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SciFi Channel caught in UFO HOAX!
Is US Gov behind High Quality UFO Hoaxes?

Written By D.E. Alexander 24 7 News Net
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September 29th, 2003

UFO fans are up in arms over the fact that one of the major videos in Ufology has been revealed to be a major hoax!

Or is it?

Barbara Sicuranza a SAG accredited actress from New York City is claiming she "Acted" in "The SciFi Blimp Video" that many have hailed as an "Authentic UFO Video".

I've looked at the SciFi video again since I first heard of the claims of Sicuranza.

In the beginning of the 20 or so second video clip she does appear to ask "Is it a Blimp"? This would indicate she was indeed in the helicopter.

Barbara Sicuranza does also have a remarkable resemblence to the person in the video as the stills below reveal.

What is not clear at this point is when the video was shot. Was it post 911 or pre 911.

If it was pre 911, how did Barbara Sicuranza just happen to point exactly to the spot where an infamous image would be caught on 911 of a plane hitting the location where the UFO appears in the video.

Why would SciFi PAY to film a video clip where the actress says "Is it a Blimp"?

Is the video a REAL SIGHTING where Sicuranza thought the stationary UFO was a Blimp?

Has anyone influenced Sicuranza to now state the UFO in the video was a production?

What is very clear is that a video was made in a helicopter over New York City.

If the towers were not there (a post 911 production) then SciFi has created a SICK HOAX with even the Towers "Dropped Into the Effect".

A special effects expert who was quoted on a major UFO site last year about the video when it first appeared, claimed the video appeared to be authentic due to the way the UFO and the Towers had the same pixelation in the video clip.

I spoke to him today and he explained that if the helicopter ride was filmed "AFTER 911" then the image of the towers and the UFO would have the same pixelation. Since both would have been DROPPED into the video.

He also said if a major budget was given to a special effects team, the piece could have possibly been created, but the pixelation matches in the video leads him to believe that the video may not have been produced. Unless it was done AFTER 911. He also said if a MAJOR STUDIO was involved, then it is possible it could be a very expensive hoax and it could have been shot pre-911, but it would have to have been done by some of the best special effects people in the business and not some home computer with a video camera. He said each frame would have to have been touched up, that means hundreds of frames fixed by an experienced Hollywood level expert.

The key he says is to find out when the video was filmed. If it was some footage from PRE 911, then it is unlikely the UFO could have been DROPPED into the film so perfectly to match the pixelation of the towers, UNLESS A MAJOR STUDIO is involved. He asked me who owns SciFi, I didn't know then so it made me want to check on who really owns SciFi.

If the video clip was filmed after 911 occurred, then the towers and UFO could have a pixelation match without being an elaborate studio project, that was not something he checked for when he originally viewed the video for a few days last year. He focused on pixelation matches between the towers and the UFO assuming the tower footage was real and that it came from a person and not a major studio.

If the SciFi video is indeed post 911, then the question needs to be asked, why has SciFi spent so much money to fund a hoax? The reputation of the SciFi channel is now completely harmed if the claims are true. SciFi airs many works that claim to be unbiased looks at UFOS and other para things. Would SciFi manufacture such a hoax after 911? Has SciFi even publicly admitted the video is a hoax?

When SciFi released the film it came with an html page on their site about how the woman in the video (now thought to be Sicuranza) was out for the day with someone other than her boyfriend. That is why she wanted anominity. They did use BARBARA S. from New York, NY in the claim! So it appears Barbara Sicuranza is the mysterious Barbara S of NYC NY! That page is no longer on SciFi, but a image of it has been saved.

Since many amazing videos from all over the world are popping up with UFO's on them, one has to ask did a major budget get put in place to fund a DISINFO UFO PROJECT? Was it done by SciFi or was it done to discredit SciFi?

Jeff Rense is often said to be a GOVERNMENT UFO DISINFO AGENT.

Jeff Rense started pushing the SciFi UFO clip on his site last year.

Jeff Rense is now promoting the Sicuranza story as THE TRUTH!

Are the powers that be who want to give out FALSE UFO STORIES to confuse the sheeple behind an amazing piece of video magic? Did a major studio PRODUCE one of the greatest UFO Hoaxes in history?

Have the powers that be put pressure on Sicuranza to come out of the shadows and put a HOAX SPIN on the whole story since so many BELIEVE the sighting was real?

Will Sicuranza now wind up dead and not able to fully reveal if the video was a real hoax or if she was pressured to spin the video as a hoax.

It will be interesting to see if SciFi verifies the claims of Sicuranza.

If they do, then where is the cameraman who shot the video?

Where are the other "Actors" if it was a hoax?

Where's copies of checks paid to the "Actors"?

If the other "Actors" are not really Actors like Sicuranza, then perhaps no one will ever know the truth.

If the person in the video is really Sicuranza, then she would have been "PAID" if her story is true and there should be a paper trail to "PROVE" what she now claims.

Or is Sicuranza just an actress playing the part now who happens to look similar to the person in the video?

Barbara Sicuranza does have a web site promoting the bits parts she appears to have done in some B level Indy Films.

She even puts her "Job" in "The Blimp" commercial for SciFi on her resume.

A major studio can do almost anything today with video and computers.

Yet around the world many little people are filming REAL UFOS without the aid of "CGI" (Computer Generated Imaging).

Why would SciFi risk their reputation in their main market? If they did the hoax KNOWINGLY then they have now lost their core audience, the people that BELIEVE IN UFOS and these people don't want companies like SciFi pulling the wool over their eyes.

Or was Sicuranza hired by a GOVERNMENT DISINFO team that wants to discredit companies like SciFi?

Afterall, the alleged DISINFO AGENT Jeff Rense pushed the SciFi video to many in the UFO crowd as REAL last year.

Jeff Rense suddenly FINDS the alleged "Actress" in the video who now claims it was a "Job".

Jeff Rense KNOWINGLY keeps REAL PARA NEWS from his viewers and he only lets clowns on his program that can easily be debunked. When a REAL PARA guest comes on he puts on calls from setup callers to discredit the real para guests.

For instance, Jeff Rense KNOWS that there were 10 public quake warnings issued to usenet by a PROVEN quake predictor that all had direct hits. He refuses to mention it on his site.

Jeff Rense knows the same quake predictor put an EXACT WARNING out in Usenet for 911, yet he won't tell his UFO audience THE TRUTH! Here's a TIME STAMPED WARNING about 911 issued on 9/11/1998 three years to the EXACT DATE of 911


Now why don't government UFO DISINFO AGENTS like Jeff Rense and Art Bell discuss the crystal clear 911 warning I gave you a link to above?


How about this, the SAME PERSON issued a warning for the US Grid failing last summer. Here it is



Because they want to spread FALSE INFO about UFOS!

The SAME PERSON issued a warning last year about HURRICANE ISABEL, it hit right where he warned. Does Rense or Bell discuss that? NO

Here is the warning, again it is TIME STAMPED by Google


So if you listen to Jeff Rense and or Art Bell, ASK YOURSELF why they won't discuss the TIME STAMPED WARNINGS issued by Sollog about 911, the US Grid Failure and Hurricane Isabel!

Why won't Rense or Bell discuss the FIRST PHOTOS OF UFO PILOTS revealed by Sollog in his UFO book "UFOS The Proof!"


If the WTC daytime video is a hoax, then documentation will come out to prove it is and statements from the other actors will appear.

If Sicuranza is not the person in the video, then the other actors will never appear.

Oh, very few people know Barbara Sicuranza is or at least was married to Debbie Harry's former band mate and lover guitarist Chris Stein. Was Chris Stein in the helicopter when the video was shot? Or was Barbara Sicuranza really OUT ON THE TOWN with someone other than her famous hubby when the video was shot as claimed originally by SciFi! Who were the people in the helicopter with Sicuranza. Were they "Actors" who got paid and reported the income on their tax returns? There should be a PAPER TRAIL to validate the claims of Sicuranza!

Or was Sicuranza who just had a baby in July of 2003, really "OUT ON THE TOWN" with ANOTHER MAN as SciFi claimed and now she wants the video to be an "Acting" job instead of a secret day out with someone other than her famous husband?

If Sicuranza was really caught in what is now a very famous 'UFO INCIDENT' then perhaps her claims it was only an acting job is to keep her famous hubby "In the Dark"!

Let's see some documentation to prove the video was a "PRODUCTION".

If SciFi was SETUP by those that want to discredit the whole field of UFOS, then they won't verify the claims of Sicuranza.

If SciFi did create this hoax, then they will come clean.

The claims by Barbara Sicuranza have raised more questions than the original video did.

Does SciFi stick to their original claim that the video came to them via a woman "Cheating" on her boyfriend?

Does SciFi admit they created the HOAX?

Why would SciFi risk ruining their reputation in the Paranormal field by staging such a hoax?

If Barbara Sicuranza really came to SciFi with the film and the story about "Cheating" would that explain a motivation for now wanting to act like it was just a "Job" and not a real event that questions her fidelity?

If Barbara Sicuranza really came to SciFi and the film is a hoax, who could have paid to have staged it?

Has anyone put pressure on Sicuranza to say it was hoax?

Where or who were the other actors if it was a hoax?

Where is the paper trail of money paid to actors to prove it was a hoax?

As you can see, the new twist to this story raises more questions than answers...

Barbara Sicuranza now runs a web site promoting her "Acting" career at Mysterious Mysteries

The web site was created shortly after 911, perhaps Barbara understood she would be famous due to her WTC Video in the future. The creation date was 10/04/2001

Barbara used an email address at a major ISP, her handle or email name used was ALIENGIRLVISITOR.

Is Barbara an alien? Did she REALLY SEE A UFO and does she now think that she is an ALIEN GIRL VISITOR?

My email to Barbara Sicuranza about if she can ID the other "Actors" in the WTC Video has so far gone unanswered.

My email to Jeff Rense to explain who his "SOURCE" was for revealing the actress in the shadows in the WTC Video have so far gone unanswered.

My phone calls to Universal Studios which owns USA Cable Network which owns SciFi Channel and www.SciFi.com have gone unanswered.

My phone calls and emails to Kat Stein who is in charge of PR for SciFi have gone unanswered. (Is Kat Stein related to Chris Stein the husband of Barbara Sicuranza?)

Universal Studios was operated by media-mogul Barry Diller and is in joint ownership with Vivendi and it is in the process of being sold to NBC.

Barry Diller was one of the main movers that launched the FOX NETWORK for News Corp!

SciFi produced "TAKEN" the award winning mini-series on UFO abductions from Steven Spielberg.

Barry Diller resigned this year as CEO of Universal/Vivendi Studios.

So Universal Studios is the type of Studio that could have indeed created such a "Master Piece" of video magic. The only question now is will they admit to it!

The "PEOPLE IN THE SHADOWS" of this story are some of the main figures in the media and entertainment industries! Were they setup or do they want to MISLEAD the public for their own agenda?

The ultimate irony is that SciFi pats itself on the back in press releases for lobbying hard in Washington DC to get Congress to do "serious UFO investigations"!

Does the US Government or its sinister agencies want to discredit SciFi?

Maybe the real puppet masters behind this story are the ones in the shadow government of the US Government...

Here are some photos are they all Sicuranza? Or does Sicuranza just look like the person in the video. Or was the video really shot when Sicuranza was "CHEATING" on her mate as SciFi originally claimed and now Sicuranza wants to get some attention to boost her minor acting career by claiming it was a hoax or was pressure put on her to say it was hoax by those that want to keep the sheeple misinformed!

Headshot of Barbara Sicuranza from her web site

Image from SCI FI WTC VIDEO (Image enhanced due to face hidden in shadow)

Original image from Sci Fi WTC Video

A heavily made up woman from the Sci Fi WTC Video (Is it Barbara?)


Chris Stein a founding member of "Blondie" and husband of Barbara Sicuranza has confirmed with 24 7 News that the SciFi Video is a FAKE, it was shot as a commercial and his wife "Acted" in it!

Chris Stein has just released a public statement about the SciFi UFO video
Chris Stein Statement on UFO Video

Barbara Sicuranza releases "Statement" on SciFi Commercial. She claims SciFil used her name on FAKE Documents about UFO Tape!
Barbara Sicuranza Statement

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