Pope John Paul II to DIE on 20th of September!
Sollog Fans Say POPE PROPHECY CODE Cracked!

Written By D.E. Alexander 24 7 News Net
24 7 News Net - The Alternative News Wire

24 7 News Net - The Alternative News Wire
August 23rd 2002

Before 911 occurred last year a major fan of Sollog was running around Usenet in early September saying "911 PREPARE TO DIE, GODS WRATH IS COMING!" That fan was named Xineohpeol, an anagram of Leo Pheonix backwards with one letter reversed.

Xineohpeol became an INTERNET CULT LEGEND for a few weeks, before disinformation agents convinced many it never happened. BULLSHIT, it happened and Der Spiegel the largest paper in Germany did several stories on how a FAN OF SOLLOG had cracked one of his famous prophecies to know TERRORISM WAS TO KILL MANY ON 911!

Well the same thing is happening once again, all over Usenet a legion of fans of Sollog, an infamous doomsday prophet, are WARNING THE WORLD that Pope John Paul II is about to die. They say the DEATH OF POPE JOHN PAUL II will occur on the 20th of the 9th Month or 20/9 in Euro dating.

That number 209 (20/9) or its reverse 902 is a world famous number associated with Sollog and his amazing prophecies.

It was the 902 Prophecy that Zineohpeol used to crack the 911 Warning. The 902 Prophecy was so accurate that the FBI sent a special agent to the offices of my publisher since I had put the 902 Prophecy in a book I had done on Sollog in 1999. The 902 Prophecy was written in 1997 and it was plastered all over Usenet by fans of Sollog. In 1997 the Prophecy had tons of hits, including major terrorism in September of 1997 (remember the slaughter at Cairo?)

The 902 Prophecy also spoke of the death of THE POPE OF SATAN in Ocotober of 1997, the same date when Anton LaVey the founder of COS (Church Of Satan) died. The warning also contained exact information about key dates in the Impeachment of Clinton that was not even in the news way back in 1997.

The 902 Prophecy clearly stated MAJOR TERRORISM would occur IN SEPTEMBER AT THE WORLD TRADE CENTER. It also stated the New York City media would be struck in early October and in particular Rush Limbaugh would be one of the figures struck! Four years later 911 occurred exact as the 902 Prophecy described. The anthrax attack on the NYC Media occurred in early October. And poor old Rush Limbaugh went DEAF in early October of 2001. How did Sollog put such exact details of future events into the 902 Prophecy? Well I've written a few books about him and I can't still answer that except to say that Sollog says he is GODS WORD and he has come to oversee THE JUDGMENT OF MANKIND!

Those that believe in Prophets say Sollog is GODS WORD. Some that believe in God say Sollog is the Anti-Christ. Some say Sollog is the new Nostradamus.

All I know is the FBI has done several major investigations on Sollog and they found NOTHING TO TIE HIM TO TERRORISM except an advance knowledge of these terrible events due to super paranormal abilities.

The reason the FBI hasn't arrested Sollog for ties to terrorism is HE HIT TEN STRAIGHT PUBLIC EARTHQUAKE WARNINGS. Now there are a few looney tunes running around Usenet saying Sollog is connected to terrorists since some email drop box in South Florida is used by a company that publishes Sollog's web site. BULLSHIT is all I can say to that. No one in the company is anywhere near South Florida.

Now there are also some loon's in Usenet that say this story is all made up. BULLSHIT, there are close to 100,000 posts in Usenet about Sollog and his famous prophecies. THEY OCCURRED and THE STORY IS REAL.

Now according to Sollog the reason he is here is to give THE FINAL WARNING SIGNS to ISRAEL that NUKE TERRORISM will soon be leveling that nation. Sollog pulls no punches as to who he is, when he appeared in a US Federal Court room in a lawsuit against the USA for developing NUKES Sollog told the judge as did his followers that appeared in court with him that HE IS GODS LIVING WORD on Earth and he will be recognized in all legal matters as GOD. Sollog also declared EVERYONE IS GOD and that GOD IS ALL THERE IS! The judge agreed and GOD sued the USA over nukes in 1996 in a Philadelphia Federal Court House. The case is 96CV 1499. Now the morons that run the Washington Post did a BULLSHIT story about Sollog where they implied the case did not exist. It's real, and I've seen it. It's also in a book I did on Sollog in 1999 called THE PROPHECIES OF SOLLOG.

So why do fans of Sollog now think that Pope John Paul II will be dying on the 20th of the 9th month?

Well it is a perfect date that connects in many ways to the 902 Prophecy. 209 or 20/9 is the key reverse date in the Prophecy. Also some key Sollog phrases that many believe are coded references to the actual date Pope John Paul II will die all connect to that date.

For instance IDES OF AUGUSTUS and IDES OF OCTAVIAN have been given by Sollog as key phrases connected to the death of the aging pontiff. Some believe the Ides of Augustus and Ides of Octavian are moon dates in both August and October. Two months that are both connected to Rome and the Caesar named Augustus Octavian.

This 20th of September is the 13th day of the Harvest Moon this year. HARVEST MOON is another key phrase Sollog has used about the death of the Pope. So the feeling around the main groups that study the PROPHECIES OF Sollog is that late on the 20th EST of September in 2002 the Pope will most likely die. It will perhaps be the 21st in Rome or the date of the FULL MOON.

The FULL MOON is clearly given by Sollog in a Prophecy known as THE DEATH OF 7 PREACHERS where Sollog names 7 famous Xtian Preachers including Pope John Paul II and he names HOW THEY WILL DIE. The first death assumed by many appears to be the death of Pope John Paul II, which is said to occur on THE FULL MOON.

So this year the FULL MOON of the HARVEST MOON is the 21st of September. The IDES or 13th of the HARVEST MOON is the 20th. All the key writings of Sollog do seem to point to the 20th/21st of September this year.

But is that the Ides of Augustus or the Ides of Octavian?

20/9 is the exact middle of those two dates. So you have two key dates that when connected on a time line puts the 20th/21st in the exact middle of the ides of Augustus and Octavian.

Now some others thought the 13th day of the moon in August this year might be the date. It was not. Some others think the 13th day of the moon this October is the key date for the death of John Paul II. Time will tell.

Yet others that know the PROPHECIES OF Sollog say it may not be this year at all. Can the frail hunched over pontiff of the seven hills last past October of 2002?


Now if the aging pontiff dies on one of these key dates given above that most of the fans of Sollog agree are the most likely dates for the Pope to die, you'll still have the disinfo agents in Usenet running around saying the whole Sollog story is made up.

You'll have his legion of fans saying see Sollog warned you of the exact date years ago.

One thing the fans of Sollog haven't connected to this potential death date for the Pope is this fact. 9/16 was a key date of the 902 Prophecy. 9/11 occurred 5 days before the key date in the 902 Prophecy. 9/21 is 5 days after the key date of 9/16 this year. So it makes sense to me that in the early hours Rome time on the 21st of the 9th month the Pope could die. It would still be the IDES OF THE HARVEST MOON in EST time or the 20th of the 9th month or 209 (20/9) the key number of the Sollog 902 Prophecy.

Yes things look all lined up for a major soul harvest on the harvest eve of the harvest moon.

So each year there appears to be a handful of key dates when fans of Sollog expect the Pope in Rome to die. A death on any of these dates would be impressive to most. More impressive however was the Sollog famous Quake Warnings where he hit ten straight earthquake warnings for 7.0+ range quakes.

Even more impressive is the mathematical formula Sollog released this year that explains mathematically the reason every planet is orbiting at the distance it does to the sun. The formula known as THE CREATOR FORMULA even gives exact orbits where three future planets will soon be found. If that occurs Sollog will be hailed in future generations as someone more brilliant than Einstein. His CREATOR FORMULA also destroys the Theory of Chaos. Since the formula PROVES the planets were DESIGNED around special measurements totally unique to earth.

Is Sollog the greatest mind to ever walk the earth? Time will tell, since the location of planets found where the Sollog CREATOR FORMULA gives will place Sollog in the top echelon of mathematicians and physicists.

The fact he has already hit ten straight quake warnings for major 7.0+ quakes makes him the most gifted psychic or mystic ever.

The fact that Sollog is perhaps the most heavily investigated person ever by the FBI makes him world famous in the future I hear.

The fact that close to 100,000 posts about Sollog exist in Usenet make Sollog an internet legend.

I also hear that when the Pope does die (this year or whenever) the date will connect to Sollog's Prophecies.

I also know that since 1995 Sollog has been warning that THREE AREAS WILL BE STRUCK BY NUKE TERRORISM and he says the ORDER OF THE AREAS STRUCK is ISRAEL, ROME and DC!

The death of an aging pontiff and the beginning of NUKE TERRORISM are key events that many fans of Sollog actually look forward to in a sick kinda way. Why? It validates their beliefs, that Sollog is GOD'S WORD.

As I mentioned above, I've written a couple of books about Sollog they are below as well as links to his web site http://www.Sollog.com

Sollog was heavily investigated by the FBI for his accurate 911 warning. The book I wrote about the Sollog 911 Warning is at http://www.1ebooks.com/911

The book I wrote about The Prophecies of Sollog is at http://www.1ebooks.com/prophecies

A book about The Prophecies of Sollog written by Sollog is at http://www.1ebooks.com/propheciessollog

Sollog's site is http://www.sollog.com

Sollog has authored over 30 books. You can download FREE SAMPLES at Sollog's Book Site http://www.1ebooks.com/sollog.

Get a personal reading by Sollog by going to this site Sollog's Readings.

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