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Mathematician releases the 137 Sequence
Einstein's Grand Unification Theory Found

Written By D.E. Alexander 24 7 News Net
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November 15th, 2004

137 is a BIG NUMBER in the world of Physics.

Some say it's the glue that holds our Universe together.

For years physicists have pondered why 137 keeps showing up at the atomic level of our universe. For instance there are 137 electron wave lengths in ALL atomic orbits. It's a number that literally links all atoms to a universal law.

137 is also the number that appears in the 'Fine-Structure Constant of Electrodynamics" in Physics.

Many say Einstein's Grand Unification Theory would explain 137. Well a brilliant mathematician has revealed an amazing mathematical sequence of numbers, perhaps the most amazing sequence since the Fibonacci Sequence become known almost 1000 years ago.

The new number sequence is aptly named 'The 137 Sequence'. It proves 137 is a repeating number in a very simple doubling law. Can it be PROOF that the whole atomic structure of our Universe is based on this simple new numbering sequence?

The 137 Sequence states, "Starting with the number one you double and then add one."

This generates 1, 3, 7, 15, 31, 63, 127, 255,511 ...

As you can see this simple doubling law generates 1 3 7 the infamous number that fascinates many of the top physicists in the world.

The best part of this sequence is that it reveals that 1 3 7 repeats infinitely in this sequence. However, there's a little secret you have to know to see how 137 repeats over and over in this new number sequence.

The secret is called Base 9 Number Reduction, it's an ancient numbering system used for thousands of years in Kabbalah, a sacred Hebrew system to analyze codes hidden in the Bible.

I know you thought THE BIBLE CODE was new, well it's not. Anyway, this ancient number system is also known to some as Theosophical Addition.

Basically you take the numbers in the 137 sequence as it progresses into very large numbers and you compress or reduce them to a one digit number.

For example:

127=1+2+7=10 and 1+0=1

255=2+5+5=12 and 1+2=3


You can see how 137 is hidden in sequence within 127, 255 and 511, this is proof 137 is a repeating algorithm hidden within the 137 sequence.

The famous Fibonacci Sequence is known to hold numbers that appear in nature in many visible design traits of thinks like trees and sunflowers.

137 was only recently discovered by man in the past 50 or so years. It was HIDDEN to the world for thousands of years since you need to understand atoms on a very small scale to see how it appears over and over.

Well now we have a simple new number sequence, the 137 Sequence that explains how 137 is hidden as a repeating algorithm in this simple doubling law.

The person the revealed this hidden algorithm is famous for using his Base 9 Number Reduction to find hidden algorithms in Primes, Exponents and even the Fibonacci sequence. He revealed Primes have a Mod-30 algorithm and the Fibonacci sequence has a Mod-24 algorithm.

Now he has revealed the Mod-6 Algorithm of the 137 Sequence.

You can read his paper on this breakthrough find that could become the proof for Einstein's GUT (Grand Unification Theory) at


The mathematician is quite infamous on the Net since he is well known for putting exact information about future events into the public domain. His name is Sollog see www.Sollog.com .

Sollog is well known for his gift of prophecy. He's even been investigated by the FBI for publicly predicting events like 911 and recent Madrid Train Massacre. We've done many articles about him, such as:

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DE Alexander
Author and Investigative Journalist.

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