophecy known as THE XMAS 1997 PROPHECIES, did warn of the death of a famous MICHAEL...

Originally fans of Sollog pointed out how right after it was written Michael Kennedy died in an 'accident' in THE WOODS. The verses with the WARNING TO MICHAEL do also contain verses about THE WOODS and an ACCIDENT...

Now fans of Sollog are claiming the MURDER OF MICHAEL is indeed in the same prophecies.

They point to a verse about

THE SPLINTER (Jackson was rail thin, like a splinter)

THE VOICE (Jackson was perhaps the most famous VOICE of the 20th Century)

THE HOPE (Jackson was a famous philanthropist)

Below is a link to Googles Archive of USENET where the 1997 Xmas Prophecies were released in last 1997 before Michael Kennedy died in THE WOODS.

Now Sollog fans are saying READ THE OTHER VERSES, they clearly point to Jackson.

So far several major deaths have been connected to this famous SOLLOG DEATH PROPHECY.

Originally Michael Kennedy dying in the WOODS was a clear hit.

Another verse mentions JFK and the next verse a PLANE falling from the sky. Less than 2 years later JFK Jr died in a plane falling from THE SKY.

Now we have the death of Michael, considered an ANGEL by some of his fans.

There's a MILLION DOLLAR GUARANTEE that the Prophecy is real and the link below to Google is real and it proves the prophecy was written about on January 1st 1998 and archived by Google.

Here is the link to the famous Sollog 1997 Xmas Prophecy


Quatrains 16 and 17 contain the BEWARE MICHAEL verses and THE ACCIDENT verse.

Quatrain 13 has the SPLINTER - VOICE - HOPE verses.

Quatrains 2 and 3 have the verses about JFK and the Plane falling from the sky.

Fans of Sollog also point to verse 4 being a timing verse for Michaels Death. It is about the FALL OF THE GREAT WALL... The Crash of Wall Street.

We have a ton of Sollog articles on the site, this Michael Jackson 'hit', isn't as clear as most of Sollog's main prophecies, but there's enough of connections to Michael Jackson's death in the Xmas 1997 Prophecies to make you wonder, was it too about Michael's Death?

Sollog is famous for his warning about the COMING AGE OF NUKE TERRORISM...

www.NUKETERROR.com is a famous Sollog Site.

Sollog's main site is www.SOLLOG.com

To see the video about THIS IS NOT IT go to


Staff of 247 News

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