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Hurricane Charley hits Line of Sollog
Major Hurricane hits on Friday the 13th

Written By D.E. Alexander 24 7 News Net
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August 13th, 2004

There's a LINE OF TRAGEDY that has been discussed for years now, it's the new Bermuda Triangle to fans of the Paranormal.

Fans of Sollog the infamous Internet Psychic/Mystic/Prophet call this LINE OF TRAGEDY the LINE OF SOLLOG.

The LINE runs from just south of Miami through Oklahoma City and south of Seattle on a map of the USA. The LINE goes right through the area on the west coast of Florida that is just south of Tampa, it is exactly where Hurricane Charley struck a couple of hours ago today. Estimates are Charley will do 15 Billion or so in damages.

In 1992 Hurricane Andrew did 26 Billion dollars in damage on THE LINE.

In 1995 Hurricane Opal did Billions in damage on THE LINE.

Now Hurricane Charley has hit the USA on the same LINE, the LINE that a person in 1995 claimed to be HIS LINE to warn the USA that the age of NUKE TERRORISM was nigh. That person is Sollog.

What are the odds that three of the largest hurricanes to ever hit the USA let alone in a 12 year window all struck on a straight line pointing to Oklahoma City?


Also on this LINE that Sollog claimed to be HIS LINE OF TRAGEDY in 1995 (he said the line was to wake up the citizens of the USA since NUKE TERRORISM is coming) are many other famous tragic events.

Before 911 struck the largest act of terrorism in the USA was on the LINE, it was the Oklahoma City bombing.

Valujet 592 crashed on the LINE near Miami in 1995, as well as Hurricane Andrew hit the line just south of Miami.

Hurricane Opal struck the LINE in the Florida panhandle in 1995.

The worst school shooting in America HIT THE LINE in 1999, the Columbine Massacre.

The Jon Benet Ramsey murder was ON THE LINE in 1995.

The Lori Hacking murder was ON THE LINE.

Now Hurricane Charley has hit THE LINE.

Two years ago Sollog released a 'Hurricane Prophecy' stating the LINE from Miami through Oklahoma City would be struck by a GREAT HURRICANE, he said Tampa was the target. Well Tampa isn't technically ON THE LINE, but Port Charlotte where Charley struck sure is. Look at the map below to see what I mean.

Last year the Sollog hurricane prophecy did predict correctly that hurricane Isabel would strike the USA, it did in a city he named in the prophecy.

Charley is not in the 2002 Hurricane list of Sollog, but Danielle is. Sollog fans point out his prophecies sometimes are literal or ONE OFF. Charley is ONE OFF from Danielle and it did strike the exact line he named, THE LINE OF SOLLOG.

Today is FRIDAY THE 13TH, a key date in many Sollog Prophecies!

Today is also one of four dates know as THE IDES OF AUGUSTUS to many Sollog fans. The ides can be the 13th or 15th of a cycle or a month. Augustus is a reference to the Octavius Augustus Caesar. August and October are named for him.

So once again a RARE TRAGEDY strikes a LINE on a map that in 1995 Sollog claimed as HIS LINE of tragedy to wake up Americans who will soon be struck by NUKE TERRORISM.

Once again an area named by Sollog in his 2002 Hurricane Prophecy has a major historic hurricane strike it.

Once again Sollog hits the date in his famous prophecies, both Friday the 13th and Ides of August come to be accurate dates in the story.

The last time the Port Charlotte area was struck by a hurricane was in 1960 by Hurricane Donna. 1960 just happens to be the exact year Sollog was born.

Fans of Sollog clap and say HIT. Skeptics ignore the obvious facts and say he missed the location (even though it is ON HIS LINE) or they say he missed Charley even though that hurricane was ONE OFF from one he named in his 2002 Prophecy.

Below are links to the Sollog 2002 Hurricane Prophecy and other Prophecies where he hit major historic events like 911 and even the great Bam Quake. You decide is all of this too much 'coincidence' and a message. If you don't see the connections, then do nothing and when the AGE OF NUKE TERRORISM begins as Sollog says it will so do, then you can get stuck in a target city and end up having no food as the western way of life crashes in the AGE OF NUKE TERRORISM.

Here is a time-stamped hurricane warning mentioning the exact area struck by hurricane Charley, it is the LINE from Miami through Oklahoma City (see the map it goes right through the area just south of Tampa).


Now look at the Sollog Hurricane map, see how the area struck below Tampa IS ON THE LINE!

Here is the closeup, the exact area Sollog named was struck.

Here's an article we did about Sollog after 911 occurred.

Here's a time-stamped copy of the Sollog 911 Warning

Here's our article on the Sollog Madrid Massacre Prophecy

Here's our article on the Great Bam Quake striking exact when Sollog warned

DE Alexander
Author and Investigative Journalist.

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