The DC Sniper is CAUGHT!
Exactly where Sollog warned!!

Written By D.E. Alexander 24 7 News Net
24 7 News Net - The Alternative News Wire
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24 7 News Net - The Alternative News Wire
October 24nd, 2002

The DC Sniper has been caught sleeping in a 12 year old car in FREDERICK Maryland with his 17 year old step-son.

FREDERICK Maryland was one of the KEY LOCATIONS the famous psychic Sollog had warned would be connected to the sniper!

The sniper is John Allen Muhammad aka John Allen Williams. John Muhammad lived in Maryland in CLINTON! CLINTON was another location that Sollog had warned would be connected to the sniper!

Sollog actually released a profile of the sniper that fits the sniper with an AMAZING ACCURACY. Sollog stated the sniper was formerly in the US Military! John Muhammad was in the US Military.

Sollog's profile stated the sniper was also an older person in their forties. John Muhammad was in his forties.

Sollog had said the person was a theologian, who could even be a priest or minister. He also said the person bore a hatred toward Christianity. John Muhammad under went a major religious conversion in his life that resulted in him adopting Islam as his religion!

Here is a TIME STAMPED post about the Sollog sniper warnings. In it he mentioned the sniper was connected to both CLINTON MD and FREDERICK MD!

Here is a link

Here is the Sollog profile stating the sniper was a former US Military person in his forties!

Here is the Sollog profile where it was stated the DC Sniper would be former US Military, in his forties and a person of deep religious convictions that had determined Jesus was not God. (Muhammad converted to Islam where Jesus is looked upon as a mere prophet.)

Recently Sollog had warned the DC Sniper would strike on live TV. When I asked Sollog about the arrest of John Muhammad Sollog said the recent statement the sniper made Chief Moose read was a clue to the live TV attack that would have occurred had the sniper not been arrested. That statement was "We have caught the sniper, like a duck in a noose." Sollog said, "The message meant Chief Moose was a sitting duck, whom the sniper was ready to kill on live TV. Duck = Sitting Duck. Noose = Moose a phonetic word play. It is most fortunate that the authorities have caught the DC Sniper since many more would have died."

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