Elizabeth Smart the Salt Lake City Utah Kidnapping was a Satanic Sacrifice!
Written By Senior Editor of the 24 7 News Net
24 7 News Net - The Alternative News Wire

24 7 News Net - The Alternative News Wire
June 16th 2002

The day the story broke about the Salt Lake City kidnapping of Elizabeth Smart, I was told by Sollog the world famous mystic that "the girl was already dead!"

He stated that it was, "another SATANIC SACRIFICE on THE LINE OF SOLLOG!"

Just like Jon Benet Ramsey was sacrificed on THE LINE OF SOLLOG as well!

Yes this kidnapping/murder is connected to the Boulder Colorado murder of Jon Benet according to Sollog!


Both bizarre cases have become famous in the USA!

Both cases of satanic sacrifices were located on an evil lay line from south of Seattle through Oklahoma City through Miami.

Look at the map below.

This LINE OF SOLLOG was warned of in case 96CV 1499 by the mystic Sollog.

He GUARANTEED famous HEADLINE BIZARRE MURDERS would occur on this exact line to warn people NUKE TERRORISM IS NEAR!

Did both the Jon Benet and Elizabeth Smart cases occur on a line from Miami through Oklahoma City through south of Seattle.


Was Johnnie Versace sacrificed on this same line?


Did several major US School shootings occur on this same line of sacrifices?


Littleton Colorado the site of the Columbine Massacre is ON THE LINE!

Pearl Mississippi the first multiple death school shooting of recent vintage struck near Jackson on the LINE OF SOLLOG!

A major US School shooting struck in Springfield Oregon ON THE LINE!

The Oklahoma City Bombing struck ON THE LINE!

Valujet 592 Crashed ON THE LINE near Miami!

Two other famous school shootings struck near Miami ON THE LINE!

Hurricanes Andrew and Opal struck ON THE LINE!

The worst outbreak of tornadoes in the history of the USA struck near Oklahoma City a few years ago ON THE LINE!

Sollog is world famous for his prophecies. We had the FBI in our offices after 911 because of his famous 902 Prophecy. We had written several articles about his WARNING before 911 occurred and one of our staff writers authored a book with the warning in it before 911 occurred!

In that warning Sollog stated MAJOR TERRORISM would occur in New York City in September in the World Trade Center!

Exactly what Sollog warned of then occurred!

Sollog also stated in that warning the New York City media would be struck after the terrorism occurred in early October. They were by Anthrax!

Sollog hit ten straight major earthquake warnings from 2000 to 2002. The first five he gave an exact date when a rare 7.0+ range quake then occurred!

The next five he gave an exact location where a major 7.0+ range quake then struck within 31 days of his warning!

And now we have another SACRIFICE on the SAME LINE OF SOLLOG that his fans have been warning of for years!

What EVIL NEGATIVE ENERGY has caused so much hardship on this LINE?

Or is the LINE merely a SIGN to prove what Sollog says about NUKE TERRORISM is about to occur?

This is what Sollog said to us when the story of Elizabeth Smart broke.

Elizabeth Smart was SACRIFICED in a satanic ritual, as was Jon Benet Ramsey.

Both the Ramsey's and Smart's are members of a satanic cult that commands the sacrifice of a child in their family.

Both families secretly belonged to satanic cults that worshipped Rams and worshipped Mars.

The name RAMSey shows this hidden alliance to RAMS, and RAMS is an anagram of MARS.

RAMSey and SMARt are almost identical names, RAMSey's starts their name with RAMS and the reverse is SMAR or the beginning of SMARt.

The letters e and y in RAMSey are a clue in Kabbalah. The letter e has a value of 5 in Kabbalah. The letter t is five letters from the letter y.

Deduct five letters from a Y and you have a T. SMARt (y - 5[e] = t)

So the kabbalah connection in the names RAMSey and SMARt is crystal clear if you understand kabbalah.

Both the Ramsey's and Smart's lived in million-dollar estate homes where young daughters were kidnapped in the middle of the night.

Both cases received HEADLINE COVERAGE!

Both families were considered under the umbrella of suspicion.

The Smart family traces their roots back to one of the twelve apostles of Joseph Smith the founder of the LDS or Mormon church.

Ed Smart has invested heavily in real estate building up to his million-dollar home on Kristianna Circle.

Kristi(ana) is a name connected to Christ. Cristi and Kristi both mean the same thing.

His real estate company is Smart Realty. He also owns First National Mortgage.

There is a vast network of satanic cults in the USA that practice child sacrifices.

The Ramsey's and Smart's are secret members of these cults!

Sollog told us to not reveal this information until 6/16/2002.

That is today Father's Day!


How much evil has to occur ON THE LINE OF SOLLOG before people realize it is NO COINCIDENCE!

I asked Sollog how these families could be members of satanic cults and not have it known by others.

Sollog explained, "The satanic cults these families belong to are part of orthodox religious groups where the elite have esoteric information explaining the satanic religious beliefs of many Christian movements.

For instance in Rome there is the cult of the Black Mass. Where it is understood Jesus claimed to be Lucifer in his teachings. Such knowledge is only revealed to an elite group within the church.

Likewise, in the LDS there is a cult of believers that believe Jesus was Lucifer, just like they do in Rome. It is these hidden groups within these church movements that sacrifice their young to Lucifer!"

Sollog is the author of "Jesus Is Not God". In that work he explained Revelations 22:16 where Jesus state, "I am the Morning Star", was a clear statement he was Lucifer!

Lucifer in Latin means MORNING STAR!

Sollog explained, "This hidden worship of Lucifer is why so many priests are homosexuals and pedophiles!

Many in the church understand their lord was Lucifer!

Sollog also said, "if the police investigate the main leaders of the religious movements connected to both the Smart's and Ramsey's they will find an unusual amount of child deaths from UNEXPLAINED kidnappings and such over the years! These satanic groups make it appear as if someone from the outside did the crime!"

So there you have it, geographical proof on a map of the USA there is a bizarre connection between both the Smart and Ramsey cases!

You have the revelation by Sollog the names are THE SAME, RAMSey and SMARt.

You have Sollog explain how the elite leaders of major religious movements worship Jesus as Lucifer and the practice of child sacrifice is common!

Can it be, the families of Jon Benet and Elizabeth really are connected to the deaths?

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