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July 25th 2002

What a busy month it has been. I've talked to more morons with Doctorates in the past 30 days than anyone should suffer in any lifetime. This is the reason.

In April of this year a WARNING about future asteroids was posted to Usenet. The WARNING was from Sollog, a figure well known to our readers. See our previous articles about how Sollog predicted recent major asteroid news about a NEAR MISS and future MAJOR IMPACT!

Since we often write about Sollog, we had the FBI in our offices after 911 because Sollog had THE COMPLETE DETAILS of 911 in a warning he wrote about before 911 occurred. We did several articles before 911 occurred about his 911 Warning. That warning was also plastered all over Usenet where thousands of people discussed it BEFORE 911 occurred as well. Every post about the warning and THE WARNING was archived and TIME STAMPED by when the posts were written! THE FACT THIS REALLY OCCURRED is easily verified by anyone reading the TIME STAMPED posts from Google showing the WARNING and all the comments it created BEFORE 911 occurred!

Back in April, Sollog (the new Nostradamus his fans say) stated A NEO (near earth object like an asteroid or comet, etc) would just miss the earth in the near future!

The same WARNING stated a MAJOR ASTEROID might hit the earth near 2020.

Over 2 Months after Sollog wrote his ASTEROID WARNING the LARGEST ASTEROID TO EVER ALMOST HIT THE EARTH and tracked by the JPL (Jet Propulsion Lab run by NASA) was found. That asteroid was 2002 MN. It came within .30 LD (Lunar Distance - distance of the earth to the moon) of the earth in its most recent orbit. The JPL has never tracked an object that large and that close to earth. IT OCCURRED TWO MONTHS AFTER Sollog SAID SUCH AN EVENT WAS ABOUT TO OCCUR! This huge rock was not even DISCOVERED by scientists UNTIL AFTER IT JUST MISSED THE EARTH! So how did someone warn about it way back in April of this year?

Now last month I spoke to the person that runs the NEO (Near Earth Object) program for NASA. His name is Donald Yeomans. He said basically lucky guess. Asteroids (SMALL ONES) hit the earth all the time. He admitted this was UNUSUAL in that it was so large (100 Yards wide). Such a large asteroid could level a state the size of New Jersey. He admitted THIS WAS THE LARGEST ASTEROID TO EVER BE TRACKED BY THE JPL THAT CLOSE TO THE EARTH!

Now today I just got off the phone again with Donald Yeomans. I explained how the WARNING we had written about LAST MONTH had also stated that a MAJOR ASTEROID KILLING MOST LIFE around 2020 was in the very same warning. He said HE HAD NO COMMENT and he did not want to discuss the person that made the warning. That's right, the head of NASA's NEO Project did not want to discuss a PUBLIC WARNING predicting both the near miss of 2002 MN and the finding of 2002 NT7 the other day.

2002 NT 7 was found a couple of weeks ago and some scientists are saying IT COULD IMPACT THE EARTH in 2019, a time frame that matches the Sollog warning!

Now I sent Yeomans some Sollog formulas he released in early July this year. The formulas explain mathematically the perfect orbits of every planet in this solar system. SOMETHING NO PHYICIST HAS EVER BEEN ABLE TO DO!

Yeomans dismissed it saying he doesn't want to discuss anything by that clown (Sollog).

When I said how could he call someone a clown that warned in April of this year that a NEO NEAR MISS was about to occur (then 2002 MN flies by) and who also warned of a KILLER ASTEROID for near 2020 (matching the discovery of 2002 NT7) since recent events VALIDATED HIS WARNINGS!

Don Yeoman then hung up. He refuses to answer any questions on HOW DID Sollog KNOW ABOUT A NEAR MISS ASTEROID (2002 MN) and THE HUGE KILLER ASTEROID (2002 NT7) BEFORE THEY WERE DISCOVERED!

The obvious clown here is Don Yeomans. The same person who said so what if the inner planets are ratio aligned to earth as Sollog discovered! Who said SO WHAT if new planets are discovered in the exact orbits Sollog's amazing Planetary Distance Formula predicts!

I caught Don Yeoman in several obvious LIES about asteroid 2002 NT7 on the phone today before he hung up.

I asked him, "WHY IS NASA NOT POSTING THE DATA FOR 2002 NT7 on its PHA (Potentially Hazardous Asteroid) page?"

Don Yeomans LIED by saying, "There were not enough observations yet of 2002 NT7 to put it into the database yet of PHA's." He said, "It would be MONTHS or YEARS before NASA posted the info about 2002 NT7 in the public NEO database!"

When I told him the database of PHA's had immediate information about 2002 MN as soon as it was found, he said "WELL THAT ASTEROID ISN'T PROJECTED TO HIT THE EARTH!"

So I then asked Yeomans, "You mean if an asteroid might hit the earth YOU WON'T POST THE INFO IN YOUR PHA DATABASE?"

He said, "Well yes, if an object is projected that close to earth we have to have more information before we release the information so we don't panic people!"

Then I said, "Why are so many close calls within say 1 LD posted in the PHA database for the future of recently discovered asteroids?" He said, "BECAUSE THEY WON'T HIT THE EARTH!"


Then why does NASA maintain a database of NEAR MISS NEO's and REFUSES TO UPDATE IT WITH INFO about 2002 NT7?

Sollog the person that WARNED of both 2002 MN and 2002 NT7 months BEFORE THEY WERE DISCOVERED told me "If NASA posted the information they have after 113 OBSERVATIONS FOR 2002 NT7, WHICH IS A LOT OF OBSERVATIONS FOR A NEW ASTEROID, the nominal LD would be .0 LD for 2019. Or an IMPACT ON EARTH! NASA right now knows their data is showing an IMPACT for 2019! The government is hiding it!"

When I asked Yeomans about the nominal LD for asteroid 2002 NT7 he said, "What's that?" I had to explain LD meant Lunar Distance to the person running NASA's NEO program!

I asked Yeomans why NASA is not allowing people to run an ORBIT DIAGRAM for 2002 NT7 at its NEO JPL site! The NASA orbit diagram program allows you to enter any asteroids name and a future or past date and see its orbit and the earths orbit. He said, "That program is not very good, it does not represent the truth very well! He admitted, "The program could show an IMPACT for 2002 NT7 however!"

As to Sollog's amazing mathematical discoveries released earlier this month. I've spoken in the past few weeks to all kinds of mathematicians and physicists. First I would like to thank Dr. Dave Williams from NASA. He maintains the public information page about planetary information. He updates the page where NASA posts for the public the circumference or diameters of the planets, their orbits and their distance to the sun etc.

Dr. Dave Williams at NASA confirmed the figures in the recent Sollog formulas are the same as NASA's. He also confirmed the Sollog math is correct; there is a ratio relationship between earth and the inner planets as Sollog explained it. Dr. Williams stated he was "UNAWARE of these ratio before Sollog discovered it, and it is most likely a new discovery."

I first questioned Dr. Williams when Sollog released his first PROOF showing Mercury and Mars were indeed aligned to the circumference of earth as the THEORIZED way back in 1995 in his CREATOR FORMULA.

Dr. Williams stated, "If it applies to other planets then I would be impressed."

A few days later I telephoned Dr. Williams back with great news, Sollog released the final PROOF for the inner planets and Jupiter and Saturn are also ratio aligned to earth. Dr. Williams instead of being impressed as he said he would be only said "So what?"

A few more days went by and I called back Dr. Williams about Sollog's PDF formula the third part of his recent work about planetary distances. In it Sollog explains there are three simple math formulas that create the perfect orbits of all the planets. Sollog is the first person to present such a math model explaining perfectly EVERY ORBIT. Venus and Neptune are the planets always destroy every model.

You can read about it at

In this simple formula that uses a new version of Titius-Bodes (an 18th century planet distance law that is simply a doubling rule) created by Sollog, the inner planets are grouped to one version of Titius-Bodes and the outer planets to another. Then Venus and Neptune are put in another group using a totally new version of Titius-Bodes based upon a simple doubling of Pi. Sollog theorizes in his PROOF the exact orbit locations where three new planets will soon be discovered and thus VALIDATING HIS PROOF!

Dr. Williams said, "The math looks correct." But he added, "When the other planets are found and they are where he says then call me." I asked him if that would be PROOF Sollog is correct. He said, "It would be interesting."

One egghead kept emailing me that Sollog was lying, the numbers were wrong, EVEN THOUGH NASA VERFIED THE RATOS AND NUMBERS ARE CORRECT.

That professor Walter H.G. Lewin from MIT insisted the math was wrong. Then he changed his mind and said he created a program to find all kind of random numbers from the NASA planetary page. The Sollog numbers appeared to him suddenly in his program (contradicting what he said in the first emails that Sollog was wrong). He then said all kinds of numbers were ratio aligned so it meant nothing. I suggest Professor Lewin take a course in Number Probability so he could discuss random numbers correctly!

Now, another professor at MIT Dave Vogan who runs the MATH DEPARTMENT said, "THE NUMBERS HAVE TO HAVE BEEN COOKED, THEY CAN'T BE RANDOM AND THIS ALIGNED! Someone cooked the numbers or are you pulling my leg!"


Professor Vogan refused to believe I was not joking and he eventually hung up saying a Professor Stroock might enjoy my joke!

My own conclusion, THE NUMBERS ARE REAL as NASA verified they are. THE RATIOS ARE REAL which to an egghead professor not familiar with math probability doesn't mean much.



GOD does not exist to modern mathematicians and physicists. Everyone of them refused to answer any questions I asked about their religious beliefs. Which means THEY DON'T HAVE ANY BELIEFS. When questioned in an article about a new formula that PROVES DESIGN TO THE SOLAR SYSTEM or proof of God, a Jew would logically say I'm Jewish. A Muslim would say Allah is God. Christians should say Jesus is God. Atheists say "MY RELIGIOUS BELIEFS HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS."

Some mathematicians and physicists are starting to discuss Sollog's theories in scientific Usenet groups.

A few MORONS like Donald Yeoman's just call Sollog names. They don't explain why he is wrong. They say, "I'm not going to discuss anything by that clown." They are afraid Sollog is right, he has given mathematical PROOF the planets were DESIGNED. His new theories SHATTER the whole world of modern physics. You can't have perfectly DESIGNED ORBITS in a universe of chaos.

Now Donald Yeomans KNOWS Sollog warned of a major NEAR MISS and potential KILLER ASTEROID around 2020, and instead of saying, "We ought to hire this guy. How did he know this info in April." He says, "I REFUSE TO DISCUSS ANYTHING ABOUT THAT CLOWN (Sollog)."

If you think Donald Yeoman's is THE CLOWN then call him up at 818-354-2127 and tell him YEOMANS YOU ARE THE CLOWN! Sollog WARNED OF THE NEAR MISS ASTEROID (2002 MN) and the KILLER ASTEROID near 2020 (2002 NT7) months ago BEFORE YOU CLOWNS even discovered them!

Now I've talked to the USGS about Sollog over the years. They refuse to believe anyone could do what he did. He publicly predicted exact dates or locations for ten straight major 7.0+ range earthquakes!

The MORONS at the USGS just refuse to believe or investigate if it occurred. Yet they agree THERE IS NO SCIENTIFIC METHOD to do it. Yet the FACT IS Sollog DID IT!

The MORON in charge of NASA's NEO project IS HIDING DATA ABOUT asteroid 2002 NT7. He calls the only person that WARNED precisely of two major events in recent asteroid news a clown, showing his complete ignorance!

The CLOWN is the US Government for trusting a moron a like Donald Yeomans with running the NEO division of the JPL.

Call up the clown Yeomans and tell the schmuck you want NASA TO RELEASE THE DATA for 2002 NT7.

Tell him you want to go to this web page and see on February 1st 2019 what the NOMINAL LD is for that asteroid. See the info on that page. IT LISTS ALL THE PHA's (Potentially Hazardous Asteroids) EXCEPT FOR 2002 NT7! THE MAJOR ONE IN THE NEWS! Most of these were discovered RECENTLY, and yet THEY ARE ALL IN THE DATABASE except for 2002 NT7! Now do you see why I say NASA IS HIDING THE DATA ON THE KILLER ASTEROID!

TELL HIM YOU WANT IT NOW and not a few years from now.

Yeoman is convinced that more data will show 2002 NT7 is not a threat. What Donald Yeomans is LYING ABOUT NOW, is that NASA NOW knows that the current data on Asteroid 2002 NT7 shows a .0 LD for February 1st 2019.


It will be so nice to see 2002 NT7 hit a BULLSEYE on earth. Then all the morons with PHD's will be gone!

I guess if you want to survive you can hang out with Sollog in a cave in THE SAFE ZONES he keeps talking about.

If you got a PHD you aren't allowed in I hear. Since every egghead has NO COMMON SENSE!

Now a real MORON is going around Usenet calling himself Cardinal chucklehead or something like that. Using that morons logic, the fact that NASA has now found an asteroid that could wipeout all life on earth in 2019 is a DIRECT MISS for Sollog.

Sollog's warning stated slightly after 2020 was the date when earth could suffer a MAJOR ASTEROID IMPACT!

So according to that twisted scumbag, Sollog saying A KILLER ASTEROID MIGHT DESTROY ALL LIFE ON EARTH NEAR 2020 is a miss since NASA has found a KILLER ASTEROID for 2019.

One Sollog fan posted a reply to Cardinal Numbnuts that when 2019 comes and he dies from 2002 NT7, that when he meets GOD to say God's PROPHET Sollog missed!

The truth is Sollog has hit dates and locations for 7.0+ quakes ten times in a row.

The truth is Sollog warned in April, BEFORE 2002 MN and 2002 NT7 were discovered, that a NEAR MISS was about to occur with a NEO and that around 2020 mankind might get terminated by a KILLER ASTEROID.

The truth is Sollog revealed according to NASA REAL RATIO ALIGNMENTS for the inner planets to earth DISPROVING THE RANDOM DISTANCE THEORY OF CHAOS!

The truth is Sollog has revealed EXACT ORBITS where new outer planets will be found MAKING HIM THE GREATEST MATHEMATICIAN and PHYICIST that ever lived!

The truth is the FBI investigated Sollog at least TWICE for his accurate warnings about major terrorism such as 911 and the Oklahoma City bombing!

The truth is Sollog has been warning since 1995 around 2020 MANKIND WILL BE TERMINATED FOR BEING TOO STUPID!

Sollog says this is all about mankind's ignorance and his use of nuclear technology.


So if you want to be part of the .01% that survive THE TERMINATION OF MANKIND, then you better listen to Sollog and sell everything and find a cave in the high mountains of Canada, Asia and South America. Bring along food to last many years and when the dust settles from a killer asteroid impact, you can come out of the caves and restart civilization.

Then the humans that are left will UNDERSTAND THE TRUTH, Sollog is GODS WORD!

Book about the 911 Warning is at

Book about Killer Asteroids is at

Book about The Prophecies of Sollog is at

The Major Writings of Sollog are at

Sollog's site is

Sollog has authored over 30 books. You can download FREE SAMPLES at Sollog's Book Site.

Get a personal reading by Sollog by going to this site Sollog's Readings.

You can discuss Sollog and this article at Sollog's Forum

Editors Note July 26th 2002

Ron Baalke the scientist that maintains the data pages of the NEO-JPL for NASA confirmed these facts today.

2002 NT7 is not in the Close Approach database since it has 7 approaches with a 0 LD. That means ANY OF THE SEVEN APPROACHES CAN HIT THE EARTH!

Ron Baalke also stated that a 110 M asteroid can have GLOBAL EFFECTS ON EARTH.

So the near miss last month of 2002 MN was within 10% of being an object that could have caused GLOBAL EFFECTS on earth.

The tidal wave from an object in the 100M range would kill most if not all life on the coastline of any continent touching an ocean where such an asteroid hit. A direct impact on land would not cause such global tidal flooding.

Mr. Baalke also stated that the dust from any such sized asteroid (110M +) hitting land or even the ocean floor would have global effects. That means INSTANT NUCLEAR WINDOW for a long time without the fallout from nukes! DARKNESS for prolonged periods means PLANTS DIE, NO FOOD, ANIMALS and HUMANS DIE from starvation!

2002 NT7 was twenty times the minimum size of an asteroid to have GLOBAL EFFECTS.

Mr. Baalke stated all 37 asteroids on its PHA RISK page including 2002 NT7 all have 0 LD's, since every single one of those 37 can possibly hit the earth.

The CLOSE APPROACH DATABASE of NASA for NEO's shows ONLY ONE ASTEROID coming within .1 LD in the past 100 years.

Yet, we now have 37 PHA (can cause GLOBAL DAMAGE) asteroids with .0 LD's to be worried about on the NASA PHA Risk page! Mr. Baalke stated, "Every single asteroid listed on the PHA Risk page could possibly hit the earth! That is why it listed on the PHA Risk page!"

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