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Saddam's Kangaroo Court!
An Editorial by Sollog

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July 1st, 2004

What a spectacle, a real Kangaroo court paraded Saddam in front of cameras today.

Saddam was 100% legally right to admonish the ‘judge’ in the spectacle today that the media is calling a ‘court’ appearance. There is no legal validity to the 'court' Saddam went before today by any law in Iraq.

The 'court' today is what is legally known as a 'Kangaroo court'. A Kangaroo court is by definition what we saw today, it is: A mock court set up in violation of established legal procedure.

By what legal right does this so-called court exist? Who setup the court? Who picked the judge?

Last year Iraq was a ‘nation’ that participated in organizations such as the U.N. Everyone recognized Saddam as the ruler of Iraq and believe it or not, he was even ‘elected’ by the Iraqi people.

So what if you think the elections were a sham, he was accepted by the world as the leader of Iraq. He sure has been vilified in the west as a terrible person. The leaders of the west who vilified Saddam are the same people that said Saddam has WMD’s so his nation must be invaded and his regime over thrown.

Who decided that? Was it world opinion? No, it was George Bush, who Saddam rightfully called THE REAL CRIMINAL at his ‘hearing’. Saddam is right, George Bush is who should be on trial in Iraq!

Who invaded Iraq a sovereign nation? The USA.

Who gave the orders to invade Iraq? George Bush.

Who killed thousands of Iraqi’s? George Bush.

Saddam is indeed the legal and rightful President of Iraq by long standing laws of Sovereignty. What you have in Iraq today is a PUPPET regime, hand picked by INVADERS.

Who elected the current head of Iraq? NO ONE, he’s a puppet of George Bush.

Who elected the Judge in the Saddam ‘hearing’ today? NO ONE, he’s a puppet of George Bush.

The media should be admonished for calling this Kangaroo Court a Court at all. It is a joke. It is a nothing but people hand picked by the USA to railroad whom they want to kill.

Hold an election today in Iraq and who would be picked to rule Iraq? It would still probably be Saddam.

Name one person in Iraq who today could get a ‘majority’ vote of the people of Iraq if an election was held.

No one could and Saddam the best-known leader in the past thirty years in Iraq would get the most votes, he might not get a majority, but he would get the most votes.

What was missing from the ‘hearing’ today? The people of Iraq!

You won’t see the people of Iraq in this Kangaroo court because many would rally publicly behind Saddam and show the world, he is indeed still in the minds of many Iraqi’s the elected President of Iraq. Not one other person can make that claim on this planet but Saddam.

Saddam has every reason in the world to be ‘defiant’. George Bush the son of another George Bush, who when in charge of the CIA gave WMD’s to Saddam to use on his ‘enemies’, invaded Saddam’s nation. George Bush killed thousands of Iraqi’s in an unprovoked war. George Bush killed Saddam’s sons. George Bush destroyed the homes and palaces of Saddam. George Bush has now picked a Kangaroo court to put Saddam on ‘trial’.

George Bush is not allowing the people of Iraq to be in the court room. George Bush did not allow Saddam to have a lawyer. George Bush has kept thousands of people in prisons for years with no access to real courts and no access to lawyers.

George Bush is the evil tyrant that most of the world thinks of him as. George Bush lost his election in 2000, Al Gore won the popular vote, but yet George Bush is somehow the ‘President’ of the USA.

I agree with Saddam, in this instance, George W. Bush should be on trial for WAR CRIMES. He invaded a sovereign nation, he killed thousands of people, his ‘guards’ performed hundreds if not thousands of criminal acts on Iraqi citizens.

Yet the puppets of George Bush, the western media, turn a blind eye to these facts. They call the Kangaroo court a ‘court’. They say Saddam is ‘defiant’.

I say let Saddam be judged by a jury of Iraqi’s, a jury picked by a real jury process. I also say the judge should be elected by Iraqi people. I also say hold an election RIGHT NOW and let the people of Iraq decide if Saddam is still the President of Iraq.

The people of Iraq have suffered for over a decade due to sanctions imposed on them by the UN under pressure from the USA. What were the sanctions all about? Iraq complying to UN demands to have no WMD’s.

Guess what, there were no WMD’s, Saddam appears to have complied to UN demands.

The true FACTS are, Iraq was invaded by the USA, the USA killed thousands of Iraqi’s, the USA has now installed a puppet regime to kill off who they want. The USA tortured and killed Iraqi POW’s. The USA killed Saddam’s children.

Until there is an election and the people of Iraq ELECT a new President, then Saddam is 100% correct HE IS THE ELECTED PRESIDENT OF IRAQ, and the court that is trying him has no right to do so. The reason is, they are a court CHOSEN by an INVADING NATION and not selected or elected by the people of Iraq.

Don’t be surprised if you see a large group of people attack the ‘court’ when Saddam’s bogus trial is underway. Don’t be surprised if the judges who are hiding their faces are not killed by Iraqi’s when their identities are learned. Don’t be surprised to see Saddam back in power when Iraqi’s that hate the USA rise up and take back their country from George Bush and his puppet regime.

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