Nikkee Goddess of Victory!
Wife of famous Prophet HITS BIG with her own Prophecy!

Written By D.E. Alexander 24 7 News Net
24 7 News Net - The Alternative News Wire

24 7 News Net - The Alternative News Wire
September 5th 2002

The world will never be the same. On July 14th this year, I got an eMail from Sollog saying his wife Nikkee (aka THE GODDESS or THE GODDESS OF VICTORY) was starting to write her own INSPIRED Prophecies. It was to celebrate the fact that he and Nikkee have been a couple for 7 years! I often correspond with Sollog since I have written a couple of books about his own Prophecies.

For those of you that are interested, Nikkee is a stone cold FOX IMHO. If she ever decides to be on Television many will be mesmerized by her beauty! Unlike the fat old psychic cows Miss Cleo and Sylvia the young and beautiful NIKKEE is an absolute BABE! Nikkee is indeed A GODDESS as Sollog always refers to her as!

Anyway, Sollog sent me a copy of what she had penned that day. It was about Elizabeth Smart. Nikkee's SPIRITUAL READING mentioned directly THE SKULL OF TOOELE. You can view the Prophecy at Nikkee's web site

Today the HEADLINES on Fox and CNN screamed at the world, TERRORIST SITUATION at TOOELE CHEMICAL PLANT. Images of the famous SKULL icon for poison and images of barrels with POISON SKULLS on them filled the television set all afternoon.

When Ricci died (a suspect in the Elizabeth Smart case) some who had the first NIKKEE PROPHECY in their possession like me, saw a clear connection to the brain hemorrhage since her Prophecy was about a SKULL, Elizabeth Smart and TOOELE. Ricci was a TOOL MAN or HANDY MAN and his SKULL was in the news since he had a brain hemorrhage.

However, today's news about a possible TERRORIST attack in TOOELE involving the largest stockpile of US Chemical Weapons meant to be destroyed was a very clear hit for Nikkee's first set of Prophecies.

This is verbatim from her Prophecy

"LOOK to TOOELE people of SALT LAKE,
BE AWARE, it might not be what you think
The SCULL will be for ALL to SEE"

THE SCULL is the symbol put on barrels or cans of POISON. TOOLE/POISON/SALT LAKE CITY it's all in her PROPHECY! It is an amazing prophecy and validates Nikkee as a true Prophetess of GOD!

Like Sollog Nikkee stated in her PROPHECY it was INSPIRED by GOD.

Here is where she states HER WORDS ARE FROM GOD

"These 3 LINES I have GIVEN,
is a TRUE revelation from GOD
To FIND the ANGLE who is HIDDEN"

Some familiar with this prophecy believe the body of Elizabeth Smart will now be found near the Tooele Area! Nikkee spoke with me today and stated, "I wrote this Prophecy to TRY TO HELP the Smart family find the body of their daughter. I had clear dreams about her body being inside a chemical or oil barrel involving somehow TOOELE and CEDARS and the number 113. I've even drawn on a map of Utah a 90o triangle connecting TOOELE to areas in Utah where CEDAR is in the name of locations. I think her body is in the triangle I drew on a map of Utah. Before I wrote this Prophecy I told my husband about these dreams and he advised me to write a Prophecy about it. He said if it was a true vision from GOD it would come to pass. Today the SKULL and TOOELE from my Prophecy did connect and I hope it helps the Smart family find the body of Elizabeth!"

So we now have TWO PROPHETS of GOD hitting future events clear as day! THE SIGNS ARE ALL IN PLACE.

Nikkee is also a very talented Pianist. I have several songs she has done. Her first Album is coming out soon.

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