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We had the OCTOBER NUKE WARNING on this site in OCTOBER!
Written By Staff of 24 7 News Net
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24 7 News Net Wire
March 3rd, 2002


That Fedora wearing towlah in Miami Beach just found out via that famous rag Time Mag that a NUKE WARNING put the US Government on HIGH ALERT in October last year!


Seems I read that somewhere before.

Oh that's right, it was here on our site in OCTOBER 2001. Time Mag and The Drudge Report have just PLAGIARIZED our October NUKE WARNING article without giving us any credit!

Last October, we put out an article with a DIRECT NUMBER to the FBI SPECIAL AGENT in charge of investigating the AMAZING SOLLOG SEPTEMBER TERRORISM WARNING that scored a direct hit on 911! We mentioned how THE US GOVERNMENT was just given a NUKE WARNING. The date of the Article was OCTOBER 2001! It specifically stated GEORGE BUSH was given a NUKE WARNING for the USA!

This is now exactly what Time Mag and Matt Drudge are now claiming to be a story they broke! Our article was plagiarized by Time Mag and Matt Drudge, since they gave no credit to our original story that BROKE THE NEWS about the October NUKE WARNING given to Bush!

Below is a link to a TIME STAMPED Post made to Usent that is archived in Google.com. IT PROVES we published THE OCTOBER NUKE WARNING that Time Mag and Drudge are only now reporting on! I wonder if we should SUE TIME and DRUDGE for PLAGIARIZING our OCTOBER HEADLINE ARTICLE!


Here is our original article about how the FBI were given a NUKE WARNING for George Bush


We even did an earlier article on how SOLLOG was warning his followers to leave large US Cities


Now over 4 months LATER, this OCTOBER NUKE WARNING is big news to morons like Matt Drudge and the staff of Time Magazine. If they searched the archives of Usenet at www.Google.com, they would have seen all the posts about our articles in Usenet where people commented on the October Nuke Warning!

Here is the TIME MAG article about THE SECRET NUKE WARNING that hundreds of thousands of people got notice of via email and Usenet back in October! The NUKE WARNING in October was NO SECRET!


This first paragraph of the Time Mag article explains who was the source for the NUKE WARNING!

Sunday, Mar. 03, 2002

For a few harrowing weeks last fall, a group of U.S. officials believed that the worst nightmare of their lives-something even more horrific than 9/11-was about to come true. In October an intelligence alert went out to a small number of government agencies, including the Energy Department's top-secret Nuclear Emergency Search Team, based in Nevada. The report said that terrorists were thought to have obtained a 10-kiloton nuclear weapon from the Russian arsenal and planned to smuggle it into New York City. The source of the report was a mercurial agent code-named dragonfire, who intelligence officials believed was of "undetermined" reliability. But dragonfire's claim tracked with a report from a Russian general who believed his forces were missing a 10-kiloton device. Since the mid-'90s, proliferation experts have suspected that several portable nuclear devices might be missing from the Russian stockpile. That made the dragonfire report alarming. So did this: detonated in lower Manhattan, a 10-kiloton bomb would kill some 100,000 civilians and irradiate 700,000 more, flattening everything in a half-mile diameter. And so counterterrorist investigators went on their highest state of alert.

Who is the secret source referred to in the Time Mag article?


SOLLOG is referred to as a MERCURIAL agent in the SECRET REPORT!

Bet you never seen that word, huh?

Mercurial means to have qualities of Mercury the ancient Roman GOD connected to Hermes the GREEK MESSENGER GOD that mortals could not understand before an event occurred, yet after an event HIS WARNINGS WERE CRYSTAL CLEAR!


The MERCURIAL AGENT referred to in the Time Mag article is none other than SOLLOG!

Who is the ONLY world famous seer to have issued a MAJOR NUKE ALERT all over the Net in October?


The FBI hid the SOLLOG Oklahoma City Warning. The FBI Interviews about that WARNING are known as the LOST FBI INTERVIEWS that enabled McVeigh's legal team to have a last minute Appeal!

See our Interview with Rob Nigh, the McVeigh Appeals Attorney about the SOLLOG LOST OKLAHOMA CITY WARNING DOCUMENTS!


Now, we've done several stories about how THE FBI is investigating SOLLOG once again since he scored yet another MAJOR PROPHETIC HIT with his world famous 902 PROPHECY that gave EXACT DETAILS of the 911 Attacks well before they occurred!

WE EVEN PUT THE PHONE NUMBER OF THE FBI SPECIAL AGENT INVESTIGATING THAT PROPHECY who got THE SOLLOG OCTOBER NUKE WARNING. Which makes the morons at Time Mag look real stupid saying THE FBI DIDN'T KNOW about the October NUKE WARNING! The FACT IS, the FBI were the agency SOLLOG used to relay THE NUKE WARNING to Bush!

The other day the US Government leaked the story about how they have NUKE BUNKERS away from DC now with plenty of Government officials.



SOLLOG warned DC will be NUKED! It will be in the near future!

SOLLOG hit 9 straight QUAKE WARNINGS in 1999 to 2002. All nine gave either the exact date or the location when a 7.0+ range quake then struck!

The US Government knows SOLLOG is THE MESSENGER OF GOD, just like Hermes/Mercury was!

That is why the Government refers to SOLLOG as Mercurial (i.e. MERCURY/HERMES/SOLLOG).

SOLLOG speaks and humans are scorched from the FIRE of SOLLOG's mouth.

SOLLOG warned BIG BANG on April 19th 1995 and BANG the Oklahoma City Bombing occurred!

SOLLOG warned BIG BANG in NYC in September and then the NYC media would be struck. Then what occurs? 911 and the Anthrax attack on the NYC media! Thousand killed!

SOLLOG said major quakes to hit last January and what occurs? Thousand perished in India and Central America during the 2001 January Quake WARNINGS issued by SOLLOG.

We were given a time window when we got the October NUKE WARNING from SOLLOG.

It was very exact, SOLLOG said NUKE TERRORISM was to hit DC within 60 Days.

That 60 Day time limit is no where in our article, but we headlined the story as being relevant to a 60 day window.

SOLLOG didn't say a NUKE EXPLOSION would hit DC in that 60 day window, he said NUKE TERRORISM would hit DC!

The TIME MAG article validates the SOLLOG NUKE WARNING once again. DC was terrorized with the prospect of being NUKED when SOLLOG warned!

In early November after the SOLLOG NUKE WARNING was issued, what occurred? Osama Bin Laden admitted HE HAS NUKE CAPABILITIES!

Right after that a former Iraqi Scientist revealed Sadaam Hussein has NUKES!

SOLLOG warned NUKE TERRORISM was to hit DC from October 25th to December 25th!



It sure did. There is now a full time shadow government in place in DC.

DC learned via the media that both Osama and Sadaam have nukes, and they learned it in that 60 day window of time!

You now have the Time Mag article stating how DRAGONFIRE/SOLLOG got the top brass in DC worried about NUKES in October!


His PROPHECIES are purely MERCURIAL! Humans fail to understand his WARNINGS until after the event occurs, THEN HIS WARNING IS CRYSTAL CLEAR! This is the exact same reason Greeks LOVED Hermes. He showed HOW STUPID HUMANS ARE!

The latest major hit for SOLLOG was the Congo Volcano.

SOLLOG explained that on January 19th the FIRE FROM THE DEPTHS OF THE EARTH would rise to the surface!

He gave that warning in early January.

What was the HEADLINE NEWS on January 19th?

The Volcanic Eruption in the Congo that displaced close to a half million people from their homes!

Here is our article on it


DRAGONFIRE speaks and THE FIRES of the EARTH obey!


DRAGONFIRE! Now that is just too funny!

They should of just said GODS PROPHET or GODS WORD!

When will NUKES finally hit DC and NYC?

SOLLOG has maintained since 1995 that DC is struck after a NUKE hits ISRAEL! Rome and DC are grouped with ISRAEL as the three areas to be the first hit by NUKE TERRORISM!


Now, if you still continue to live in a large city like DC or NYC after you read all these WARNINGS about NUKES that the US Government is taking seriously, THEN YOU ARE ONE STUPID PERSON for staying in a known target for Nuke Terrorists!

When the FLAME OF THE DRAGON (NUKE EXPLOSION) consumes your stupid ass for refusing to leave the large city you live in, DON'T SAY YOU WEREN'T WARNED!


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