Amazon hiding authors books from Public!
Amazon caught HIDING famous authors books from the public!
Written By D.E. Alexander Freelance Writer for the 24 7 News Net
24 7 News Net - The Alternative News Wire

24 7 News Net - The Alternative News Wire
April 25th, 2002

Amazon .com has been caught red handed trying to HIDE from the public the writings of a famous author on the Net!

Go to Amazon .com and search for the author SOLLOG.

Amazon .com's search engine says NOT FOUND.

They then list miles of unrelated crap to SOLLOG the most famous living mystic in the world.

If you bother to scroll to the very bottom of the search page for SOLLOG you see some books listed in Amazon's ZShops at the very bottom of the page!

How can that be? Amazon said at the TOP OF THE PAGE for SOLLOG NO ITEMS FOUND!

This is just another example of main stream American Businesses HIDING the writings of SOLLOG.

SOLLOG has over 100,000 people subscribed to his large eMail list.

Some of SOLLOG's books have been downloaded over 250,000 times via sites like

That site is the distribution division of Adoni Publishing, which produces hundreds of sites.

Including this one.

In 1997 the CEO of Adoni Publishing contacted Amazon to start listing SOLLOG's books.

They refused.

Yep some printed books can't be carried at Amazon!

And they still burn witches in Plymouth!

Sollog's titles like JESUS IS NOT GOD! and THE BOOK OF LUCIFER along with THE PROPHECIES OF SOLLOG are some of the most downloaded books in the history of the Net.

Yet Amazon says SOLLOG does not exist!

Adoni Publishing PAYS Amazon to list titles by SOLLOG in ZShops the new division of Amazon where anyone can list books or anything at Amazon.

Yet the search engine of Amazon is programmed to HIDE THESE LISTINGS on its main page from you!

I spoke to Amazon early today, to their Press Relations Department. Markus was the person's name.

I asked Markus WHY IS AMAZON HIDING SOLLOG's books when anyone goes to the main page at Amazon.

He said his superiors would be in touch with me later today. That was over 8 hours ago.

SOLLOG has authored over 30 titles. He and two other members of TOH (Temple Of Hayah) are all authors at Adoni Publishing.

All three REFUSE to have their works affixed with ISBN numbers. You've all heard about HOW THE BEAST will make you bear a number or you cannot buy or sell.

Well to SOLLOG and other TOH Members any type of computer numbering systems MANDATED by any government or business is part of the PROPHECY of the BEAST controlling you.

SOLLOG has sold many thousands of copies of his books without THE NUMBERS ISSUED BY THE BEAST.


Over the years Amazon has created FAKE ISBN's for books that have no real ISBN assigned to them.

Amazon has refused to do that for SOLLOG.

Since Amazon unveiled the ZShops books without ISBN's can be now sold on Amazon.

That is why Adoni Publishing started listing titles of SOLLOG with Amazon.

However one of the BEAST MASTERS, Jeff Bezos the CEO of Amazon, makes sure the seekers of TRUTH who hear about SOLLOG from all different sources can't find any SOLLOG books!

Now all Jeff Bezos has to do is make the name SOLLOG register in their main database, the one controlled by the Beast through ISBN's.

Amazon creates it's own BEAST set of numbers called ASIN's. YES A SIN is the numbering system chosen by Bezo's to have his own BEASTLY system to control who can buy and sell all over the world!

So if Amazon wanted to, they could IN HOUSE assign an ASIN number to any SOLLOG title, say it's out of stock, and then anyone looking for SOLLOG books at Amazon can find them.

That's all, no big deal, yet the beast masters at Amazon who run ASIN numbers say NO!

Now SOLLOG's attorney who also represents Adoni Publishing says the actions of Amazon are absolutely inhibiting the religious right of SOLLOG to practice his religious beliefs, which include NO NUMBERING of a person or their work by THE SYSTEM OF THE BEAST!

Adoni Publishing has DEMANDED that Amazon start to correctly direct its viewers to the books listed for SOLLOG by Adoni Publishing or Adoni Publishing will sue them for lost revenue!

The seller forum at Amazon recently had many posts about the SOLLOG issue.

Amazon deleted every thread and post made by Adoni Publishing over it.

Yes THE BEAST is censoring a forum over posts about HOW THEY ARE HIDING THE WRIINGS OF SOLLOG!

Here is a book Amazon created a FAKE ISBN for, which they could do for a SOLLOG title and refuse!

Remember if you go to Amazon .com and enter SOLLOG in the Search ALL PRODUCTS box it says NONE FOUND for any SOLLOG TITLES!

Here is a search engine report that says SOLLOG was one of the most requested words recently in all search engines!

If you really want to find SOLLOG's books, this is the main site selling them

Boycott Amazon and its ASIN number system of the BEAST!

If you think Amazon SUCKS then visit this ANTI AMAZON site

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