Malcolm X letter SHOCKING!
Was Malcolm Pussy Whipped?

Written By D.E. Alexander 24 7 News Net
24 7 News Net - The Alternative News Wire

24 7 News Net - The Alternative News Wire
September 5th, 2002

I've just read the most shocking letter that is supposedly from Malcolm X to Elijah Muhammad the former leader of the NOI (Nation Of Islam).

The letter is being offered for sale as an authentic letter from Malcolm X in which he bears his soul to the leader of the NOI in regards to his sexual problems with his wife.

Malcolm describes his wife Betty, who died when she was set on fire by her grandson in 1997, as a raging nymphomaniac whom he cannot sexual satisfy!

I kid you not, the 1959 letter states that Malcolm completely withheld sex from his wife due to her complaints that he could not keep it up long enough to satisfy her!


Malcolm also explains that he picked his wife to marry basically for breeding purposes. She was almost as tall as him and looked like him, since he wanted his children to resemble himself.

Anyway, the letter is four pages in length and I laughed almost the whole time I read it. Poor Malcolm was about the most pussy whipped husband I've ever heard of!

Imagine in 1959 having your wife tell you that you can't keep it up long enough to please her!


Recently some other personal letters from Malcolm X came to auction at Butterfields, they were found in a storage locker that went for auction due to one of Malcolm's daughters not paying the rent on the locker near Orland Florida.

Butterfields withdrew those letters after the family of Malcolm X threatened legal action.

This letter appeared around the same time but it is said to have come from one of the attorney's for Malcolm X who retrieved it from a trash heap when the heirs of Elijah were going through his personal papers.

Is the letter real?

It looks authentic to an expert in such documents that sent me images of the letters.

These are the images he sent to me asking if I wanted to do a story on how badly Malcolm X was pussy whipped!

Well I looked and laughed and now my article is here for all to see.

Just like the dirty laundry of Malcolm is now exposed for all to see.

The poor bastard.

Somehow Betty seems to have gotten her payback for emasculating old Malcolm.

The next thing you know someone will be coming up with a letter from JFK to a personal friend about how Jackie was a nympho and his aching back made him not able to satisfy her...

Here's the letters, enjoy!

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

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