Chandra Levy Head Found?
UPDATE! - The HEAD belonged to Chandra Levy!
Written By D.E. Alexander Freelance Writer for the 24 7 News Net
24 7 News Net - The Alternative News Wire

24 7 News Net - The Alternative News Wire
May 22nd, 2002

Well the BIG STORY today is THE SKULL of Chandra Levy may have been found!

Seems I read that story last year.

June 22nd 2001 I got an email which hundreds of thousands of people got.

The email was about a famous psychic named Sollog who stated CHANDRA LEVY IS DEAD!

This was when no one in the media was saying that!

This was pre-911 when Chandra Levy was the BIG STORY!

The email said Chandra's Head would be found decapitated!

Fast forward CHANDRA'S HEAD FOUND says CNN!

Damn it is EXACTLY 11 months to the EXACT DATE the famous seer wrote his READING about Chandra!

Since that time the rest of what he wrote about Chandra has indeed connected to her story.

Was Chandra Pregnant?

Matt Drudge had that as a headline one month after the Chandra Levy reading was posted to the Net!

Here is a TIME STAMPED copy of the June 22nd READING!

See how DECAPITATED HEAD is a key part of the reading?

Some conspiracy theorists have recently speculated Chandra was killed due to her work. That was in the reading as well.

The psychic who did the reading, Sollog, is known by his fans for having a key date in his writings one number off!

The reading was dated June 22nd or 6/22.

Was Chandra's HEAD found May 22nd or 5/22?

This is the EXACT type of pattern or code Sollog is world famous for!

There are 31 days in May, and for Sollog to have put only 3 days in his Chandra Death Reading and for one of them to be the date she is found, is about a 10 to 1 shot.

So the mere fact Sollog hit the exact day of a month she was found was way against odds.

The fact Sollog was exactly ONE MONTH OFF from when she was found was over 50 to 1 probable.

Yes, he missed a 100 to 1 shot, since none of the exact dates he gave hit. But he sure did hit statistically way above chance the day of the month she was found, and how he was ONE MONTH off is impressive to say the least!

We have many articles on this site about Sollog's proven ability to predict earth quakes.

He released TEN DATE SENSITIVE quake warnings from 2000 to 2002!

The first five had exact dates when a major 7.0+ range quake hit!

The odds of anyone hitting an exact date for a 7.0+ quake is almost 30 to 1 probable. To do it five times in a row as Sollog did is like a million to 1 in odds!

Two of the warnings even had the exact hour of the quake!

The next five warnings had an exact location where a 7.0+ quake struck within 31 days of his warning!

Sollog then released a list of key locations where killer quakes would occur!

One by one the areas named have been having KILLER QUAKES!

The next Sollog warning gave the date and location of the January Volcano eruption in Africa!

The last Sollog warning states NY and LA are about to have major earth quakes!

All of these warnings were written about on this site and all were posted to Usenet and archived by with a TIME STAMP!

I wrote a book about Sollog and his world famous prophecies!

The book had a PROPHECY about future terrorism in NEW YORK CITY in September. It stated a BIG BANG would occur in the BIG BUILDING in NYC!

It stated it would be September!

The same warning stated the NYC media would be struck in early October!

They were with Anthrax!

The FBI even came to the office of my publisher about THE 911 Sollog WARNING!

Der Spiegel did 3 front-page articles on it and how thousands of people were discussing it all over the net after 911 occurred!

The FBI also did a major investigation on Sollog due to his uncanny Oklahoma City Bombing warning!

Now a skeptic might mock the big deal Sollog fans will make over this HEAD if it turns out to be Chandra.

They will IGNORE the obvious fact Sollog warned HER HEAD would be found!

IT WAS if this HEAD is Chandra!

The skeptics will ignore the connections between May 22nd and June 22nd.

The skeptics will say look a miss, he named 7/1 and 7/17 in the reading.

Yes as is usual with Sollog he puts correct and incorrect info in his writings on occasion.

Just enough incorrect for skeptics to mock him.

Enough correct info for his fans to say Sollog Rules!

Is this Chandra's HEAD?

The DEATH READING Sollog did 11 months ago to this day makes it look as if it is!

How many female HEADS can be floating around a park in DC near where Chandra lived?

I've seen Sollog do readings for people like John Edward does.

Only Sollog is way more accurate, freaking out the people he reads!

One girl I know casually was read by Sollog a while back.

The girl was told by me Sollog was a world famous psychic.

So when Sollog and I want to a golf course where she is a cashier, she said out of the blue to Sollog can I ask you about my father.

Sollog immediately said, you need to spend as much time with him as you can, he is very ill. He will be with Bea soon!

The girl turned white.

She said how did you know my dead mother is Bea?

Sollog said she was standing right behind her!

The girl ran out of the pro shop spooked!

After our round of Golf where Sollog launched huge 300+ yard drives down the middle of almost every fairway making several eagles like pros make birdies, we had lunch in the restaurant of the golf course.

The cashier composed herself and asked if Sollog could read her.

Now Sollog gets a lot of money to spend time with anyone.

He's a retired multi-millionaire software developer who has authored over 30 books!

But, Sollog did an on the spot reading. He quickly told the girl what her grand mothers name was, where she grew up, how her father was connected to football (she confirmed he was a retired college football coach!

Sollog also described in minute detail her house where she grew up and names of pets long dead.

The girl also revealed she was meeting with her father that night for dinner and he was terminally ill with cancer.

Her father died shortly after the reading!

Now skeptics will mock such things.

Then explain how the FBI did huge investigations on Sollog for both his OK City and 911 warnings!

Explain how he hit all those dates and locations for quake warnings.

Explain how Chandra's head looks like it has now been found!

Exactly as Sollog said it would be!

Sollog's site is

You can get my book on Sollog at

You can search any search engine for Sollog and see thousands of pages about him!

Oh, Sollog has been saying for seven years, his gift of prophecy or psychic abilities is to warn mankind NUKE TERRORISM IS NEAR!

Yesterday, the top leaders in the Bush Administration ADMITTED Nuke Terrorism is a certainty in our future!

The biography of Sollog is at

You can get a Sollog reading at

Are you a member of a police department stumped by a crime?

Ask Sollog

If your department can afford his time!

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