The Virgin Mary Sacrifices aka the DC Sniper
Sniper hits Ashland where Sollog warned!

Written By D.E. Alexander 24 7 News Net
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24 7 News Net - The Alternative News Wire
October 21st, 2002

The THIRD LOCATION WARNED OF for future SNIPER SHOOTERS was struck Saturday night. It was a little town just north of Richmond. This exact location was warned of as a FUTURE sniper hit by a world famous mystic named Sollog. Many feel the funny little cryptic messages by the cop named MOOSE from Rockville are actually messages to Sollog to PLEASE HELP THE POLICE with this case.

Friday one of the safe homes for Sollog and members of TOH (Temple Of Hayah a religious movement founded by Sollog) was visited by the FBI. The FBI left a number for Sollog to call. SOLLOG LEFT TWO MESSAGES he is willing to help the FBI. He left a number. Sunday night the police asked THE PERSON WHO CALLED AND LEFT A MESSAGE AND A PHONE NUMBER (SOLLOG) to get in touch again today.

Sollog got in touch once more and DEMANDED the FBI publicly ask for his help on CNN. His message was have THE MOOSE go on CNN and say



Did MOOSE say that today? NO!

He said CALL AGAIN we didn't understand.

Are the MOOSE messages to the sniper or to Sollog?

Some fools are saying now Sollog is the sniper. He isn't. He is just the most gifted psychic in the world. Who is UNDER GROUND due to death threats many years ago by agents of the US Government that worked for Clinton.

Sollog has put his sniper warnings on our web site. He has included maps of future locations.

The maps he gave us were posted with his warnings to Usenet. They are all archived by Google the largest search engine in the world with time stamps. Sollog did give exact information about future sniper attacks.

Just like he gave EXACT INFORMATION about 10 future 7.0+ quakes.

The last time the FBI went looking for Sollog it was after 911 occurred. Sollog posted the exact details of that event on his web site as well.

The recent shooting in Ashland followed the same religious pattern Sollog has been warning of.

The name had a reference to Christianity in it. ASHland as in ASH Wednesday.

The location had two sniper trademarks.

Ponderosa means two things. PONDER ROSAry. That was the Pope's message last week to Christians all over the world PONDER THE ROSARY BEAD PRAYER. I guess the sniper listened.

Ponderosa was also a reference to the last shooting. HOME DEPOT. What was the longest running show in television history? BONANZA. What was the HOME? PONDEROSA. So HOME is tied in a pattern the snipper has been using for quite a few shootings, since HOME is what the famous PONDEROSA is. Also, PONDEROSA is a large pine tree. Which is where the sniper has been hiding.

Instead of rehashing all of the previous info again about how the other shootings had the same patterns, you can READ our previous articles.

Sollog had warned it was likely the sniper would not strike on weekends due to a Sabbath obligation. Saturday is a day off for Jews. Sunday is a day off for Christians. To date the sniper has not struck on a Sunday the Sabbath of Christians. He did strike on Saturday for the first time.

In the first Sollog future location warning, he mentioned a possible shooting near Richmond. He gave us a map that had a line from Manasses to ASHLAND in Red!

Can you say DIRECT HIT!

So, since Saturday night everyone here knew the sniper shooting in Ashland was THE DC SNIPER.

It fit the patter Sollog explained.

Exactly how did Sollog the location?

The map Sollog gave us featured ASHLAND in one map.

The article was posted and time stamped in Usenet. Here is a link

This was our original article about the location he named

Here is the map he gave us a long time ago

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