eBay BANS Artist as OBSCENE!
Controversial Artist BANNED as Obscene on eBay!

Written By D.E. Alexander 24 7 News Net
24 7 News Net - The Alternative News Wire

24 7 News Net - The Alternative News Wire
August 16th 2002

Well the value of my Originals by the Artist Sollog just made a huge jump in value. Something just occurred that every Artist dreams of! Some of Sollog's Art was just labeled OBSCENE and BANNED on eBay!

Sollog is a controversial figure, in fact he is so controversial that he is mentioned more on the Net and in Usenet than almost any living person, and far more than any other living artist.

eBay just added to the FAME OF Sollog today, since eBay decided Sollog's art was OBSCENE and they BANNED IT!

Now at eBay you can still find some art by Sollog for most likely just a short time, since Sollog plans on fighting the eBay decision. So if Sollog causes a fuss, all of his Art will be banned on eBay. eBay is known for TERMINATING any selling accounts of people that don't do what eBay wants.

So you better get your ORIGINAL Sollog's at eBay while you can. It's the cheaptest place to buy his work. His Art Gallery gets a PREMIUM for his Art.

What is SO OBSCENE about Sollog's Art that eBay banned it?

Well, I was given a copy of the letter from eBay that was sent to the main seller of Sollog Art on eBay, the letter advised the seller that several of his Sollog Art auctions in the eBay ART SECTION could not be sold there since THEY WERE OBSCENE! So eBay BANNED THEM from the Art Section!

Yes eBay is attempting to CENSOR ART.

I have an image of one of the Artworks below that eBay banned, you will most likely say WHY? It just looks like a bunch of meaningless lines at first glance.

Well the lines when looked at from the right angle form one of the most commonly used words in the English Language.

Look for yourself, here is one of the works of ART that eBay banned.

Looks innocent enough to me.

Now turn your head sideways and to the left and then look again. WOW it spells F U C K!

Now, I myself think the image above is definitely ART and it should be sold in THE EBAY ART SECTION.

The letter from eBay that banned the Art was forwarded to my attention to see if I wanted to do a story about how stupid eBay is for banning ART, the letter from an eBay Nazi states "THE ART HAS THE WORD FUCK IN IT so it is OBSCENE." eBay has decided to MOVE THE ART from the ART SECTION and hide it in some ADULTS ONLY SECTION.

Now I can assure you that people looking for DILDOES on eBay aren't looking in the ADULT SECTION for real ART as the work above is in my opinion. Art is in the eye of the beholder right?

The interesting thing is that when you REGISTER TO USE EBAY you have to be OVER 18, so WHAT THE FUCK IS THE BIG DEAL eBAY? In works of ART the WORD FUCK can be a mighty artistic tool for the artist or even a symbol to make an artistic statement! FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION in ART is a RIGHT that few FUCK WITH!

If you look at some other works of Sollog below, you will probably agree that he is a very talented abstract artist. He just happens to be better known for his books than for his art until now. He has authored over 30 books on occult type matter.

Sollog is best known for his world famous prophecies. He is so accurate in his psychic warnings, that the FBI investigated him twice for his crystal clear warnings about both 911 and the OK City bombing.

Before 911 occurred thousands of people discussed the Sollog 911 warning for MAJOR TERRORISM in SEPTEMBER at NYC at the WTC!

I even wrote a book before 911 occurred that had the warning in it. Of course the FBI visited my Publisher asking about my connections to Sollog and his 911 Warning.

Now I know Sollog is no terrorists since he publicly released ten quake warnings for major 7.0+ range quakes from 2000 to 2002.

All ten quakes hit!

So far the mainstream press is hiding the Sollog 911 story. Will they hide this major story about him as well?

Now if you want to learn about the 911 Warning, I wrote a book about it and you can get the TRUTH about 911 at http://www.1ebooks.com/911

Oh, Der Spiegel did three front page articles about the Sollog 911 Warning, so some in the European Press know the TRUTH!

Sollog says NUKE TERRORISM is about to hit ISRAEL, then ROME and then DC!

Here are some more images of Sollog Art. He is a great abstract artist if you ask me. The hand drawings he gave me are proudly displayed in my living room and anyone that comes into my house always comments on the powerful art he gave me!

You can get HAND SIGNED PRINTS of the Art eBay BANNED from Sollog at http://www.Sollog.com

Sollog's Art Gallery is at http://www.Sollog.com/art

The book I wrote about the Sollog 911 Warning is at http://www.1ebooks.com/911

The book I wrote about The Prophecies of Sollog is at http://www.1ebooks.com/prophecies

A book about The Prophecies of Sollog written by Sollog is at http://www.1ebooks.com/propheciessollog

Sollog's site is http://www.sollog.com

Sollog has authored over 30 books. You can download FREE SAMPLES at Sollog's Book Site http://www.1ebooks.com/sollog.

Get a personal reading by Sollog by going to this site Sollog's Readings.

You can discuss Sollog and this article at Sollog's Forum http://www.sollog.com

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