Isidore SLAMS New Orleans!
Is a NUKE ATTACK now near?

Written By D.E. Alexander 24 7 News Net
24 7 News Net - The Alternative News Wire

24 7 News Net - The Alternative News Wire
September 26th 2002

The good news is Isidore a once powerful category 3 HURRICANE came a shore near New Orleans as a Tropical Storm with winds of only 65 miles per hour.

This weak storm brought with it the worst flooding in Louisiana and Mississippi in TWENTY YEARS.

If Isidore had not weakened many lives could of been lost.

THE BAD NEWS IS this once powerful HURRICANE is the third such storm to hit an EXACT AREA that a famous mystic warned would occur JUST BEFORE NUKE TERRORISM hit Israel!

New Orleans, Miami and Corpus Christi have all been hit by hurricanes recently and these three areas were GUARANTEED to be hit by Sollog aka the PROPHET OF DOOM!

While skeptics say so what, these cities did not have the catastrophic DAMAGE Sollog warned of, THE FACT IS today a once powerful HURRICANE slammed New Orleans with a direct hit. Not even a year ago Michelle struck the whole of South Florida including Miami when the eye passed just south near Cuba. The storm was so large it swallowed up most of Florida in satellite pictures. A couple of years ago historic flooding hit Corpus Christi with another close encounter with a MAJOR ACT OF GOD or Hurricane.

Now these THREE AREAS were all directly named in the famous Sollog NUKE TERRORISM WARNING.

Some of his fans are starting to say these could of actually been THE SIGNS that Sollog gave in his infamous NUKE WARNING for Israel.

In all Sollog named NINE EVENTS, three cities struck by HURRICANES. The three have now all been directly or indirectly struck by hurricanes.

Two other cities Sollog named had ACTS OF GOD strike within days of when Sollog issued further warnings for these areas.

In all Sollog named FOUR US CITIES as targets for earthquakes.

They are Los Angeles, New York City, Phoenix and Philadelphia.

This Spring Sollog issued a DUAL QUAKE WARNING for major quakes in both LA and NYC.

Within a day of his releasing that warning on the Net, the LA basin had it's largest quake in 5 years.

A month or so later Sollog issued another quake warning saying it was IMMINENT that NYC would be struck by a major quake.

Within days the largest quake in 30 years in the entire NORTHEAST section of the USA struck upstate New York!



As I've outlined above, FIVE ACTS OF GODS have indeed struck in or near the exact areas Sollog named. FOUR OF THEM WITHIN the past 11 months!

The remaining SIGNS are earthquakes for Phoenix and Philadelphia. Water virus outbreaks in Chicago and Detroit!

Do devastating quakes or virus outbreaks have to occur to validate Sollog?

Or can minor quakes in or near Phoenix and Philly along with water problems in Detroit and Chicago BE THE FINAL SIGNS mankind is about to enter the AGE OF NUKE TERRORISM?

In the past Sollog has hit exact dates and even hours for MAJOR 7.0+ quakes. So his fans are expecting MAJOR KILLER QUAKES to hit the four cities he named.

Do they have to, or can these UNUSUAL EVENTS all occurring so close to each other be THE PROOF that what Sollog said about NUKE TERRORISM and ISRAEL is about to occur?

Besides hitting exact dates for 7.0+ quakes, Sollog also hit 5 exact locations in a row where major 7.0+ quakes struck after his warnings were issued to the Net!

The US Government has investigated Sollog over and over again since his PROPHECIES gave exact details of the major acts of terrorism that hit on 911 and in Oklahoma City.

Sollog also released a very simple MATHEMATICAL PROOF that shows the earth's circumference was somehow used to create the circumference's of every planet in our Solar System.

Sollog says it is the mathematical PROOF OF GOD!

This AUGUST Sollog released his IDES OF AUGUSTUS Prophecy. It gave an exact date for a future event. That was the 13th day of the NEW MOON or the 20th of this September.

The same PROPHECY spoke of HURRICANES leveling cities of the HISPANIC.

On the 20th of September Isidore did hit western Cuba causing 250,000 to be evacuated!

It leveled El Pinar Rio a city in Cuba. Cuba and other Spanish Speaking Countries are considered HISPANIC countries. So there was another DIRECT HIT of a major ACT OF GOD on an EXACT DATE that Sollog had given.

Some hard core fans of Sollog insist the whimpy quakes and hurricanes that have struck areas Sollog named are not the real SIGNS.

They insist MAJOR QUAKES will rock the cities he named.

They also insist the POPE is about to die possible on the IDES of next month. That can be the 13th or 15th of October or the Full Moon or the day before the Full Moon next month as well.

Another Sollog WARNING says Saddam will attack the west with chemical weapons on a Friday the 13th in the future. The next one is December 13th.

So there you have it, some fans of Sollog say NINE MAJOR ACTS OF GOD will occur before Nuke Terrorism hits Israel.

Other Sollog fans are starting to splinter off and say THE SIGNS may be half over already, since the areas Sollog named have indeed started to have the events in a small fashion that Sollog GUARANTEED!

In 1995 or SEVEN YEARS AGO when Sollog first appeared most would have thought his claims that ISRAEL WILL BE NUKED was nuts.

Now SEVEN YEARS LATER most would say it's now only WHEN!

However, for SEVEN YEARS Sollog has been giving what he calls THE SIGNS and now some are saying only a few more are left...

When NUKES start going off we can all look back and say, well the order was BING, BANG, BONG!

We can compare the order to what Sollog gave as ISRAEL, ROME ITALY and WASHINGTON DC.

I'll only have to laugh when skeptics say Sollog was wrong, it was DC, ROME and then ISRAEL!

That will be hilarious, hearing skeptics mock Sollog if the three cities he named don't occur in perfect order.

While Sollog has been CLOSE in quakes and hurricanes, it's easy for skeptics to mock him.

I'm reminded of that old saying CLOSE ONLY COUNTS in Horseshoes and NUKES!

I doubt the order of the NUKES even matter now, since no matter how it occurs, it looks like mankind is about to fall into the abyss of NUKE TERRORISM.

Will the people of DC, ROME and ISRAEL be arguing if Sollog was really the PROPHET OF THE END TIMES when they get FRIED by nukes?

Somehow all the morons that survive that have been mocking the clear HITS by Sollog will find some stupid argument to debate if say the order of the THREE CITIES is not perfect.

Sollog has written what he was meant to write.

A few see THE SIGNS.

A few see nothing.

A few think they know Sollog is WRONG, look New Orleans was not hit by a HURRICANE, the storm was a few miles off of being a hurricane they moronic skeptics howl.

Well I hear Sollog is quite a horseshoe player.

I also hear his NUKE WARNING will be so closely hit that the skeptics will be silenced by the deep echoes of history that state Sollog WAS THE PROPHET OF GOD and mankind ignored the signs!

I've got my popcorn in my lap in a big bucket.

I've got my copy of Sollog's PROPHECIES at one hand. I've got my bible at the other.

I've got several televisions going all with THE NEWS. CNN, FOX, MSNBC etc.

Now let's see a few more minor or MAJOR SIGNS and then BANG we hit the wall!

NUKE TERRORISM OR BUST is the sign that hangs behind the out of control locomotive that is humanity...

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