Robert Blake CHARGED with MURDER!
Copy of Criminal Complaint Here!
Written By D.E. Alexander Freelance Writer for the 24 7 News Net
24 7 News Net - The Alternative News Wire

24 7 News Net - The Alternative News Wire
April 22nd, 2002

Robert Blake former TV Star was CHARGED with MURDER today in a Los Angeles courtroom.

The actual criminal complaint is below!

The complaint alleges 4 Felony counts including MURDER, two counts of solicitation to murder and 1 count of conspiracy to commit a crime.

This is very weak in the view of an attorney we contacted, who stated, "The unnamed persons mentioned in the complaint are not involved in the actual murder. Forensic evidence does not link Robert Blake to the crime. Blake had no gunpowder residue on him, which proves he didn't fire a gun, so the complaint doesn't list any PROOF Blake actually pulled the trigger. There is no direct evidence in the complaint linking Blake to the gun; it merely says an unregistered gun was given to him by his bodyguard. The case is purely circumstantial evidence built upon two unnamed witnesses that Blake allegedly tried to hire."

Is the evidence listed in the complaint enough to convict Blake?

Well the attorney we contacted added, "Unnamed witnesses usually means people with criminal histories, the types who juries don't normally believe on a witness stand. Where is the forensic evidence that Blake did the crime? When someone is shot at close range there is usually a blowback of blood on the shooter. Blood found on Blake was not consistent with a close range shooting."

The attorney finished his comments on the complaint with, "While this arrest did gather much media attention, the case is weak at best as outlined in the complaint."

The complaint also lists 18 Overt Acts, none of which address how Blake could have been the shooter when there was no blowback bloodstains or gunpowder residue on him.

If anything, the complaint looks like he might have conspired with a shooter who did the crime.

The Bodyguard charged in the complaint has an alibi; he was out of the state at the time of the shooting.

Below is a direct link to the criminal complaint filed today against Robert Blake.

The file is a high quality eBook in PDF format. You need the FREE Adobe eBook reader to view it. You can also print out the actual complaint when you download the file.

To DOWNLOAD just RIGH CLICK the link and SAVE to your hard drive, then open with your Adobe eBook Reader.



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