Elizabeth Smart FOUND as Nikkee Prophecy Predicted!
Nikkee's Elizabeth Smart Reading GAVE KEY INFO about Bizarre End to Smart Kidnapping!

Written By D.E. Alexander 24 7 News Net
24 7 News Net - The Alternative News Wire
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24 7 News Net - The Alternative News Wire
March 12th, 2003

I spent quite a bit of time this past year with the Prophetess Nikkee (http://www.nikkee.net) since I was hired to write a book about her amazing Prophecies. See http://www.1ebooks.com/nikkee

I did an article last year about the Nikkee Elizabeth Smart reading that had KEY INFORMATION about the bizarre ending to to the Elizabeth Smart kidnapping that captivated the media today.

Here is a TIME-STAMPED copy of the article that contains THE NIKKEE Reading about THE BIZARRE END to the Elizabeth Smart kidnapping. http://groups.google.com/groups?q=tooele+nikkee&hl=en&lr=&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&selm=8e6eb889.0209051644.589607aa%40posting.google.com&rnum=1

These are FACTS about what the Nikkee Reading stated about Elizabeth Smart.

it might not be what you think


Nikkee also put the KEY DATE when Elizabeth Smart would be found in her reading. That date was 113 (Yesterday in Euro Dating was 11/3 or 3/11 in Western dating).

Elizabeth was FOUND within hours of THAT EXACT NUMBER or date which is the ONLY NUMBER Nikkee used in her Elizabeth reading.

When I did the original article about the Elizabeth Smart reading by Nikkee (which was her first publicly released PROPHECY) I noted that Nikkee explained her VISIONS about Elizabeth to me. They involved barrels and Tooele. My original article about the Nikkee Elizabeth reading was about how the POISON SKULL she mentioned in her writing was all over the news last September connected to Tooele (a bizarre story about a man who DISAPPEARED at the top chemical disposal plant in the USA).

I specifically asked Nikkee last year and again later when I did my book about her Prophecies if Elizabeth was dead. She replied "I hope not and I pray not. But my visions did somehow concern her being in a barrel, if not dead then a prisoner."

What is AMAZING to me is this Prophecy shows how certain people are clearly moved to write about what they view about certain events, and how their writings some how give KEY INFO about the future as this case clearly shows.

Besides having THE KEY DATE of 113 (11th of 3rd month) in the reading, which was IN FACT hours from when Elizabeth was found (side note: Nikkee's husband uses the SAME ONE DAY OFF CODE in his own prophecies), Nikkee somehow was KEYED INTO THE FACT that the Elizabeth Smart story WAS NOT WHAT PEOPLE THOUGHT. Almost everyone including myself had written Elizabeth Smart off as DEAD. She wasn't SHE WAS ALIVE!

Religion is all over the Nikkee Elizabeth Smart reading as well.

Nikkee uses the ancient Hebrew name for GOD in her writing which is EL. The kidnapper has EL all over his name. David Brian MitchELl. He was also known as EmmanuEL. Emmanuel is what THE ANGELS of God called Jesus in the New Testament. The kidnapper was a Jesus nut who hated Mormons.

Nikkee stated clearly

This ANGEL of EL has been taken
But make no mistake,
She is not FORSAKEN

So Nikkee clearly stated Elizabeth Smart is NOT ABANDONED (forsaken) which is a way to say SHE IS ALIVE since her body was not abandoned by the kidnapper!

It is also AMAZING how Nikkee zeroed in on Tooele which a little city NEAR SALT LAKE CITY that is not much further from the home of Elizabeth than Sandy City where she was eventually found.

Initial reports have come in that Elizabeth was initially held in the mountains near Salt Lake City. Emmanuel aka Brian David MitcHELL is reported to often stay at a place he called THE TEEPEE. Perhaps that is a reference to SKULL Indian Reservation right next to TOOELE the exact location named by Nikkee!

Time will tell exactly where Elizabeth was held and how a SKULL, TOOELE and CEDAR is connected to her kidnapping which are all KEY WORD in the Nikkee Elizabeth reading!

If one connects Tooele to Salt Lake City and Sandy City on a map, a nice little 90o TRIANGLE is formed. Another CODE that her famous husband uses in his own prophecies...

PS - The middle name of Nikkee's husband is IMMANUEL the correct way to spell the name used by the kidnapper Emmanuel...

PSS - You can get a reading by Nikkee if YOU HURRY. Her readings are going fast! See http://www.nikkee.net

PSSS - I asked Sollog about his own comments on Elizabeth Smart made last year. Sollog IMMEDIATELY stated to the media after the kidnapping last year that Smart's kidnapping was RELIGIOUSLY MOTIVATED, he also pointed out how the name of SMARt was connected to the famous RAMSey case since the first four letters of each last name are the same but in reverse order. In fact many kidnappings last summer all had a bizarre connection to the letters MARS in their names or locations. Sollog also stated last year that the families MORMON religion was the root cause of the kidnapping (the kidnapper turns out to HATE MORMONS which the Smarts are.) The reporter who quoted Sollog last year gave the impression that Sollog said the girl was dead. So I asked Sollog about his comments, he said, "I gave no reading for Elizabeth, unlike Nikkee who hit this event dead on with her reading. However, I did comment that it was obviously connected to religion since the Smart family is connected to one of the 13 founders of the Mormon religion. Religion did turn out to be the key reason that this event occurred, which is exactly what I stated. The kidnapping was RELIGIOUSLY MOTIVATED! Instead of the kidnapper being inside the Smart family as is OFTEN THE CASE in such bizarre religiously motivated cases, the kidnapper was someone that hated Mormons and the Smarts personified Mormons to the kidnapper. The Smarts family religious KARMA was why they got PUNISHED for almost a year because of the event. I made no specific writings on this case and did no readings and my only impressions about the event were that the case was all about religion and how THE ONE that moves such things is choosing victims based upon the RAMS or MARS code that I immediately saw in the names of such cases. I, like 99.9% of the population, was surprised yesterday that Elizabeth Smart is alive. But then I did no special readings on the matter I just stated the obvious about the event which turned out to be absolutely correct. The case was all about religion. Emmanuel is the angelic name of Jesus in the Bible. Immanuel is my middle name which is THE CORRECT WAY to spell the Hebrew name Immanuel. Everyone knows what I think of Jesus and Christians including Mormons. IT IS SATANIC NON-SENSE, since the New Testament is clear JESUS CLAIMED TO BE LUCIFER! The kidnapper thinks he is Jesus, so HE IS SATANIC to me as are all Christians and Mormons. The kidnapping was connected to RELIGION and Satanism as I consider Satanism. Christianity is an evil sick satanic cult as are Mormons. Upper leaders in both Christianity and Mormonism KNOW THEY FOLLOW LUCIFER or Jesus in their bibles. The bottom-line is THE EVENT WAS ALL ABOUT RELIGION. The bottom-line is MANY KIDNAPPINGS occurred last summer after my comments were made about how RAMS was the key code in the events. The bottom-line to me is that ALL CHRISTIANS are dead spiritually. Your soul has to be black and void of the spirit to fall for the BS that Christianity puts out."

So there you have it, Sollog did no special readings or writings on the Smart case. HIS INITIAL COMMENTS turned out to be DEAD ON, the case was all about religion exactly as he said. This story personifies the Sollog story. HE GIVES BIZARRE INFO THAT TURNS OUT TO BE FACT in the future, yet his skeptics will say he said she was dead. SHE IS DEAD TO SOLLOG, as are all Xtians! The fact still remains kidnapping after kidnapping occurred after Sollog made his comments about RAMS and MARS being the code connected to the event. The fact remains RELIGION was the motivation behind the kidnapping as Sollog warned. Pretty amazing IMHO, and I'm sure his fans will agree, HE HIT THE CASE DEAD ON about the religious aspects of it. Almost every kidnapping in the news last summer did follow his MARS name/location code. I can also see how to Sollog that Elizabeth Smart and all Xtians are SPIRITUALLY DEAD. As is usual, Sollog fans see THE CLUES Sollog gave and how he was correct. Skeptics see what they want and ignore THE MAJOR HITS. And oh, the FACT IS the wife of Sollog stated in a written PROPHECY that the Elizabeth Smart case was NOT WHAT THE PEOPLE OF SALT LAKE THINK...

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