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100 Children die in School Fire!
Another bizarre HIT for the Psychic Sollog!

Written By D.E. Alexander 24 7 News Net
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July 16th, 2004

13 Days before almost 100 innocents died, a warning appeared on the Net from the infamous psychic/prophet Sollog. He warned how the Slaughter of 100 near the entrance way out was about to occur. He said in his warning the number 13 was the key to the date.

13 days after he issued his warning about the slaughter at the entrance way and how 100 deaths was the key, a tragic school fire in Kumbakonam India took the lives of almost 100 exactly as he warned, at an entrance way out. The children were trapped due to a two foot narrow entrance way out of their class room. The tragedy struck on the 13th day from the Sollog warning.

You can see where Sollog warned of the 13th day, the slaughter of 100 and how the entrance way out is where the slaughter will occur at this time-stamped warning from Usenet posted on the 4th of July or 13 days from the tragic India school fire at this url http://groups.google.com/groups?hl=en&lr=&ie=UTF-8&selm=1ede80d0.0407041448.5442174f%40posting.google.com

These are the key lines in the warning above. See for yourself how they are all in the warning.

2nd Paragraph 2nd line
The Hecatomb named by Nostradamus in 10:74 was the slaughter of 100

Last line is the date it was written the 4th of July or 13 days before the tragedy
4th of July 2004 C.E.

13 days and 13 were mentioned over and over, see the 9th Paragraph 1st line and the 10th Paragraph 4th line
The 13th is the number of Death
The 13th belongs to death

The entrance way is the tomb appears in the 13th Paragraph 4th line as well as the 14th Paragraph 4th line
The entrance way out is their TOMB!
The entrance way is where THE SLAUGHTER shall occur

As you can see, the exact details of the event were within the warning!

Sollog's warning is connected to a famous Nostradamus warning about the Olympics. Sollog says the tragedy in India has started up a powerful and evil lay line that runs across the major capitols of Europe. Sollog gave me a map of Europe that shows how the location of the school fire in India connects on a map to Athens where the Olympics will be held next month. It also connects Jerusalem, Rome, Paris, London and Dublin to a lay line that seems to connect the most famous capitols in Europe. Look at the map.

Sollog says DO NOT GO TO THE OLYMPICS if you don't want to die. He also says the AGE OF NUKE TERRORISM is about to begin. The first three acts of Nuke Terrorism will hit Israel, Rome and Washington DC says Sollog. Sollog. Sollog is infamous due to his warning about 911 that he posted to Usenet well in advance of 911.

Here is a link to the Sollog warning about 911 where Sollog put exact info about 911 in it. It is dated 9/11/1998 and Sollog says A MAJOR EMERGENCY WILL OCCUR IN DC. Three years to the exact date of the warning 911 struck.

Here is the link with a TIME STAMP ON IT


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DE Alexander
Author and Investigative Journalist.

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