The 911 Warning! PROOF the Government Knew!
New book shaking up US Media and Government!
Written Senior Editor for the 24 7 News Net
24 7 News Net - The Alternative News Wire

24 7 News Net - The Alternative News Wire
April 17th, 2002

First, congrats to D. E. Alexander for once again writing a journalistic gem.

I knew when I hired him to do Freelance articles for us, that he was a true find!

The 911 Warning! PROOF the Government Knew - is a book that is shaking up the US Media and US Government.

It's featured right now at

Alexander PROVES beyond doubt the US Government knew about the 911 Warning issued by Sollog at

In this book is the name of the FBI Special Agent assigned to investigate the 911 Warning.

In this book are copies of articles done by Der Spiegel that are all about the 911 Warning and the thousands of people that posted comments about the warning in Usenet before and after 911 occurred.

Also in the book are articles we did about the 911 warning.

The FACTS of what the warning stated is clearly presented by Alexander.

This is what the 911 warning warned of

1. Major Terrorism to hit NYC

2. Date of Terrorism was to be in September

3. Event was to be a big bang in the big building

4. Post the September Terrorism the NYC was said to be in danger of being struck in early October (it was with Anthrax)

Alexander PROVES beyond doubt this information was all in the 911 Warning

Alexander also presents the article done by Howard Altman the editor of the Philadelphia City Paper before 911 occurred about the NYC September Terrorism warning!

Altman looks like a real fool for mocking the 911 Warning now.

However, the Altman article PROVES the US Government and Mayors office of NYC were indeed warned, since Altman called them as he stated in the article and warned them that Sollog was warning of September Terrorism!

Alexander also puts forth evidence Sollog was indeed detained by the US Government after the Oklahoma City bombing for yet another warning he gave that had a direct hit in that tragedy.

Alexander also displays every Sollog quake warning from 2000 to 2002. He shows the original post with a time-stamp from and then either an article from CNN or a page from the USGS proving the quake then occurred as Sollog warned!

The buzz in the media about this book is that the US Government and US Media look so bad they will try to hide it.

However, some media outside the US are aleady requesting info from Adoni Publishing about the book and D.E. Alexander

You should see all the .mil and .gov requests in our server logs proving the government can't stay away from our sites!

Already in Usenet many are talking about this book that PROVES the statements made by Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney were 100% correct, the US Government knew in advance terrorism was to hit NYC in September!

I spoke to Dana Moss the Press Liaison in the Congresswoman's office about this book and the fact the warning was true, she said McKinney will be releasing new information soon on her web site about the 911 warnings later this week.

In one statement McKinney made about the 911 warnings, she mentions Der Spiegel, that is the major newspaper in Germany. McKinney stated Der Spiegel reported on the 911 warnings.

In his book, Alexander produces THREE DER SPIEGEL ARTICLES all about Sollog and Leo Phoenix who warned all over Usenet about 911 before it occurred!

Dana Moss did not confirm or deny the Sollog warning is the Der Spiegel article McKinney was referring to in her statement, but she did promise McKinney would be making an official comment later this week about the warnings she mentioned.

I spoke to Juliet Eilperin the Washington Post reporter who did an article on McKinney's statement, and guess what, SHE ADMITTED she never checked into what warnings McKinney was referring to.

I gave her the name and phone number of the FBI Special Agent in charge of the Sollog 911 Warning. His name is Anthony Velazquez. His number is 305-525-3196.

A day later I checked back and she lost them. So I gave her the info once again to her.

I also gave the name and number of the FBI Agent investigating the 911 Sollog warning to several people in McKinney's office, all expressed much gratitude that I had given them the smoking gun, the PROOF that the FBI was indeed investigating a warning about 911 made BEFORE 911 occurred!

Jeff Logan is in the Press Office of Senator Boxer, he admitted Special Agent Velazquez confirmed the Alexander claim that Velazquez was investigating a 911 Warning made before 911 occurred!

I'm waiting to reach David Sandretti the Communication Director for Senator Boxer to make a comment on the new Sollog warning that says Los Angeles and New York City are about to be destroyed!

Howard Gantman the Press Officer of Senator Feinstein is working on getting a comment from Senator Feinstein about the new Sollog warning.

All these government officials KNOW THE FBI investigated the Sollog 911 Warning.

They all know he hit 10 straight quake warnings.

Yet so far no one has warned their constituents to vacate LA and NYC.

The new Sollog warning for LA and NYC are in the Alexander book as well.

Alexander points out in his book that he knows the Sollog 911 warning is real for one simple fact, he included it in his 1999 book The Prophecies of Sollog.

I also spoke to Melanie Eversley of the Atlanta Journal about the Sollog 911 warning. She too admitted she never tried to find out any info on what McKinney was talking about in regards to news articles by Der Spiegel. She thanked me several times for giving her the info about the Der Spiegel articles about the Sollog 911 warning and for giving her the name and number of the FBI agent investigating it.

Eversley stated that if the fact is the FBI investigated a pre 911 warning then McKinney will be validated and there should be a major public investigation into the warnings!

She also said it would cause much damage to the government and media if it is true!

Dave Rogers of the Wall Street Journal told me that agent Velazquez would not confirm or deny the story. He also admitted that if Sollog was somehow connected to any investigations in the Oklahoma City bombing the story was huge!

So what we have here is a HUGE STORY, the person investigated by the government for warning the US Media of the Oklahoma City bombing was once again investigated for giving clear warnings about the 911 tragedies!

Those are the FACTS that D.E. Alexander does an excellent job of PROVING in his third book.

Make sure you get THE 911 WARNING - PROOF THE GOVERNMENT KNEW by D.E. Alexander at

You too will come away shaking your head and asking WHY IS THE GOVERNMENT AND MEDIA so afraid of the Sollog warnings?

PS Remember Sollog says NYC and LA are about to be struck! Leave now while you still can!

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