One of the Nets top sites puts ADS UP FOR GRABS at 3900.00 per day!

Written By D.E. Alexander 24 7 News Net
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24 7 News Net - The Alternative News Wire
March 2nd, 2003


Want to promote your business on one of the Nets busiest sites?

The rate is ONLY $3,900.00 per day for EXCLUSIVE POSITION at the top of THE DRUDGE REPORT.

I've seen the publishers of this site over the years offer Drudge up to $1,000.00 per article to do exclusives for them via email. He never replied back.

I've seen the publishers of this site over the years offer Drudge exclusive banner deals via email. He never replied back.

Drudge who gets MILLIONS OF DOLLARS OF FREE AIR TIME every year on networks like FOX has just joined the commercial side of the Net. You can say Matt Drudge is now a common media whore!

Anyone can now buy ADS AT THE TOP OF THE DRUDGE REPORT FOR only $3,900.00 per day.

Can't afford that? Then you can get 500,000 banners on his site for only $1,000.00 or a cheap CPM of $2.00 ($1.00 CPM is usually considered WORTHLESS ADVERTISING on the Net).

I remember before the Internet bubble busted that news sites wanted $40.00 CPM.

The ad company promoting the FACT that you can now BUY THE DRUDGE REPORT now like any other web site whore usually charges 5.00 to 7.50 CPM for other news sites like NewsMax. We used to buy advertising on NewsMax and many other sites years ago.

We now run one of the largest if the largest alternative news media sites on the net. We usually only promote within our network now.

And you can't buy ad banners on 99% of it.

For instance, you can't buy ad banners on this site. Why? You can't read most of this site UNLESS YOU PAY TO READ THE HIGH QUALITY NEWS REPORTS we do.

Anyway, at $3,900.00 per day that's a little over 1 MILLION DOLLARS a year that Matt Drudge now has in his AD INVENTORY to sell.

90%+ of the nets ad inventory goes UNSOLD.

Will Drudge be able to SELL HIS INVENTORY OUT?

If he does, then his one man low budget popular site is now worth 2 to 3 Million Dollars. MAYBE!

That's a cheap price for his market share of internet eyeballs IMHO.

Most of his viewers are worthless to advertisers though, they are the folks that refuse TO BUY ANYTHING on the Net!

Maybe my publisher will put some ads on Drudge now to promote some of my books with REAL MAJOR NEWS ITEMS in them.

Like my book titled THE 911 WARNING. In it I PROVE there was a famous WARNING about Terrorism in New York City in SEPTEMBER that the US Government knew all about before 911 occurred. Heck, the FBI even harassed the publisher of this site since WE HAD THE WARNING ON OUR NETWORK before 911 occurred.

The reason I KNOW the 911 Warning was REAL, was due to the FACT that I wrote about it before 911 in one of the books I've written on Sollog. Check any search engine, SOLLOG is one of the most mentioned names in search engines (way more than Matt Drudge and say Sean Hannity), yet the bullshit media which Matt Drudge is part of REFUSES TO MENTION HIS NAME! Sollog publicly released details about future events like 911 via usenet where Google archived his warnings with TIME STAMPS. Besides 911 he hit exact dates and even times for rare major 7.0+ range earth quakes!

Now, some in the media like Matt Drudge and Jeff Rense KNOW THIS. Yet they don't tell their viewers about it.

FUCK DRUDGE he's a common ad selling internet whore now.

Just like Jeff Rense who my publisher used to buy ads from as well.

All these assholes have the same complaint when we buy ads from them, "My jerkoff viewers WHO DON'T BUY ANYTHING ON THE NET ANYWAY, are complaining about the banners to your site, since some of the pages on your site have links to DEATH PHOTOS, blah blah blah."


Adoni Publishing runs over 300 web sites. Some with DEATH AND SEX on them. Why? IT SELLS and pays for their FREE SITES!

Yes, Adoni Publishing runs many famous free sites as well.

And unlike the rest of the bullshit news sites out there, YOU CAN'T BUY AD BANNERS on news pages on most of their news content sites like 24 7 News Net.

24 7 News Net tells it like it is, we don't bow to any advertisers.

When we say something like the 911 warning occurred WE GUARANTEE IT with a MILLION DOLLAR CHALLENGE!

Hey Matt, do you realize you putz that you just put a price tag on THE DRUDGE REPORT of only 2 to 3 Million bucks you dumb ass.

Rule 1 of Business evaluations is a business is worth 2 to 3 times it's gross revenue (that's if Drudge can sell out his inventory).

Rule 1a of Business evaluations for a Net web site is usually 2 to 3 times MONTHLY REVENUE instead of yearly revenue.

That means THE DRUDGE REPORT may only be worth 200 to 300 Grand based on REAL WORTH internet valuations now, if Drudge can even sell out his ad inventory!

Now, Adoni Publishing which publishes my books as well as this site has a proffer floating around that I saw the other day, it lists over 300 business assets with appraised values over 100 Million dollars.

Most were IP Rights to things like book publishing rights as well as music and movie rights. Some were assets like undeveloped domain names that have tremendous PCV (potential commercial value) for future commercial development. A few were assets like 24 7 News Net and other PAY SITES run by Adoni Publishing. Their proffer explained the formula's above, that traditional business values are 2 to 3 times yearly revenue, but recent net asset sales are in the 2 to 4 times monthly range (SINCE MOST NET COMPANIES LOSE MONEY).

Adoni Publishing explained all this in their proffer. Oh, if you want to see a huge list of valuable Adoni Business Assets go to (A site where Adoni Publishing gives investors up to 18 Percent on loans backed by their assets).

Maybe Adoni will offer Drudge something for his site now that he put a value on it.

Hey Matt, did the FBI harass you because you had a WARNING ABOUT TERRORISM AT THE WTC IN NYC IN SEPTEMBER on your lame site?


You know the FBI harassed Adoni Publishing and yet you don't say a word about it.

I guess Drudge knows THEE UNDER GROUND that outed Drudge as a FAGGOT years ago is part of ADONI PUBLISHING!


Here is PROOF Matt Drudge is a common media whore now

Drudge Report Rate card on-line

Rate card image .jpg as of 3/02/2003

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