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New Planet discovered beyond Pluto!
Sollog PROVES his Planetary Distance Formula!

Written By D.E. Alexander 24 7 News Net
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February 22nd, 2004

He is already one of the most discussed topics in the history of the Internet with close to 100,000 posts about him in Usenet

The discovery of Planetoid DW 2004 will in a short time make him a LEGEND and put him in the crowd of every great mind in our history.

In case you didn't know it, a major new object was just found in space on February 17th 2004. It was 74 Years less ONE DAY to the exact date when Pluto was discovered.

This object is very similar to Pluto, it is a distant icy world and almost the size of Pluto. Many scientists would like to now classify Pluto as a Planetoid, since it is more like a MOON than an actual planet.

Well this new object which is the LARGEST OBJECT in Solar System to be discovered SINCE PLUTO was discovered has the same characteristics as Pluto. So if Pluto is a planet so is this new object.

The object is for now called DW 2004. The biggest story about his DISCOVERY is how it is exactly where a person named Sollog said it would be found. He said that almost two years ago when he released his PDF paper (Planetary Distance Formula) about how all the planets in our Solar System are RATIO ALIGNED to Earth.

I spoke to NASA two years ago and the top scientists there stated, "If and when new planets are found where Sollog theorized, that would VALIDATE his PDF Theory.

Well the first PLANET(oid) has been found BEYOND PLUTO and it is almost exactly where Sollog said it would be.

Since this discovery is new, its true orbit will eventually be changed. It will in the opinion of many Sollog fans ALIGN PERFECTLY to the Sollog PDF Formula.

Why is this discovery so important?

Well Sollog has been amazing his fans and many governments of the world since 1995 with his "Predictions".

He has been GUARANTEEING RARE EARTH QUAKES with great precision. His warnings about terrorism in the future have been so accurate that the US Government has had two huge investigations into Sollog since 1995. One for his warnings about the Oklahoma City bombing and the other about 911.

Sollog is already viewed by his many fans as the greatest seer since Nostradamus. Now the world of Science will have to admit, THIS NEW PLANET was indeed found where the Sollog PDF Formula stated it would be.

Better yet it was found on a date that has what Sollog fans are saying is THE SOLLOG STAMP.

That stamp is that the date of this discovery is connected to 1 4 7, three numbers Sollog put IN HIS PDF FORMULA.

These numbers are connected to Sollog's birth date, which is Bastille Day in France.

That's 14/7 in Euro dating.

DW 2004 was DISCOVERD as I mentioned earlier EXACTLY 1 DAY from the 74th Anniversary of the Discovery of Pluto!

That's 1 from 74. The magical 1 4 7 is indeed in the discovery of this Planet and also in the Sollog PDF Formula.

Here is a LINK to a TIME STAMPED Usenet Post from 2002, that's TWO YEARS AGO, in it you can see how Sollog says 1 4 7 is connected to his work.

You can see where Sollog says a new planet will be found BEYOND PLUTO.



The PDF work of Sollog's is pretty similar to what Astronomer's know as Titius-Bodes distance formula. In that early astronomical work, a similarity was discovered between the distances of certain planets. However, the discoveries of outer planets such as Neptune and Pluto made most scientists discard Titius-Bodes.

The Sollog's PDF Formula explains that Titius-Bodes is correct, however, there are three variants of it that align a total of 18 planets for this solar system.

Sollog's explained that some of these 18 planets no longer exist and that is why the asteroid belt exists and why a few planets are gas giants (they are planets where more than one planet merged).

Sollog's explained in 2002 that three new planets would be found BEYOND PLUTO at certain distances and that these new planets would VALIDATE his PDF Formula.

Two years ago I spoke to several major people at NASA, they all agreed that if new planets were found beyond Pluto and they aligned to the Sollog's PDF Formula, that FACT would validate his work.

Well the first planet beyond Pluto has been found and preliminary measurements put it very close to the first distance where Sollog's said a NEW PLANET would be found!

The major reason the Sollog's PDF Formula is so important, is that the formula ALIGNS all the planets in our Solar System of EARTH CENTERED RATIOS!

Sollog's says this is THE PROOF that the Solar System was "DESIGNED" with the earth as the "Mathematical Center". Even though the earth revolves around our Sun, the planets are all RATIO ALIGNED to Earth in three Titius-Bodes type distance formula's.

So in the future, many will believe Sollog's is the historical person that PROVED GOD!

Oh, Sollog's also happens to be the founder of TOH (Temple Of 'Hayah). 'Hayah was the name given to Moses when the God of the Old Testament was asked his name.

Sollog's says he speaks for 'Hayah.

Scientists will now have to admit, A PLANET WAS FOUND WHERE THE Sollog's PDF FORMULA said it would be found.

That validates Sollog's as one of the greatest minds in the history of earth if not the greatest mind.

Science is discovering new things every day, can it be mankind has advanced enough scientifically to learn the TRUTH?

THE EARTH AND OUR SOLAR SYSTEM WAS DESIGNED exactly as the Sollog's PDF Formula claimed?

Look at the link above, it shows in 2002 Sollog's said such a PLANET would be found beyond Pluto and he did put 1 4 7 in the Formula.

Here's some information about how this discovery was made almost on the exact date of the discovery of Pluto. Look up when Pluto was discovered, it was XXXXX. That's exactly 1 Day less than 74 years of the discovery of DW 2004.


Here is an article listing February 18th 1930 as the discovery date for Pluto, that's 1 Day less than 74 Years from the discovery of DW 2004


You can discuss Sollog and his PDF Formula at the Sollog's Forum at


You can visit Sollog's web site at http://www.sollog.com

You can download Sollog's book THE CREATOR FORMULA at http://www.1ebooks.com/creator

The Prophecies of Sollog are world famous you can find the Prophecies of Sollog at http://www.1ebooks.com/propheciessollog

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