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Sollog hits BAM Iran Earth Quake on Xmas Day!
Sollog PROVES He can Predict Quakes!

Written By D.E. Alexander 24 7 News Net
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December 31st, 2003

Sollog the famous Internet Prophet warned a Great Quake would take many lives on Xmas Day 2003

This is a link to a TIME STAMPED copy of the December 16th 2003 Quake Warning issued by Sollog. It is titled The 2003 Xmas Prophecies

In it you can see how Sollog clearly warned that a GREAT QUAKE would take many lives. The Bam Iran quake took more lives than any other quake in almost 30 years. It struck 8PM EST on Xmas Day.


The same warning or prophecy stated a plane crash would occur on Xmas Day. One did in Benin's Capital. Benin's is a perfect anagram of ENNIS the birth name of Sollog.

Is it just coincidence that Sollog called for a KILLER QUAKE in a Prophecy titled Xmas 2003, that he said would take MANY LIVES?

Well Sollog has released ONLY TWO XMAS PROPHECIES to date. The 2003 Xmas Prophecies clearly listed a killer quake and a plane crash.

The other Xmas Prophecy of Sollog was released in December 1997. That Prophecy is the only time Sollog used the word BAM or the exact location of the Iran Disaster.

Below is another TIME STAMPED link to the infamous 1997 Xmas Prophecies of Sollog.

The word BAM is in capital letters in a verse that also capitalized the phrases THE WALL(s) and GREAT FALL.

The 97 Xmas Prophecies also warn of a historic quake.

Fans of Sollog say this is the greatest hit by Sollog since the date is clearly given (Xmas) and the location is given (BAM) and the fact that MANY WOULD DIE in a great quake is clearly stated.

Here is the 97 Xmas Prophecies of Sollog archived by Google.


Sollog was investigated by the FBI for warning many in the media of the Oklahoma City Bombing and for warning publicly of 911.

Here is a TIME STAMPED warning issued by Sollog about 911. It was issued on 9/11/1998 three years to the exact date of 911. It clearly states DC - Major Emergency - 911

Skeptics like James Randi must be scratching their heads. Sollog has publicly challenged James Randi to set specific quake parameters for a quake prediction by Sollog. James Randi who says people like Sollog can't predict the future refuses to set such parameters.

Sollog has publicly stated if James Randi agrees to set the following parameters for a quake prediction he will do it three times in a row.

The parameters are

1. Sollog will give an exact date using EST when a 6.5+ will occur, it will be +/- 3 days from the actual event and 30 days in advance

2. Sollog will give an exact latitude and longitude of the quakes epicenter that will be within 250 miles

3. The quake that occurs will be at least 6.5 in Magnitude

Skeptics like James Randi ignore the obvious hits in the links above, yet the US Government is on HIGH ALERT in the specific areas named by Sollog like Times Square and Rome in his famous Prophecies.

Sollog says a large fall will occur in stock markets by 1/16 in 2004. 1/16 or 116 is 911 upside down...

The facts are clear, Sollog mentioned the word BAM one time in the 30 plus books he has written. That one time was in a Prophecy that gave XMAS as the key date and that mentioned a great future quake.

The facts are the FBI investigated Sollog for both the Oklahoma City bombing and 911.

You can find the Prophecies of Sollog at http://www.1ebooks.com/propheciessollog

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