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Did the USA Elect Satan?
Did Jesus call Barack SATAN?

Written By Staff of 24 7 News Net
24 7 News Net - The Alternative News Wire
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24 7 News Net - The Alternative News Wire
November 4th, 2008

Did USA elect SATAN? (Barack H. Obama)

Is 99.9% of humanity about to DIE in NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST at the hands of Barack H. Obama?

That is THE WARNING MESSAGE sent to members of TOH www.TempleOfHayah.com by SOLLOG!

Sollog, who is WORLD FAMOUS for his AMAZING “Prophecies”, warned last October 2007 (when Hillary Clinton was the favorite to be the democratic U.S. Presidential candidate) that Barack would rise to THE THRONE!

13 months later, Sollog's U.S. Presidential pick in his 2007 Xmas Prophecies has indeed risen to THE THRONE!

The same “Prophecies” warned of the coming World Stock Market Crash! Last October (2007) was the top of U.S. Stock prices. Sure enough, a WORLD STOCK CRASH occurred!

Last October (2007) Sollog warned of the historic RISE OF OIL! That happened too!

The “Great Quake” of 12/25 struck too. Eurodating is the “Code” Sollog uses in his Quake Warnings. So 12/25 = 25/12. 5/12 (May 12th) is in that date. 5/12/2008 over 80,000 Died in the China Quake!

Here is a Link to Google's Time Stamped archive showing Sollog released all these EXACT PROPHECIES last year


Now Sollog is telling his fans at www.Sollog.com and www.TempleofHayah.com to LEAVE NOW ALL LARGE CITIES. Since Scriptures, Kabballah and Nostradamus ALL AGREE that Barack H. Obama is SATAN!

Barack H. Obama will launch the NUCLEAR ARSENAL of the U.S. Military warns Sollog!


Sollog reveals Luke 10:18 is a clear PROPHECY SATAN = Barack!

Luke 10:18 "I saw SATAN as LIGHTNING".

Sollog says Strong's Hebrew word 1300 is Barack (Beth-Resh-Qoph).

So Jesus called Barack, SATAN!

Sollog, an expert in Hebrew Kabballah (Caballa), says SATAN = 359 in Kabballah.

Barack H. Obama = 359 also

Nostradamus warned the 3rd Anti-Christ would be MABOS. Sollog explains Barack used Barry S. Obama as his name early in life. The "S" was his stepfather's name.

S. Obama is A MABOS backwards!

The name Nostradamus warned of!

Sollog says other religious groups reveal both May 2011 and the year 2012 as THE END for humanity...

Sollog warns most of humanity will soon die at the hands of Barack H. Obama, unless Barack dies in a Plane Crash or perhaps an assassination or SUICIDE!

Sollog says that is the THREE TIMELINES he “SEES” for mankind now. Two Baracks now control Nukes. One is a “Barack” in Israel (the Israeli Minister of Defense). Sollog says some “Time Info” suggests a plane crash or a shooting for a “Barack”. Another time line shows Barack (Obama) launches the US Nuclear arsenal!

So, Sollog says “LEAVE CITIES NOW!”

If humanity survives Barack's presidency, then NUCLEAR ARMAGEDDON was avoided!

If NUKES LAUNCH, the ONLY SURVIVORS are in THE SAFE ZONES! www.Sollog.com has the locations of THE SAFE ZONES!

Staff of www.247News.net

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