Raelians claimed to have cloned baby girl Eve!!!
Here come the Aliens!!!

Written By D.E. Alexander 24 7 News Net
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24 7 News Net - The Alternative News Wire
December 27th, 2002

Bridgette Boisselier a bishop in the Raelian movement held a news conference in Hollywood Florida today.

Boisselier claimed a baby girl was conceived yesterday at 11:55 AM named Eve. The girl was cloned from her mother.

So far the parents are being kept from the public as well as the baby.

The Raelians formed Clonaid to produce human clones around he world.

In 1973 Claude Verilhon, a French racecar driver, claims that an Extraterrestrial came to him and claimed to have knowledge that 25,000 years ago humans were cloned! Claude then changed his name to Rael as in IS RAEL.

Claude claims to be a descendant of Moses and Jesus who also were clones.

Boisselier says more clones are on the way since Clonaids first attempt at human cloning produced ten pregnancies of which five are about to come to term. Five were lost through miscarriages. Such a high success rate (50%) is being called unlikely by doctors in the media since invitro-fertilization only has a 15% success rate.

The baby clone is a girl named Eve. She weighed in at 7 lbs.

Boisselier says another clone baby will be born in Northern Europe next week.

Boisselier says two more baby clones will come from Asia, where one of the babies came from a dead child's DNA.

Boisselier also claimed one of the baby clones is from a lesbian couple.

The fourth clone baby to come is from North America.

Rael appeared in 2001 in front of a hearing held by the US Government about cloning. He claimed his movement is not religious but scientific.

In Usenet there were only about 3,000 posts about Raelians. One of the recent posts was about how the Raelians were attacking the Catholic Church and all monotheistic religions.

Besides claiming to have been the first group to clone a human, the Raelians say they are working on developing an accelerated growth method to speed up the cloning process. The Raelians believe they can eventually perfect cloning so humans can jump from body to body and keep their soul and memories intact in the process.

Many in the media are mocking the news conference of the Raelians today saying it doesn't make scientific sense.

I spoke to Sollog http://www.Sollog.com today, who is the founder of his own religious movement named TOH (Temple Of Hayah)http://www.TOH.bz . Sollog has about 70,000 references in Usenet about him due to his very accurate prophecies about future events that then came to pass.

Sollog says, "Higher intelligence has indeed manipulated humans through cloning as well as all life on this planet. It was all DESIGNED."

However, Sollog also says that "the designers were not Aliens or Extraterrestrials." Sollog claims that "The intelligence that developed life on earth is robotic, just like humans are." According to Sollog "DNA is nothing but a genetic PROGRAM that runs within a biochemical processor (BRAIN) to give the ILLUSION of being."

While Rael claims to have contact with ALIENS, Sollog who has PROVEN his abilities to forecast future events such as earthquakes says, "There are no Aliens as Rael claims."

Sollog says, "What most humans call Aliens are past life forms that inhabited the earth as well as future life forms. So called Aliens are nothing but brothers to humans from the past and future. However, there is an intelligence that doesn't need space ships to move around the Universe, that intelligence is part of the Godhead which is known as ONE. One created the first so-called life forms on this planet which are in fact genetic robots. These then created other genetic robots such as humans, which will create the next generation of genetic robots in an attempt to perfect themselves to live indefinitely."

Sollog also warned that, "the Raelians better understand who their leader is. RA EL is Hebrew for EVIL GOD, since RA means EVIL and EL means GOD."

Boisselier who is a bishop in the EVIL GOD movement according to Sollog claimed that the baby clone was born through C-Section as will be the second clone baby.

Perhaps we are seeing the ATTACK OF THE CLONES...

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