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24 7 News Net - Hurricane Katrina DESTROYS New Orleans as THE WORD OF GOD SOLLOG Guaranteed in US Court
September 2nd, 2005
Written By Staff of 247 News 247 News Net
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Byline - Staff of 24 7 News
Date - September 2nd 2005

In 1996 Sollog sued the US Government in Federal Court in Philadelphia. The case is GOD V. USA et al, Case No. 96CV - 1499.

On April 19th, the one year anniversary of the Oklahoma City Bombing Sollog placed an EDICT into his court case.

In the EDICT he stated he spoke for LORD GOD ALMIGHTY.

Sollog also GUARANTEED the destruction of New Orleans by a hurricane.

Days ago that GUARANTEE in the NAME OF GOD occurred.



Future generations will speak of this Sollog edict as the PROOF Sollog is really who he says he is. That being the LIVING WORD OF LORD GOD ALMIGHTY.

Sollog is currently a POLITICAL PRISONER of SUSA (SATAN USA). He is now in jail in Philadelphia for escape from a work release program in 1996. Sollog says he is innocent and the case will be thrown out!

Sollog is well known to the US Government. In 1995 the Secret Service arrested Sollog for warning then President Clinton to never fly again to Jackson Hole Wyoming or a plane crash would occur! The case was withdrawn after Sollog gave the US Magistrate details of the Rabin assassination in OPEN COURT one month before it occurred!

One year later Clinton went to Jackson Holy Wyoming for vacation, ignoring the Sollog warning. His support plane crashed killing nine people and several US Secret Service agents!

Sollog gained much fame in 2001 after 911. Der Spiegel the largest paper in Germany did serveral SOLLOG ARTICLES due to Sollog's 911 warning that was the talk of the Net after 911 occurred. It's a FACT that Sollog GUARANTEED a major tragic event in the US for 911 in his prophecies. One of Sollog's fans Leo Phoenix even went running around Usenet warning of 911 and the death of thousands days before 911 occurred!

Sollog GUARANTEED major killer quakes on XMAS Day in 2003. Two such quakes then occurred. Around 50,000 died in Bam Iran on Xmas day in 2003 (using EST Time) and over 250,000 died due to the historic 9.0+ range quake that created the Great Tsunami of 2004 on Xmas Day (using EST Time).

The rash of hurricanes battering the United States was foretold by Sollog in his 31 Disasters Prophecy of 2002.

In June of this year Sollog released his DIRTY NUKES PROPHECY from his jail cell. In it he guaranteed the Destruction of New Orleans by a hurricane after June. Two months later the greatest natural disaster in US history occurred. The city of New Orleans was literally DESTROYED as Sollog warned by a hurricane.

You can find timed stamped copies of these famous Sollog prophecies in the archives of Usenet maintained at Google. Search newsgroups for Sollog postings on New Orleans and hurricanes at Google.

You will find many references to the Sollog prophecies time stamped by Google before New Orleans was DESTROYED! One such posting was a copy of the 1996 Sollog EDICT from Federal Court. It was posted to usenet in 1999 by a fan of Sollog.

Another Sollog prophecy was posted in early July 2005 to usenet titled DIRTY NUKES. In it Sollog warned New Orleans would be destroyed by a hurricane. Months later it happened!

Sollog also wrote of the DESTRUCTION of New Orleans by a hurricane in his SUSA PROPHECY where he even states this event would occur to PROVE there was NO JESUS and that Sollog is THE LIVING WORD OF GOD ALMIGHTY!

Sollog also stated New Orleans would be DESTROYED by a hurricane in his famous 31 DISASTERS PROPHECY.

Just search Google. Go to Newsgroups. Search for SOLLOG - New Orleans - Hurricane. You'll see all the pre-hurricane Katrina writings of Sollog GUARANTEEING the destruction of New Orleans by a hurricane!

You'll also see how Sollog guaranteed the coming age of NUCLEAR TERRORISM when Israel - Rome - Washington DC are all struck by nuclear terrorism!

Sollog has also guaranteed the destruction of these cities by earth quakes, New York, Philadelphia, Phoenix and Los Angeles.

Sollog has guaranteed the destruction of these cities by hurricanes, Miami and Corpus Cristi, besides New Orleans.

Sollog says a water virus cryptosporidium will destroy Chicago and Detroit.

Those are the disasters Sollog says will occur in his 1996 Federal Court Edict. That is the SAME EDICT where Sollog GUARANTEED the DESTRUCTION of New Orleans by a hurricane! In that case Sollog states he is giving man THE FINAL WARNING about NUKES. Sollog ordered man to destroy all nuclear devices in his 1996 Federal Civil Suit against the USA. Such as warheads and even nuclear power plants. If mankind doesn't OBEY SOLLOG, then according to Sollog's writings MANKIND will have 99.9% of its beings TERMINATED!

You've been warned...

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