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November 4th, 2002

At 1:13 PM Alaska time one of the largest quakes in US History struck 90 miles south of Fairbanks!

The date was November 3rd or 113.

Fans of Sollog the famous quake predictor are nodding in agreement, MAJOR HIT for Sollog the most accurate quake predictor in history!

Two recent QUAKE WARNINGS of Sollog warned of the exact date and location of this HISTORIC GREAT QUAKE!

In the BEWARE OF 113 Prophecy Sollog released this year he warned. MAJOR EARTHQUAKES would occur on 113. He stated November 3rd was one of the key dates connected to 113. The GREAT ALASKAN QUAKE struck on 11/3 at 1:13 a DOUBLE HIT for Sollog!

Recently Sollog released a warning that GREAT QUAKES were to start striking US cities! He stated FOUR QUAKE LINES control the seismic area to be struck. One of the four Sollog QUAKE LINES runs from San Diego through Seattle, it goes right to FAIRBANKS the area struck by this historic GREAT QUAKE!

7.9+ range quakes are RARE seismic events. They don't even occur every year. For Sollog to say 113 is the KEY DATE for quakes and then to have one of the largest quakes in US History occur ON one of his four QUAKE LINES is indeed a major hit!

From 2000 to 2002 Sollog issued 10 date and location specific quake warnings. His first five warnings gave an exact date when a rare 7.0+ quake struck. Three even had the exact hour! His next five warnings gave an exact location where a rare 7.0+ quake struck the exact area he named!

Here are TIME STAMPED posts to Usenet that are archived by You can see for yourself how two warnings Sollog issued this year for quakes gave the date, time and location for the GREAT ALASKA QUAKE of 113.

Sollog warning for 11/3 Earthquake

Sollog warning for quake on San Diego to Seattle line that connects to Fairbanks.

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