NY Quakes hits where and when Sollog warned!
Written By D.E. Alexander Freelance Writer for the 24 7 News Net
24 7 News Net - The Alternative News Wire

24 7 News Net - The Alternative News Wire
April 20th, 2002

The largest earthquake to hit the New York area in 20 years just occurred.

As we reported earlier this week, a WORLD FAMOUS QUAKE PREDICTOR had warned over 100,000 of his fans to call the government of NY and CA since major quakes were IMMINENT!

Yes Sollog the QUAKE PREDICTOR warned last week that major quakes were about to hit both NY and CA!

I know, I PERSONALLY spoke to many in the NY media and government last week about the Sollog QUAKE WARNING.

The people I spoke to usually asked me when will it hit.

I told them Sollog SAID, "IT WAS IMMINENT."

Thank GOD it wasn't the catastrophic event Sollog's warning mentioned, but non the less it was another AMAZING hit for the famous quake predictor.

I asked Sollog was this THE EVENT he warned of.

Sollog said, "It's a wakeup call, NUKE TERRORISM IS COMING and this was just a fore shock to major seismic events that will be occurring in the NY Area!"

Sollog also said, "I wish to thank all my fans that contacted media and government in both New York and California, since the people in these areas need to know."

This is not the first major hit for quake hit for Sollog, if you check any search engine for his name, you'll see thousands of pages about him and his world famous quake warnings.

Sollog hit five straight quake warnings recently for exact dates when 7.0+ range quakes then occurred.

Then he hit five straight quake warnings for for exact locations where 7.0+ range quakes then occurred.

Sollog had some other interesting things to say about recent events.

He said, "The train accident reported in the media in Florida was no accident. The track was tampered with by Muslim terrorists. Crescent City was chosen as a sign to the Muslim community!"

He also said some things about the plane crash in Milan, "Three major financial bank buildings were chosen as targets of suicide pilots. The World Trade Center housed many banks. The Bank of America building was struck in Tampa, and now the major bank building in Milan was struck. They were all by suicide bombers."

I asked Sollog WHEN will Nuke Terrorism occur and he said, "In my latest warning about dual earthquakes for New York and California, I stated these earthquakes would be the final signs before we enter the age of NUKE TERRORISM!"

He then said, "Another quake will occur in the California soon and then mankind will enter THE AGE OF NUKE TERRORISM!"

Sollog also said, "The US Government is hiding many facts about know terrorist ties to recent events they call accidents. The last major plane crash out of JFK airport was an act of terrorism. The plane chosen was enroute to a city that sits on the mouth of the Ozama River. These things are facts that are well known in the Muslim community. Muslim terrorists are killing many US citizens and the US Government and media HIDE THESE FACTS!"

Sollog is the topic of a recent book about his 911 warning. It explains how Sollog was detained by the US Government after the Oklahoma City bombing due to his warning to the media. It also validates that Sollog did make a warning about major terrorism in New York City in September. This book validates the comments of Congresswoman McKinney, the US Government had prior knowledge of 911. Just like the government was warned last week to issue a quake warning for both the New York and California areas. They refused!

You can get the latest book about Sollog at http://www.1ebooks.com.

PS. I'm the author of that book. :-)

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