The Virgin Mary Sacrifices aka the DC Sniper
Sniper hits Aspen Hill again!

Written By D.E. Alexander 24 7 News Net
24 7 News Net - The Alternative News Wire
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24 7 News Net - The Alternative News Wire
October 22nd, 2002

The DC Sniper has struck again. Is it the sniper? YES!

How do I know as soon as it happened that it is the sniper?

Since the news of this string of shootings started, I was told by the most famous mystic on the Net Sollog, that the shootings all fit the pattern of a religious sacrifice. Exactly what he explained on DAY ONE of the shootings has occurred in every one of the sniper shootings.

So far the media has IGNORED the obvious religious symbolism of the shootings. On our sites we have had warnings that included maps of future locations. They were given to us by Sollog. The locations he named as potential targets have all been future targets of the sniper.

Sollog also explained how the sniper is using locations and names to point to his next targets.

This new shooting back in Aspen Hill has followed the same pattern Sollog explained. The obvious pattern he followed was making the location connected to a religious concept and a past hit. The shooter chose a location next to HEAVENS GATE CEMETARY. Heavens Gate is about as religious of a name as you can get.

As Sollog explained, ASPen Hill contains the word ASP which was used only once in the bible. The same pattern as the shooter uses to kill. ONE BULLET and ONE USE OF WORD in bible.

Two hits ago the shooter chose HOME DEPOT. His hit before the Bus Stop hit was a Ponderosa. The longest running show in TV history was Bonanza. The Ponderosa was the HOME for Bonanza. A DEPOT is often used with either TRAIN or BUS. So both the Ponderosa and Bus Stop hits connect directly to HOME DEPOT!

To fully explain how every location the sniper has hit fits the religious pattern explained by Sollog you need to read all of the past articles we have about these events.

Once again Sollog has told me to pass to the FBI the following information.

Sollog's message is, "The FBI visited a safe TOH residence last Friday. The agent asked to speak to Sollog about the sniper shootings so he can help them. Sollog did CALL the FBI on a phone and left a message explaining HE CAN HELP the FBI catch the sniper. The Sollog WARNINGS on this site ( contain maps where the sniper will strike over and over. The articles on this site explain in detail future locations the sniper MUST HIT to complete what they are designing. Sollog has explained, UNLESS GEORGE BUSH issues a Presidential PARDON he will remain UNDERGROUND. The United States government in the past has threatened Sollog'slife. Sollog was beaten while in handcuffs by agents of the US Marshals office as he explained in his law suits against the US Government. Sollog has had his life directly threatened by several agents of the US Government. Sollog has had to defend multiple lawsuits over the years that were all groundless and FALSE PROSECUTIONS. So unless the US President absolves Sollog for any past actions to protect him against the types of FALSE LAWSUITS and ARRESTS the US Government has done to him, HE WILL STAY UNDERGROUND. As Sollog said in his message to the FBI. You can email Sollog at if you want Sollog to help you catch the sniper. BEWARE the shooter may strike LIVE on television a member of the media or the police!"

This is a message to fans of Sollog. As you can see THE MATRIX has once again put the KEY NUMBERS OF DEATH into the DC Sniper shootings. 10 have died and there were 13 victims over all. 10 and 13 or 1013. As you can see 103 and 113 have once again APPEARED within the Matrix...

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