Asteroid 2002 NT7 Threatens life on earth on February 1st 2019!
Written By D.E. Alexander 24 7 News Net
24 7 News Net - The Alternative News Wire

24 7 News Net - The Alternative News Wire
July 23rd 2002

Last month I finished my 5th Book. It was about KILLER ASTEROIDS and how a famous psychic was saying a KILLER ASTEROID could hit the earth around 2020.

I wrote an article last month about how a NEAR MISS occurred a couple of months after he publicly said a NEAR MISS NEO (Near Earth Orbit) was about to arrive.

In April he warned the ASTEROID DANGER PERIOD for mankind was near the year 2020. He said a MAJOR KILLER ASTEROID could hit the earth around that time.

TODAY THE BBC HAS REPORTED February 1st 2019 is the DATE MANKIND COULD BE ERASED FROM THE EARTH! Asteroid 2002 NT7 was just discovered and it is on a possible collision course with earth for the year 2019.

Asteroid 2002 NT7 is a 2 Kilometer NEA (Near Earth Asteroid) that was just found (July 5th official discovery date) and right now scientists say early projections point to a POSSIBLE COLLISION with earth in the year 2019.

That is right around the exact time that the world's most accurate seer warned just a FEW MONTHS AGO that such an asteroid could hit the earth! This asteroid is so large it could level a whole continent.

It would change the global climate instantly!

It would be a near ELE (Extinction Level Event) for mankind.

Would it kill all of man?

Probably not, but MOST WOULD DIE in a short time since the world would thrown into nuclear winter! Crops would fail for years! The surviving human race would starve to death!

Who is the seer that warned just a few months ago, BEFORE THIS KILLER ASTEROID WAS DISCOVERED, that such an event was on the horizon for possibly 2020?


I've written a couple of books about him. The first was called THE PROPHECIES OF SOLLOG.

In that book I wrote how the same person had been hitting exact warnings for other major events. He warned of terrorism like the Oklahoma City bombing. He warned of deaths of famous people like Diana and JFK. He predicted exact hits for Earthquakes. He has had exact hits for Hurricanes and even plane crashes!

The FBI was all over my publisher after 911 because of a PROPHECY about TERRORISM in New York City for September at the World Trade Center that was in my book about his writings!

That same prophecy that is known as the 902 Prophecy, was posted all over Usenet and discussed by thousands of people BEFORE 911 occurred!

We did a few articles about the 911 Warning here and I wrote a whole book about it called THE 911 WARNING!

Der Spiegel the largest paper in Germany did several articles about it!

I got in touch with Sollog tonight about this KILLER ASTEROID and he was not surprised at all. He said, "In my visions of the future I have seen a possible future near 2020 when such a large asteroid destroys most life on earth!"

He then said, "Although I had an impression it would be slightly after 2020 such as 2022 or so, it does not surprise me that 2019 may be the date. I don't normally try to see so accurately that far into the future. However, more of these objects will be found soon and one hitting the earth slightly after 2020 could still be the one that I have seen in my visions of the future."

He added, "Again, the impression I get is that the orbits of the objects threatening the earth have not been set in stone yet. If mankind changes and gets rid of NUKE TECHNOLOGY, then such a tragedy could be avoided!"

Sollog has said he came to warn mankind of NUKE TECHNOLOGY in a effort to get mankind to stop using and making Nukes! He says his GIFT OF PROPHECY is so accurate in order to PROVE TO WORLD LEADERS that what he says about NUKES and how they must be destroyed is real!

Recently Sollog released a formula that explains perfectly the orbits of every planet in our Solar System! It is called The PDF Formula (PDF Planetary Distance Formula)

Some in the world of academia are already hailing it as the greatest work any human has ever done in math! Sollog has PROVEN BEYOND DOUBT the earth's circumference measurement was used to design the orbits and circumferences of other planets in our solar system!

All I know is that the FBI has investigated Sollog at least twice for his accurate warnings about acts of terrorism that then occurred (911 and OK City Bombing.)

I personally saw him release 10 quake warnings from 2000 to 2002. All of them were posted to Usenet and time stamped by He sent me all then of them by email before the quakes occurred!

The first five quake warnings had EXACT DATES when 7.0+ range quakes then hit!

The last five had EXACT LOCATIONS where 7.0+ range quakes hit within 31 days after his warnings were issued!

Here is the first official news report about this potential KILLER ASTEROID


Now here is a time stamped post from Usenet showing Sollog WARNED SUCH A KILLER ASTEROID would strike near 2020.

You should be buying every book there is about Sollog for one simple reason! HE WARNED US ALL THIS WAS COMING!

My book about his 911 Warning is at

My book about Killer Asteroids is at

My book about The Prophecies of Sollog is at

The Major Writings of Sollog are at

Sollog's site is

Sollog has authored over 30 books. You can download FREE SAMPLES at Sollog's Book Site.

Get a personal reading by Sollog by going to this site Sollog's Readings.

You can discuss Sollog and this asteroid at Sollog's Forum

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