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Destructive Hurricanes Striking where Sollog GUARANTEED
Hurricane Charley and Frances strike where famous mystic warned

Written By Senior Editor 24 7 News Net
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September 5th, 2004

So you want to know where the next destructive hurricane will strike? Just read the 2002 Hurricane Warning from the infamous psychic/prophet/seer Sollog. The last three destructive hurricanes to hit the USA have all gone exactly where Sollog warned they would.

Sollog was investigated by the FBI for giving exact details of 911 to Usenet, an on-line bulletin board that time stamps when posts you make are released to usenet for the whole world to see. Google has a huge archive on Sollog. A few of the posts are 'prophecies' from Sollog. The rest of the 100,000 or so posts are rants back and forth between his fans and his skeptics.

The fact is Frances just did billions in damages to southern Florida. It struck a small area that is indeed on a hurricane line Sollog wrote about in 2002. The LINE goes from Boston through Miami. It only hits land in a few areas. Palm Beach which is a few miles from Sewalls Point is one of the areas on the Boston to Miami Line. Remember Hurricane Isabel last year, it was the largest hurricane in years to hit the USA, it struck CAPE FEAR one of the areas Sollog named in 2002 that is on the Boston to Miami line that goes right through Palm Beach.

There's another major hurricane line that Sollog wrote about in 2002, it runs from Miami through Pensacola Florida. It goes through Tampa and the Fort Myers area where Punta Gorda is. You know right where Hurricane Charley caused billions of dollars in damages.

There a couple of other Sollog hurricane lines that connect a handful of cities in the Gulf of Mexico.

You can read the 2002 Sollog Hurricane Warning at the link below. Note the time stamp from 2002. It's real and it proves that the last three major hurricanes hit tiny areas that Sollog warned about. When you consider how big the coastal area of the Gulf of Mexico is in the USA and how large the Eastern seaboard is, the fact that a small amount of areas that Sollog pinpointed is a fraction of the overall landmass that hurricanes could hit.

Here is the Sollog Hurricane Warning from 2002.


Now here is a map showing the four hurricane lines of Sollog, they only touch a small amount of thousands of miles of potential hurricane landing areas over thousands of miles.

Here is a close-up of the areas struck recently by Charley and Frances.

Sollog says the age of nuclear terrorism will begin shortly after a devastating hurricane hits Miami.

Sollog says the first three areas hit will be 1. Israel 2. Rome and 3. Washington DC

Skeptics might say both Punta Gorda and Palm Beach are not directly mentioned by Sollog in his warning. That is true, however both areas are indeed on his 'hurricane lines' within 70 or so miles of major urban areas he named such as Tampa and Miami.

If Charley struck a little further south it would have missed the Sollog Hurricane Line.

If Frances struck a little further north it would have missed the Sollog hurricane line.

Fans of Sollog point out that last year Hurricane Isabel did directly strike Cape Fear, a small little area directly named by Sollog.

Also hurricane Isable was directly named by Sollog in his warning.

Fans of Sollog point out that Charley is one name off from Danielle a name Sollog gave in his hurricane list in 2002. Such a 'one off hit' is a well known code used by Sollog.

Skeptics are asking why Sollog didn't name hurricane Frances in his list, even though the area was indeed covered by one of his tiny lines.

Sollog told me this today, "Hurricane Frances while doing quite a bit of devastating damage will not be known as a historically 'great hurricane'. If you look at my 2002 hurricane warning it specifically states the list is for 'great hurricanes'."

So there you have it skeptics, Sollog stated in his warning the list of hurricanes were for 'great hurricanes'. Meteorologists call 'major' hurricanes category 4 and above. Some might even say a category 3 hurricane could be a 'major' hurricane. But, Frances was only a category 2 hurricane.

To summarize, once again a devastating hurricane did strike exactly where the 'hurricane lines of Sollog' pointed to in 2002.

Frances was not included in the Sollog hurricane name list since it was too weak to qualify as a 'great' or 'major' hurricane.

The only other 'great hurricane' named by Sollog in his 2002 list for this year is hurricane Nicole. So keep that in mind when Ivan makes it move later this week. Will it too weaken and not hit the USA as a 'great' hurricane?

Or will Sollog be wrong and it hits say Miami an area directly named by Sollog in his 2002 hurricane warning.

Why don't you ask yourself why the recent historic level of hurricane activity is hitting areas Sollog named.

The FACT IS, since 2002 three devastating hurricanes have struck Sollog hurricane lines. For the first time in history in the USA, two devastating hurricanes have hit the same state within a month of each other.

It appears to many that THE WRATH OF GOD is indeed hitting the USA. And that is also exactly what Sollog warned was about to occur.

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Senior Editor 24 7 News Net

PS - For Sollog fans. Frances struck just north of Palm Beach at Sewall's Point. You take exit 60 on I95 to get to Sewalls Point. The road you take at exit 60 is Route 714. Sollog's birth date is 7/14/60. Hurricane Frances took Exit 60 and Route 714...

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