October 21st 1965 The Day The World Was Almost DESTROYED!
Written By D.E. Alexander of the 24 7 News Net
24 7 News Net - The Alternative News Wire

24 7 News Net - The Alternative News Wire
June 21st 2002

October 21st 1965 where were you?

I wasn't even born until a couple of years later!

Most of humanity, if not all of it, was almost DESTROYED on this date!

I have the PROOF right from NASA's web site!

On this date, a HUGE ASTEROID came within a inch (in space distance terms) of slamming the earth!

This asteroid was not even discovered until 1999. It is famous for being the 200th PHA (Potentially Hazardous Asteroid) found by the JPL run by NASA.

However, what most do not know about 1999 VP11, is that its past orbits have been estimated by the JPL and it's October 21st 1965 fly by of earth puts it as perhaps the closest asteroid to ever hit earth as tracked by the JPL!

It came by within .1 LD (Lunar Distance). That is 1/10th of the distance from the earth to moon.

You're talking about 25,000 miles or the circumference of the earth!

This is the minimum distance estimated by the JPL for the 1965 orbit of an asteroid they didn't know existed until 1999!

Even the nominal distance estimated by the JPL for 1965 puts it in the TOP TEN of close hits ever tracked or estimated for the past 100 years by the JPL.

The JPL says the nominal distance could of been as far as .9 LD from earth in 1965.

However, the .1 LD for a MINIMUM distance is what makes this asteroids past orbits SO SCARY!

This asteroid is measured as a 18.25 H/Vm or about 1500 M in size or 1.5 KM!

The asteroid that just missed the other day was only 100 M or .1 KM in size!

1999 VP11 was FIFTEEN TIMES BIGGER than 2002 MN!

The minimum extinction level event size asteroid is about 1000 M or 1.0 KM (1999 VP11 was 1.5 KM)

A .1 KM size asteroid (2002 MN) is big enough to take out a large size state like say New Jersey or even California!

Yes, an asteroid the size of the one that came about 75,000 miles from earth on June 14th (2002 MN) could level an area the size of New Jersey at least!

An asteroid the size of 1999 VP11 would create global havoc!

I was given this info by someone who warned in April of this year in Usenet that a NEAR MISS of a NEO (near earth orbit/object) was about to occur!

Nasa says EVERYONE was in the dark about 2002 MN!


I have a link below to a TIME STAMPED WARNING he wrote in April that was posted to several Usenet groups by his fans!

The person is WORLD FAMOUS for writing about future events BEFORE THEY OCCUR, just like Nostradamus did. In fact many of his fans call him THE NEW NOSTRADAMUS!

I've written a couple of books about him. One is about his infamous PROPHECIES the other is about his direct hit in regards to 911.

My publisher had the FBI in their offices after 911 because what he wrote about 911 was so accurate they were once again investigating him over his PROPHECIES!

In my book THE PROPHECIES OF SOLLOG, I provided court records to PROVE he was investigated over the Oklahoma City bombing as well!

Yet you don't hear his name in the traditional media in the USA!

Just like you won't hear how CLOSE the asteroid REALLY MISSED the other day and you won't hear about 1965 and how life was almost terminated that year!

I know the person that warned of 2002 MN is not a terrorist as several people state publicly in Usenet.

He is the greatest mystic in history IMHO.

Calling him a modern Nostradamus doesn't do him justice!

Nostradamus didn't give exact dates and locations for major 7.0+ range quakes like he has publicly over and over in the past few years.

Nostradamus didn't say Diana would die in France on 831 as he did!

Nostradamus didn't say JFK Jr would die in plane crash as he did!

Nostradamus didn't say in September in New York City a major act of terrorism would occur at the WTC as he did!

Nostradamus didn't warn the day before the Oklahoma City Bombing occurred, over 60 media executives in the US media, that on the date of the Oklahoma City bombing a major bombing would occur and name the building!

The person that told me about 1965 and 1999 VP11 has done all of these things!

Granted, Nostradamus did make some amazing prophecies that when manipulated slightly fit past events.

However, in the here and now only ONE PERSON is making hit after hit ON JUST ABOUT EVERY MAJOR EVENT in our time!

That person is Sollog.

His web site is Sollog.com.

Now a few religious cretins like TO LIE about Sollog in Usenet.

Don't believe them.

Every Sollog warning and PROPHECY has been archived and TIME STAMPED in Usenet since 1997.

Anyone can find them easily and SEE HE HAS GIVEN SO MANY ACCURATE WARNINGS and realize he is a real seer!

Now a few people don't like what Sollog says about religion and biblical laws about things like homosexuality.

So you have homosexuals LYING about his accurate warnings all over Usenet, since they hate him reminding people in his writings that HOMOSEXUALITY IS AN ABOMINATION TO GOD!

You also have religious zealots that don't like what he says about religion and in particular how he says Jesus was a myth he NEVER LIVED, so you have many Christians LYING about him in Usenet!


He has given correct dates and even the HOUR when future 7.0+ range quakes hit.

When he missed an exact date, HE GAVE THE EXACT LOCATION where a major 7.0+ range quake then hit where he said within 31 days of when he warned!

For anyone to do these things OVER AND OVER like he has is so far beyond chance that it is in the many MILLIONS if not BILLIONS to one in odds range!

Sollog has publicly challenged skeptics like CSICOP and James Randi to PUBLICLY POST parameters to judge earthquake predictions like he does.

To properly judge anyone making earthquake predictions time frames and distance requirements from events need to be established so ABOVE CHANCE PROBABILITY factors can be set.

James Randi and CSICOP REFUSE to make such a public set of parameters to judge a paranormal claim of earthquake predictions.

Sollog is the only person who has publicly hit several dates in a row for 7.0+ quakes.

To hit an exact date is around 26 to 1 probable.

Now you will see a few morons in Usenet arguing so what if he hits exact dates, they want an exact date and location.

Who cares what these morons want.

James Randi and CSICOP can't hit exact dates or even windows like say 8 days for a 7.0+ range quake. To hit such a LONG WINDOW is still way above statistical CHANCE!

Which is what Randi and the CSICOP clowns say is all they want!

So come on Randi and CSICOP post PUBLIC PARAMETERS to judge earthquake predictors like Sollog.

They won't because THEY KNOW Sollog is the real deal!

Randi and CSICOP could also say for anyone to name an exact location and for a 7.0+ range quake to occur there within x amount months for say Asia, or y amount of months for South America or Z amount of months for North America is a hit above chance!

Such probabilities could be easily determined based upon the past history in these geographical areas!

Yet Randi and CSICOP won't do anything like it!

Did Randi and CSICOP two months ago warn HEY A MAJOR NEAR MISS OF A NEO IS ABOUT TO OCCUR?


Yet Sollog did!

Why is this THE FIRST article ever written about 1965 and how the earth was almost destroyed by 1999 VP11?

Because Sollog told it to me!

Why don't so-called paranormal guru's like Jeff Rense and Art Bell discuss Sollog and his amazing PUBLIC HITS?

Both of them are bigots that hate Sollog.

Sollog upsets their belief systems so they HIDE THE TRUTH from the public about Sollog.

Here is a time stamped post from Google to PROVE Sollog warned of a NEO making a CLOSE CALL on earth two months ago!


Rense, Bell, Randi and CSICOP are all the same!

Disinformation agents with their own agenda to push.

None of them want the TRUTH!


The database at the JPL doesn't lie!

Sollog has authored over 30 books. You can download FREE SAMPLE at Sollog's Books.

Get a personal reading by Sollog by going to this site Sollog's Readings.

Now why hasn't anyone in the media told you that before?

Because you've been lied to your whole life!

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