US Government admits NUKE TERRORISM is near for Major US Cities!
What will you do?
Written By D.E. Alexander Freelance Writer for the 24 7 News Net
24 7 News Net - The Alternative News Wire

24 7 News Net - The Alternative News Wire
May 21st, 2002

The US Government today publicly acknowledge NUKE TERRORISM is a certainty for Major US Cities!

AP Wire Story

So what will now do?

Will you stay in a major US City and wait to be nuked?

Or will you take control of your destiny and relocated to a low risk target area?

For seven years ONE VOICE has been screaming publicly NUKE TERRORISM IS NEAR!

I've written quite a few articles over the years and even a book on that voice!

A voice that has now been 100% validated by the US Government!

We are about to enter the AGE OF NUKE TERRORISM!

For seven years a handful of morons have mocked his NUKE WARNING all over the net, on web site and in Usenet!

I hope that idiots stay in cities like DC, NYC and LA.

They deserve to be silenced!

The VOICE that has warned of NUKE TERRORISM for seven years is Sollog

In 1995 he started WARNING the public NUKE TERRORISM would be here in the near future.

In 1995 he started WARNING of near future events he called signs.

He publicly released these warnings.

Some had direct literally hits, the rest have clear allegorical hits.

Some call him the modern Nostradamus!

The US Government detained him for warning to several major figures in the US Media that a BIG BANG would occur on April 19th 1995.

The faxed warning had the name of the building bombed on April 19th in Oklahoma City.

The US Government conspired with the US Media to hide that warning.

In 1996 Sollog sued the US Government over how he was detained after the OK City bombing!

In 1997 Sollog issued to the world another warning about future terrorism. It was posted over and over for 4 years until the 911 event hit.

It stated MAJOR TERRORISM was to hit NEW YORK CITY in September, a BIG BANG in the BIG BUILDING!

It stated the NYC media would then be struck in early October after the September terrorism occurred!

The same warning stated NUKE TERRORISM would be near!

Over the years key dates given in the warning did have MAJOR ACTS OF TERRORISM!

Such as the embassy bombings in Africa!

A Philadelphia reporter even got the Whitehouse to comment on the September Terrorism warning for NYC!

Der Spiegel did three articles on this fact.

We've done many as well.

I wrote a book about this true story titled THE 911 WARNING! PROOF THE GOVERNMENT KNEW!

Now today the key leaders in the Bush administration release the TRUTH!

TERRORISTS will nuke western cities! SOON!

Now what will you do?

For seven years Sollog has been warning his fans MOVE TO THE MOUNTAINS of Canada, Asia and South America!

Or of course you can stay in major targets for nuke terrorism like DC, NYC and LA!

"Leave now and don't look back!" is the warning of Sollog.

Nuke Terrorism is near! What will you do?...

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