World Exclusive! Interview with DRAGON FIRE who says USA about to be NUKED!
Written By D.E. Alexander Freelance Writer for the 24 7 News Net
24 7 News Net - The Alternative News Wire

24 7 News Net - The Alternative News Wire
March 19th, 2002

Dragon Fire is the CODE NAMED used by the FBI last October in regards to a NUKE WARNING that was issued for Washington DC!

In this WORLD EXCLUSIVE Interview, we ask DRAGON FIRE about his October NUKE WARNING!

Dragon Fire said in our interview, that the USA will be the target of NUKE TERRORISM as soon as his FINAL SIGN PROPHECY occurs!

False information in the media has been released recently about the October Nuke Warning and Dragon Fire!

Dragon Fire is none other than the World Famous Mystic SOLLOG.

SOLLOG issued a PUBLIC NUKE WARNING for the USA last October as we reported on this site.

It was given by SOLLOG's lawyer to the FBI.

We even listed the Special Agent's name and his phone number.

The reason the US Government called SOLLOG DRAGON FIRE, is that he has hit Nine Straight Quake Warnings!

Yes, SOLLOG speaks and the ground shakes and volcanoes erupt!

Hence the codename DRAGON FIRE!

Below is my interview with SOLLOG

I've even included a snipet of the audio tape TO PROVE to whoever thinks I am Sollog, that I am not!

A Jew Spy that is the editor of The Philadelphia City publicly stated he thought I was SOLLOG!


Anyway, THE JEW SPY revealed in his weekly rag the locations of the Secret US Nuke Bunkers!

That's why I call him a SPY! See my SPY article http://www.247news.net/2002/0318-spy.shtml

Here is the Sollog Interview

DE Alexander: Nice to speak to you again SOLLOG.

SOLLOG: It's always a pleasure to speak to you David!

DE Alexander: SOLLOG are you DRAGON FIRE?

SOLLOG: It appears the US Government has several code names for me. Due to how the various US Agencies don't share information. Due to the fact I released through my attorney last October a NUKE WARNING to the FBI for George Bush, that would most likely make me appear to be the DRAGON FIRE that gave the October Nuke Warning!

DE Alexander: Hmmm, the October Nuke Warning. Can you explain what you warned of last October in regards to Nukes?

SOLLOG: Well David, I gave a message to my attorney when the FBI was asking around for me. That warning was for George Bush, it clearly stated NUKE TERRORISM would hit the United States between October 25th and December 25th. I did not say a Nuke Explosion, it stated specifically NUKE TERRORISM. In early November of 2001 the world media revealed Osama Bin Laden claimed to have Nuclear capacity. Also, an ex-Iraqi scientist stated Saddam has Nuke capacity. So exactly what I warned came to pass, Washington DC was faced with the REALITY of Nuke Terrorism. They were literally hit with NUKE TERRORISM when I warned.

DE Alexander: SOLLOG, do you forsee when a NUKE EXPLOSION will hit the United States?

SOLLOG: I recently released my FINAL SIGN Prophecy. It states major quakes will soon hit both Los Angeles and New York City as THE FINAL SIGN before a Nuke is used by Terrorists! The order of the first three areas to fall victim to a NUKE EXPLOSION by a terrorists are

Washington DC

DE Alexander: WOW! Exactly what all your fans have been waiting for, the time when Nuke Terrorism becomes a terrible reality!


DE Alexander: The other day the largest earthquake to hit the LA Basin in five years occurred about 24 Hours after you released your FINAL SIGN PROPHECY about an LA Quake. Was that quake it?

SOLLOG: No David, that quake, although seismologically significant since it was the largest in that area near LA in five years, was not THE FINAL SIGN I spoke of! It was a mere fore shock to the BIG ONE!

DE Alexander: So the BIG ONE is about to hit LA then?

SOLLOG: Yes Los Angeles is scheduled for a HUGE SEISMIC EVENT at almost the same time as New York City is hit by another Huge Earth Qauke!

DE Alexander: How soon?

SOLLOG: My FINAL SIGN Prophecy carries no exact date or time, which makes it totally unique from my previous Quake Warnings when I have hit exact dates, exact hours and even exact locations. I do not elaborate upon my Prophecies, what I wrote is exactly what GOD ALMIGHTY wills me to write. It will occur and the event will be so catastrophic and unique that all will know I FORE TOLD it would be. I AM GODS LIVING WORD upon the earth. This is JUDGEMENT TIME! God's WRATH will descend upon Los Angeles and New York City at almost the same instant!

DE Alexander: And I suppose some fools will still say you missed.

SOLLOG: As I've told you over the years David, many are called to hear THE FINAL WARNING! But few are chosen to believe it before it occurs.

Below is the Real Media clip of this interview!

It proves once and for all, I am not SOLLOG as some fools like Howard Altman the Jew Spy claimed!

Real Audio of The Dragon Fire Interview

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