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July 21st, 2003

I just returned from a key employee meeting of AIS. That is the parent company of this site. AIS publishes over 200 content sites on the Net. They have a film division with several film projects about to be released this year. They have a music division and a book division. I have had a handful of books published by the book Division of AIS.

Our meeting was to discuss several major projects AIS is involved in. Such as the Domain Name division (www.iDomainBrokers.com) that has launched many Domain Name sites this year. AIS now owns over 1000 premium domain names. AIS also has many listings for some of the top domain names being offered for sale right now on the Net including Bill.com and You.com .

One of the staff of AIS that attended the meeting left a little dog outside in her car. She left a window completely down, since it was around six o'clock in the evening when the meeting started, and while it was not extremely HOT, it was warm enough to probably cause discomfort for anyone or animal sitting in a parked car. The dog is a miniature Lassie or Collie, known as a Sheltie.

When the meeting broke up several AIS employees walked out to the parking lot and to their horror the little Sheltie was hanging out the car window dead, it had strangled on it's leash. The dog had been leashed in the car for about one hour. The car was in the shade and since the window was down, it was not hot inside the car. The dog was leashed to actually keep it inside the car and the leash was very short so the dog should not have been able to jump out the window.

Some how the dog did manage to jump out the window, the car had severe scratches on the drivers door that bear witness to how long the dog had been hanging while it strangled to death and scratched the door of the car.

I was one of the people that reached the dog first and its body was very stiff, as if it had been dead for some time.

The employee who owned the dog panicked when she saw her little dog dead and hanging out the window of her car. She had a child with her, since it is the practice of AIS to allow employees to bring children to work. AIS provides a well stocked playroom for young children of AIS employees. The child was totally freaked out by the sight of their little dog hanging dead from the window.

The Chairman of AIS is a world-renowned psychic, who many believe has the ability to heal.

I held the stiff body of the dog in my arms and he came to the car and removed the leash from the dogs collar. He then told one employee to go inside to get a bowl of water. He calmly laid the stiff body of the dog upon the ground. He then took the hand of the crying child who was the owner of the dog and said, "Don't worry, your dog is in heaven with God and it is not his time yet to be with God forever. God will allow me to bring him back to you I promise."

The dog lay motionless on the ground with it's tongue a shade of purple hanging out of its mouth. The healer aka Chairman of AIS ran his hands over the length of the dogs body. He then said, "In the name of God Almighty, I command the spark of life to bring this creature of God back to life." He then repeated a phrase several times in what I believe was Hebrew or Coptic.

The dog lay motionless as we all looked at each other. The dog had been dead for some time and it was obvious it could not be brought back to life. The Chairman of AIS then started to massage gently the chest area of the dog, he did that for what had to be around one minute. By then the bowl of water of had arrived, he put his right hand in the water and gently placed some on the limp tongue of the dog that was hanging out of its mouth and touching the ground.

He then put his fingers in the dogs mouth and pressed down on the back of the tongue area with his thumb. He then gently moved the lower jaw of the dog in a circular pattern. The dog laid motionless. The healer then massaged the chest area of the dog for a few seconds and once again put some water in the mouth of the dog. The closed eyes of the dog slowly opened. He laid motionless for about four or five minutes with his eyes blinking and his tongue hanging out of his mouth.

It was as if the dog was miraculously brought back to life by a man who has amazed many in his lifetime with his ability to foretell massive earthquakes and acts of terrorism. Who also seems to be able to read the minds of any human he comes into contact with.

After a short time of being gently petted by the Chairman of AIS, the boss raised from the ground where a miracle had indeed taken place, he motioned for the child of the dog to pet the stricken dog who looked as if he was in a coma. The Chairman of AIS said to the little boy, "Your dog was playing in heaven with God and God has sent him back to you since it is not yet his time to go back to heaven. Pet him and show him your love, and he will soon be fine."

For about ten more minutes the dog lay on the ground while the Chairman of AIS massaged the dogs skull. Then he stood up once more and called the dogs name. The dog slowly raised and stumbled back to the ground. This went on for about a minute or so, then the dog was finally able to stand and it slowly limped around the ground. Everyone stood in awe at what they had just witnessed, it was a remarkable miracle.

About an hour later the dog was indeed in perfect health running around with the child who had been screaming at the site of their dog hanging dead out of their car window a short time earlier.

When all the ruckus had calmed down I asked my boss, the Chairman of AIS, to comment on what he had just done. He said, "I did nothing but Gods will. God brought the dog back to life to give you all a sign that our work is important and must be fulfilled. Terrible times are near and we are the ones to shine a light upon these dark times to give many hope when all would seem hopeless."

So tonight I sit around a restaurant eating pizza with other employees of AIS and discuss what we had all seen. Those who have been around AIS for many years agree, this is the type of thing that we have come to expect from the ONE who has come to lead the world during this time, a time just before Nuclear Terrorism will occur. At least that is what the Chairman of AIS has been saying since 1995. He is the voice that gives THE FINAL WARNING.

Some of the newer employees of AIS were obviously dumb founded by what they had seen. This was the type of story you read about in works like the bible. A prophet of God doing with his bare hands what modern science would have been at a lost to have done. Life seemed to have been given back to a dead animal for no reason other than a healer decided the animal was not yet meant to die. He merely invoked the name of GOD ALMIGHTY and touched the dead animal. In a short time the animal came back from the beyond. I can barely put in mere words what I witnessed, it was simply a MIRACLE.

Who is the Chairman of AIS, you may be saying to yourself? His name is Sollog. He is the most investigated man in the history of the FBI due to his public warnings about acts of terrorism that then came to pass, such as the Oklahoma City bombing and 911.

I wrote a book about his amazing prophecies. It is titled "The Prophecies of Sollog".

On 9/11/1998 a message was posted to Usenet, it is archived and TIME STAMPED by Google, the nets top search engine. The message stated, "On 911 a major emergency will occur in DC." That warning was posted three years to the exact date of 911 in Usenet. Here is THE PROOF that warning was given. http://groups.google.com/groups?hl=en&lr=&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&selm=6tb7rp%24gvr%241%40winter.news.erols.com

I can only give testimony to what I witnessed today, as can many AIS employees. Life was restored to a poor little dog who accidentally strangled itself. The child who owns the dog asked me while we ate pizza if what he had seen was all a dream. He said, "Was I dreaming today. I mean I dreamt my dog was dead. He was hanging out my mommies car window. Then God saved him." I assured him it was no dream, I told him, God had saved his doggy and it was a miracle not a dream.

Sollog made sure everyone present at THE MIRACLE understood what they had seen, since he told us all, "What occurred tonight was not my doing, it is the power of God Almighty that gives and takes away life from any living thing, and what I did was only that which anyone who has true faith can do in Gods Name. I take no credit for what was done here today, it was merely Gods will. Anyone could have done the same thing, all that is needed is true faith."

And the legend of Sollog continues...

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