Queen Mum Dead!
Oldest Brit Royal DEAD!
Written By the Staff of the 24 7 News Net
24 7 News Net - The Alternative News Wire

24 7 News Net - The Alternative News Wire
March 30th, 2002

Long Live the Queen!

Queen Elizabeth heard those words A LONG TIME AGO!

While not Queen for some time, she sure did live, as the Brit's requested many years ago, a LONG TIME!

Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, is now dead at 101!

Yes, the elderly relic of a long gone day is finally dead.

The Queen Mother or Queen Mum as those Brits like to say, was the mother of Queen Elizabeth II.

Queen Lizzy II, her daughter is still Queen.

Elizabeth I had to step down from the throne when her husband died.

Next in line for the Brit throne is Prince Charles, who will takeover as King when his mother dies or steps down.

The Queen Mum was quite a favorite figure to most Brit's, who loved the idea of the elderly monarch downing a Gin or two each day.

Elizabeth was well known for her pastel clothes and high heel shoes.

She was a smallish woman who insisted on wearing heels even after she fell and broke a hip.

The Queen mum insisted on attending her daughter Margaret's funeral earlier this year.

Queen Elizabeth I was born into a monarchy that was much different than today's.

Today the monarchy is basically a powerless symbol of the old colonial power England that no longer exists.

Today the Royals are beset with tabloid stories of the iniquitous lives young European Royals live.

Adultery, drug use, and other sordid behaviour of the Royals is common fodder for the Euro Press today.

The real question is, how long will England bother to keep the Monarchy, the old icon of Imperial England, around?

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