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LA Quake another DIRECT Hit for famous Psychic!
Largest Quake in 5 Years hits LA 1 Day After Psychic Warned!
Written By Staff of 24 7 News Net
24 7 News Net - The Alternative News Wire

24 7 News Net - The Alternative News Wire
March 17th, 2002

How does he do it?

On Friday March 15th the most famous mystic in the world SOLLOG issued a QUAKE WARNING for Los Angeles!

The next day the LARGEST QUAKE in five years to strike that close to LA occurs!

Granted the 4.6 Quake was not a major event, other than it struck very close to Los Angeles.

And it struck within ONE DAY when the world's most gifted Quake Predictor WARNED in an area he named!

Here is the original warning that is TIME STAMPED in Usenet. It was posted THE DAY BEFORE the quake hit LA!


The USGS database shows there has not been 1 quake that large and that close to LA since April 1997!

Before this event occurred, SOLLOG was known to have hit his last 9 Quake Warnings since April 2000.

He usually hits either the exact date for a rare 7.0+ range quake or the exact location where such an event occurs the month he names!

This recent warning did not have the usual SOLLOG trademarks. That being an exact date, or a richter measurement.

However, the odds of anyone saying BEWARE QUAKE TO HIT LA and then to be within ONE DAY of when the largest quake in 5 years to hit the LA area occurs, is indeed another AMAZING example of just how good SOLLOG is in his Quake Warnings!

I'm sure this event will even shake up the US Government more, since SOLLOG says his gifts are due to his NUKE WARNING for the USA!


If you stay in a large city you stand a good chance of dying from NUKE TERRORISM says SOLLOG!

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Editor Update

We contacted Sollog about this amazing quake hit.

Sollog warned, "This event although significant seismologically, was just a FORE SHOCK to the huge quake about to hit the LA Basin!"

Sollog added, "As you know, I have hit 4 exact locations within 30 days of when I issued QUAKE WARNINGS, when very large quakes then struck. I also hit 5 exact dates for 7.0+ range quakes in a row! This FORE SHOCK occurred well west of the San Andreas fault line! The MAJOR event for the LA Basin is very near!"

Sollog then warned, "If you live in Southern California or near the New York City areas, LEAVE AT ONCE! The GREAT QUAKES are almost here..."

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