US Attacks Baghdad on Friday the 13th!
1998 Prophecy comes to pass!

Written By D.E. Alexander 24 7 News Net
24 7 News Net - The Alternative News Wire
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24 7 News Net - The Alternative News Wire
March 21st, 2003

It's FRIDAY and the USA started the Iraq War OFFICIALLY TODAY when they launched SHOCK AND AWE!

In 1998 Sollog of warned of TRAGEDY connected to 911 in Washington DC.

Here is a time-stamped post to Usenet archived by Google. READ IT. It says 911 TRAGEDY WASHINGTON DC. That was in 1998 a full three years BEFORE 911 occurred. It was posted on SEPTEMBER 11th 1998 3 years to the date of the 911 attacks.

The same person in 1998 warned a MAD US (Mad from 911) would REIGN TERROR DOWN ON BAGHDAD on a FRIDAY! Who would have ever said THE USA WOULD ATTACK ANY NATION FIRST way back in 1998? ONLY SOLLOG.

In 1998 Sollog explained all this in his MABUS WARNING. Here is a time-stamped archived post from Google PROVING he warned of this in 1998

The AMAZING THING about this DIRECT HIT is that Sollog even had THE DAY and the DATE in his warning.

Those unfamiliar with Sollog's writings will say, it was not Friday the 13th as his 1998 Prophecy gave. Fans of Sollog will just smile and say LOOK AT THE DATE the attack occurred, it is the 21st of the 3rd month or 21/3 in Euro dating. 21/3 = 2 1 3 now do you see a 13 in the date? It was EXACTLY AS SOLLOG WARNED IN 1998! The US launched the Baghdad ATTACK on a Friday and 13 is IN THE DATE!

Would it surprise Sollog fans to find out GEORGE BUSH fulfilled the 1998 Sollog Prophecy EXACTLY AS HE WARNED? NO. They expect such AMAZING hits from the modern day Nostradamus!

The reason the USA attacked Baghdad is also EXACTLY as Sollog warned. THE US IS MAD. Sollog explained in 1998 that the famous MABUS of the writings of Nostradamus (the third anti-christ who destroys most of the world) was really MAdUS. Sollog explained the d in MAD is a b in the mirror of time. So MAdUS becomes MAbUS.

Sollog also explained SADDAM WILL UNLEASH CHEMICAL WEAPONS on Israel as a result of being attackeb by a MAD US.

Sollog also explained how one of the spellings of the name Saddam (Sudam) is also MABUS in reverse in the mirror of time!

THE FACT IS SOLLOG WARNED IN 1998 A MAD US WOULD ATTACK IRAQ on a FRIDAY and the 13 would be in the date!



Now if you are a FOOL and still think no one knows the future, READ THE POSTS I linked to above. THEY ARE ARCHIVED BY GOOGLE. THEY HAVE TIME STAMPS ON THEM.

Both were posted in 1998. One said TRAGEDY IN DC ON 911. IT HAPPENED!


Now if you find any skeptic that wants to debate THESE FACTS, just slap the fool up side the head!


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