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Jew Spy leaks location of Secret US Nuke Shelter!
Written By D.E. Alexander Freelance Writer for the 24 7 News Net
24 7 News Net - The Alternative News Wire

24 7 News Net - The Alternative News Wire
March 18th, 2002

Want to know where the SECRET US NUKE HIDE OUTS ARE?

A Jew, who may be a Spy, just revealed the SECRET LOCATION of one of the SECRET US NUKE SHELTERS!

That Jew who has admitted Mossad connections several times in his articles, is an editor of a free rag in the shit-hole called Philadelphia.

The paper is called The Philadelphia City Paper, it's a FREE GIVE AWAY that fags and dykes like to advertise their perversions in!

The paper is owned by a group, which is said to also own other publications that cater to the perverted homosexual market.

So you want to know where the SECRET US NUKE SHELTER IS?

Howard Altman, THE JEW SPY (my opinion since he admits in other articles to have access to the former head of the Mossad) just published a rambling almost incoherent piece of feces at The City Paper, which reveals WHERE THE SECRET US NUKE SHELTER IS!

The only time I was in Filthadelphia, a dirty cesspool of a city, I saw the street littered with the rag that Altman is the editor of.

Seems the people of Filthadelphia like to throw the rag in the gutter, where it belongs in my opinion.

Now Altman, THE JEW SPY with admitted contacts with the former head of the Mossad, says the FBI recently tried to recruit him as a spy in his most recent article.

Of course Altman refused, after all, if the FBI read his crap they would have know all the times that Altman has mentioned THE MOSSAD in his articles!

Now Altman is also the only reporter to be writing lies about SOLLOG, fans of this site know SOLLOG is a PROVEN MODERN DAY PROPHET!

SOLLOG has hit dates and locations for major 7.0+ range quakes.

SOLLOG has been the target of Altman The Jew Spy since 1995.


Well SOLLOG put full page ads in the rag Altman is an editor of, a rag that caters to the homosexual element of Filthadelphia.

SOLLOG promoted GODLY THINGS, like his CREATOR FORMULA in the rag that Altman is the editor of!

So Altman started to write all kinds of LIES about SOLLOG.

Lies like SOLLOG's family ran a porn business.


SOLLOG's father was a well respected pioneer of the computer industry.

SOLLOG founded several software companies and has never run pornographic enterprises as Altman claimed!

Oh, recently Altman claimed he thought I was SOLLOG!


I'm a real writer and a published author you JEW SPY!

Altman you are nothing but a traitor publishing where the US has its SECRET NUKE SHELTERS!

I hope some patriot tracks you down and shows you why it was WRONG TO PUBLISH the SECRET LOCATION where the US NUKE SHELTERS are!

Sure you won't work for the FBI!

After all, aren't you on the Mossad payroll?

Why do you post all those lies about SOLLOG?

What a jerk you are Altman!

You wrote in 1997 about the SOLLOG 902 Prophecy you JEW SPY!

The SAME PROPHECY the FBI is investigating because SOLLOG put all the details of 911 in it!

Yet you THE Jew SPY, still tell lies about SOLLOG!

You state LIES to papers like De Spiegel about SOLLOG!

Hey Jew SPY, didn't you hear SOLLOG just hit another QUAKE WARNING!

SOLLOG warned Friday of a near QUAKE FOR LA and the next day the largest quake in 5 years to hit the LA basin struck!


So you think I'm SOLLOG Altman you Jew SPY?


I'm not and IN MY OPINION you have explained in your writings over the years, that YOU ARE A JEW SPY!

Here is the PROOF you are a JEW SPY in my opinion!

You revealed where the SECRET US NUKE BASE is! That makes you a TRAITOR and most likely a SPY!


You claim in this article to be able to do background checks on people with the EX HEAD OF THE MOSSAD! This means you are almost definitely a JEW SPY!


You mention in this article when you were in Palestine that Arabs thought you were MOSSAD and CIA!


So you like SPIES as you admitted in an article titled SPIES LIKE US? What more proof does the public need to know that YOU ARE A SPY! You write an article titled SPIES LIKE US and then stated I LIKE SPIES! This is DEFACTO PROOF in my opinion when taken into context with your REVEALING THE LOCATION OF THE SECRET US NUKE SHELTER, that you are a JEW SPY!


Well Howard you JEW SPY (my OPINION based on the writings of Altman), the patriots in the USA do not like JEW SPIES that tell everyone where the SECRET US NUKE SHELTERS are. So don't be surprised when a patriot tracks you down now!

Yes Howard, when you wrote your piece of crap article that jeopardized NATIONAL SECURITY, you should of thought of all the SPY CRAP you wrote over the years PROVING YOU ARE A JEW SPY now to anyone that reads what you wrote about THE SECRET NUKE SHELTER, your contacts with Mossad, and how YOU LIKE SPIES!

Now I'm no psychic like SOLLOG Howard, but it would not surprise me if some patriot finds out about you and decides to slit your throat from ear to ear!

Didn't the people that slit the throat of Pearl think he was a JEW SPY?

Well Howard, you live in the land of the USA, you are a JEW, you like spies, you admit to having easy access to the former head of the Mossad!


Better go back to Israel Howard you JEW SPY!

The people in the USA don't like Jews Spies!

In a time of WAR you don't give out directions to terrorists where SECRET US NUKE SHELTERS ARE!

Bye Howard, better get on that plane to ISRAEL now!

And remember SOLLOG warned ISRAEL is the first location to be hit with NUKE TERRORISM!

IS RA EL in Hebrew means literally IS (I WANT) RA (EVIL) EL (GOD)!

You want it, YOU GOT IT!

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