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June 20th 2002

Millions of people almost died June 14th.

The largest asteroid ever tracked by NASA (according to the web page) to come within the distance of the earth that the moon is located from us occurred June 14th.

Not one person on earth even noticed it!

It was not until the 17th that scientists began to realize a huge asteroid the size of a football field came within only 74,000 miles of the earth.

Only one object has ever come closer to hitting the earth that was tracked by NASA.

That occurred in 1994. It was an asteroid less than 1/10th the size of this object and it came within 64,000 miles!

Only 6 objects have ever been tracked by NASA to come as close to earth as the distance within the orbit of the moon and earth or within about 250,000 miles of the earth.

This object was the largest of these six NEO close calls.

If this asteroid known as Asteroid 2002 MN had struck the earth, it would have been an explosion similar in size to the Tunguska Explosion that occurred in 1908 in Siberia.

A few hundred miles from the center of a hit by such a large asteroid everything would have been leveled!

If this object had hit the west coast of the United States it would have leveled the whole state of California!

What is amazing about this NEAR MISS, is that no one even detected it before it had already passed by the earth!

This near miss proves how easy it would be for the earth to have a major impact that could kill millions of people.

If the object had been around a mile in size, it could have been what is known as an ELE (Extinction Level Event).

However this NEA (Near Earth Asteroid) might shake a few dollars loose in DC so NEO's (Near Earth Orbit/Object) can start being seriously tracked!

Imagine if this asteroid had hit the earth, it would have been thought to be a nuke at first.

Could such an event trigger a nuclear war?

I asked the famous mystic Sollog about this near miss. Since I heard him warn a few years ago on the Jeff Rense radio program that asteroids hits were in the future for earth!

He stated, "As I warned on the Jeff Rense Sightings radio program, the earth is due for a major global magnetic pole shift after the year 2020."

He has also stated, "It could be an impact from a comet or asteroid that causes the shift!"

Sollog also said, "This rock was put a pebble compared to the asteroids that will become known to astronomers in the near future!"

"Many close calls are about to occur on the earth with asteroids such as this and even larger asteroids!" Warned Sollog.

"The earth is entering an asteroid field that it passes through at long term cycles. Some small hits will absolutely strike the earth in the next few decades! A major impact that could realign the magnetic poles of the earth is also a real possibility from the year 2020 to 2080. However, the earth might not need to be struck for the magnetic fields to change." Added Sollog.

Sollog then said, "The sun has recently started to go through a great cycle change as well, and that is why X Class Flares have dramatically increased. These flares effect the weather upon the earth dramatically and also the human condition causing much more aggressive warlike behavior."

"If you want to see proof of the earth entering a new asteroid field, you only have to look at the sky on a clear night and you will see many shooting stars within a short time." Sollog stated.

So there you have it, NASA says this is the largest object to pass within the earth and the moon since it started tracking such things.

The world's most accurate seer who has been saying for years the earth will have a major magnetic pole alignment in the near future (after 2020), due to a possible asteroid hit says that we are entering a major asteroid field.

When the first major asteroid hit in years occurs, remember where you heard the warning!

PS. Just two months ago Sollog issued a WARNING that several NEAR MISSES with Asteroids were about to occur! Here is a time stamped post from Google to PROVE IT!

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