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Sollog hits Hurricane Isabel Warning!
Famous Mystic Keeps Hitting and Hitting and Hitting!

Written By D.E. Alexander 24 7 News Net
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24 7 News Net - The Alternative News Wire
September 18th, 2003

Is a real modern day prophet of God walking the earth?

The fans of the Nets most famous psychic/mystic/prophet Sollog are saying "I TOLD YOU SO"!

The reason is simple, last year Sollog issued an amazing warning about future Hurricanes. The first Hurricane named by Sollog for the 2003 season was Isabel. It went exactly where Sollog named in his warning.

In the warning Sollog clearly states "I AM THE WORD OF GOD ALMIGHTY". Many Sollog fans believe that Sollog is indeed the living breathing and walking WORD OF GOD! The reason is very simple, Sollog has been hitting so-called ACTS OF GOD in his Prophecies for several years now. Rare 7.0+ earthquakes are his most famous ACT OF GOD hits. He predicted either the exact date or the exact location for ten in a row just before 911 occurred. As to hurricanes, well he's been hitting them too since 1995.

You can see how fans of Sollog refer to him in a forum that discusses the Prophecies of Sollog. He is highly revered by many of his devout fans as the living WORD OF GOD. That forum is at http://www.theparanormal.net/forum

I spoke to Sollog today about this most amazing hit. He says the 31 events he warned of are THE SIGNS that he is indeed THE WORD OF GOD! 17 of the 31 events are hurricanes, Sollog named each storm and where they will land. Sollog also gave 13 locations where major quakes will shake the USA. That's 30 so-called ACTS OF GOD that Sollog has predicted or warned of. His track record so far is 1 for 1. He clearly warned of Hurricane Isabel and he gave a location it did hit in his warning. I have a link below to a time-stamped archive of his warning. Hurricane Isabel is named as is Cape Lookout North Carolina! Cape Lookout is indeed where the eye of Isabel came ashore today!

The 31st event in the Sollog Prophecy titled "31 Disasters" is a man made act, Sollog says Washington DC will destroyed by nuclear terrorism.

There are two more hurricanes that could possibly hit this year according to the Sollog "31 Disasters" Prophecy, one is named Juan and the other is named Rose. If they do not occur this year, then the way hurricanes work is that the names will be reused every six years. So if Juan or Rose do not strike this year then 2009 or even 2015 are possible strike years for Sollog to be validated as THE WORD OF GOD.

The question is, how many of these ACTS OF GOD have to really occur before people start saying, maybe we should be listening to that Sollog. What is it that Sollog has to say that is so important he appears to be commanding the wind in old fashioned biblical wonder.

Well, Sollog says he came to earth to do three things. The first is to eliminate nuclear technology, he says it is "NOW FORBIDDEN ON EARTH". The second thing is to warn everyone mankind is about to enter "THE AGE OF NUCLEAR TERRORISM". The third is to "DESTROY THE LIE THAT IS CHRISTIANITY".

Yes, Sollog openly says he came to DESTROY CHRISTIANITY since it is based upon a lie, "THERE WAS NO JESUS" says Sollog.

FYI, according to Sollog hurricane ISABEL means literally JESUS FALSE GOD.

"ISA is the name of Jesus in the Qu'ran" says Sollog. "Bel also means Baal in the Old Testament. Baal means literally FALSE GOD. So ISA BEL means literally "JESUS FALSE GOD!" Sollog added.

All I know is that for many years now Sollog has been hitting quakes and hurricanes. His latest hurricane and quake warning/prophecy clearly states it is to validate "SOLLOG IS THE WORD OF THE GOD OF GODS". It is to also prove "JESUS IS A FALSE STORY"!

Now some skeptics are lying on the Net saying Sollog named too many hurricanes and locations. Well he named 17 locations where hurricanes will strike over about 4,000 miles of coastline in the USA. He also named only 17 hurricanes out of about 150 that are in the 6 year hurricane name rotation.

The fact is ISABEL was a monster hurricane. It puzzled meteorologists since it stayed a Category 5 for many days.

Isabel was the first Category 5 to form in the Atlantic in five years. They are not common events.

The fact is, Sollog only gave a small percentage of potential hurricane names in his warning. The first one for the 2003 season did form into a monster storm and it is expected to become one of the costliest natural disasters in the history of the USA!

Now the bible is pretty clear, you can't use GODS NAME and correctly predict an act of GOD unless of course the prophecy emanates from THE GOD HEAD!

Sollog is the only person that put out a public warning in Usenet way before Isabel occurred warning that Isabel would become a GREAT HURRICANE and also giving an area it would eventually hit.

As more and more of the Sollog 31 Disasters occur, people will embrace Sollog as who he says he is. If none of the other 31 ACTS OF GOD occur, the fact that this one did is quite amazing. So time will tell how accurate Sollog is. Right now NO ONE can deny the obvious facts. Sollog warned of Hurricane Isabel in late 2002. He named Cape Lookout where it struck in his warning. That means he is one for one in his ACTS OF GOD warning. Something the Old Testament says he should not be, UNLESS OF COURSE HE IS THE WORD OF GOD!

Here is a link to the Sollog "31 Disasters" Warning. It is archived by Google and has a TIME STAMP proving it was issued last year!


Below are more time stamped warnings from Sollog where he correctly warned of 911 and failure of the US Grid. They are all archived by Google the Nets top search engine!

On 9/11/1998 three years before the exact date of 911 Sollog released a warning to Usenet that stated “On 911 a major emergency will occur in DC!” Here is a link to the TIME STAMPED post archived by Goggle. Coincidence or proof Sollog is THE ONE that Nostradamus said would appear with true fore sight to lead the world in the last days.


Some skeptics say Sollog had a lucky guess on 911. The FBI visited the offices of AIS the publisher of several times after 911. So the FBI knows it was no lucky guess, Sollog is a true seer like Nostradamus was. Sollog is in fact one of the most investigated figures in the history of the FBI, since he also warned of the Oklahoma City Bombing to many in the media. If you recall the “LOST FBI FILES” about a WARNING that appeared just before McVeigh was executed. The documents are sealed, but many claim they are all about the Sollog Oklahoma City warning and how dozens of major figures in the US media were interviewed by the FBI about it!

In August of 2002 Sollog issued another public warning that the US Grid would fail. One year later it did. Here is a time-stamped warning of that event.


You can find the Prophecies of Sollog at http://www.1ebooks.com/propheciessollog

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