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Government Abuse Causing Backlash!
Written By Anon E. Mousse a Freelance Writer for 24 7 News Net
The 24 7 News Wire

24 7 News Net Wire
January 24th 2002

The Domains are already starting to pop up all over the place.

Free John Walker is the theme of them.

Why do so many want to FREE JOHN WALKER around the world?

Many around the world are outraged by the US Government treatment of not only John Walker Lindh but of the POW's in this Bush War on Terrorism.

I have to laugh every time I see that old fart Rumsfeld holding another press conference saying, "Well you know those people in Cuba are not POW's!"

Hey Rumsfeld didn't Georgie Boy say this was a WAR ON TERRORISM?

In WAR prisoners are POW's!

They are not criminals as Ronald McDonald laughably states in his press briefings!

Well THE TRUTH about how the US Government kept a lawyer from John Walker Lindh for almost two months finally surfaced today!

The US Government teaches it's agents THE ART OF PERSUASION, so their agents can manipulate people into saying things they don't mean without benefit of a lawyer.

THE TRUTH is John Walker is only guilty of following a RELIGIOUS QUEST!

He went to a Muslim nation to seek GOD!

When John Walker went to find GOD in Afghanistan there was no war with the USA.

The Taliban were not considered TERRORISTS by the US government then.

News does not travel well in Afghanistan where John Walker ended up. So who knows what John Walker really knew about 911 and THE WAR!

US agents manipulated statements from him and then spoon-fed them to a crazed press.

THE WORLD IS WATCHING THE USA and it is sickened by the photos of POW's living in CAGES in Cuba!

The WORLD is sickened by Rumsfeld calling POW's criminals.

HUMANE TREATMENT of any prisoner is a RIGHT in this day and age in most nations on this planet, yet that cretin Rumsfeld acts as if his game of semantics justifies the treatment of POW's in Cuba!


These types of actions are why people fly planes into skyscrapers and kill thousands of people in the USA!

The USA is guilty of inhumane treatment of POW's!

The USA is guilty of manipulating events in the Middle East for their own monetary benefit, and that has manifested into groups like Al-Qaeda being formed to put an end to US manipulation in the Middle East!

You don't shave off beards of men whose religious beliefs MANDATE they wear beards as was done in Cuba!

You don't keep men in cages and say it's okay since they are not POW's when they are!

You don't keep a lawyer from one of your citizens for two months when he asks for one!

The USA makes me sick to my stomach when I see everyday more PROOF it is nothing but a fascist regime that talks out of both sides of it's mouth!

I don't condone people attacking civilians as was done in the WTC events.

Nor do I condone a so-called democracy treating POW's inhumanely and intentionally harming their religious beliefs!

Nothing the USA can say can justify keeping humans IN CAGES, HOODING THEM, MUFFLING THEM and SHAVING RELIGIOUS HAIR from heads and faces!

RELIGIOUS FREEDOM ever hear of it George Bush and Donald Rumsfeld?

RIGHT TO A LAWYER ever hear of it George Bush and Donald Runsfeld?

The US media tried and convicted John Walker the past two months while the swine that runs the US Government did all in their power to dehumanize POW's and even John Walker!

John Walker did nothing wrong, he followed his heart and OBEYED GOD, he went where GOD LEAD HIM TO GO!

So what if he was trained by the Taliban.

He was basically TRAPPED in a foreign country where Muslims obeyed their Imam's and joined either the Taliban or Al-Qaeda.

Did he kill any US soldiers?


Did he shoot at any US soldiers?


US soldiers were never in the front lines of this war; Northern Alliance soldiers were on the front lines.

Sure US Pilots bombed Afghanistan, but US ground troops went nowhere near the front line where John Walker was!

Yet all the moronic reporters on US media shows want to call John Walker a traitor for fighting against US troops.

That is just typical USA DISINFORMATION!

John Walker never fought against anyone from the USA!

John Walker is a servant of GOD!

John Walker obeyed GOD and it resulted in him being in a country that THE USA then attacked!

The Taliban did not attack the USA.

The Taliban merely asked for PROOF that Osama was guilty, yet the USA refused to give A GOVERNMENT of a nation PROOF someone in their nation did something wrong.

Yes, HISTORY will record that it was the US Government that refused to give the Taliban any proof and expected them to bow to their demands to turn over Osama with no evidence offered to them!

The USA is guilty here, of attacking a nation and removing its government.

So what if the Taliban treat people differently than they do in the USA. I don't condone their treatment of women, but I recognize their right to have their own laws as any nation does!

At least in Afghanistan under Taliban rule there were not MILLIONS OF BABIES MURDERED against GODS LAW in abortions every year as is done in the USA.

The BIBLE clearly states KILLING AN UNBORN FETUS IS MURDER, yet the USA, that God Fearing Nation, performs MILLIONS of abortions every year!

There were no approved abortions in Afghanistan under Taliban rule.

So what nation really OBEYED GODS LAWS?

The liars that run the USA or the Taliban that ran Afghanistan?

The USA does not OBEY GODS LAWS!

The USA does not even obey it's own laws and that is why John Walker was kept without a lawyer for two months!

The USA does not obey The Geneva Convention as the inhumane treatment of POW's in Cuba proves!

Now many people that read this who are in the USA will not like me calling a spade a spade.


The world media called the USA a MONSTER for how it is treating POW's in CUBA.

The world media will now report how the USA kept a lawyer from John Walker and denied him all his civil rights.

FREE John Walker NOW!

If you want to support the FREE JOHN WALKER movement then go to www.FREEJOHN.org

If you want to see THE PROOF about how the US government and George W Bush are LYING to the US people about many things such as THE LOST FBI FILES kept from McVeigh's legal team that were all about A WARNING the FBI covered up in regards to the Oklahoma City Bombing, and the FACT that once again the US government is HIDING the facts about another WARNING given in regards to the WTC attacks then visit www.FUCKGEORGEBUSH.com

THE TRUTH IS the US government knows NUKE TERRORISM is about to hit several US cities and kill many, yet THEY WANT TO KEEP PEOPLE in the targets.

Go to www.FUCKGEORGEBUSH.com, to see THE TRUTH about what the US Government is hiding in regards to many recent events.

And go to www.FREEJOHN.org, to support John Walker who is only a young man that tried to follow his heart in regards to GOD.

Make sure you leave any large cities in the USA if you live in one, THE US GOVERNMENT is keeping you uninformed about NUKE WARNINGS meant to save your life.

Analysis of the WARNINGS the US Government are HIDING proves that NUKE TERRORISM will soon hit major US cities, and the US will then become a military dictatorship.

TRUTH and real Democracy are alien to the US Government.


Treat POW's humanely!

Leave the future targets of NUKE TERRORISM, which are the large cities in the USA!

The US Government has been given PROOF that Nuke Terrorism is right around the corner.




That says it all!

PS. I don't live in the USA! THANK GOD! So don't bother to call me a traitor or say "Leave the USA!"

PSS. Get a COOL EMAIL address at CoolMail I just got one at www.FUCKGEORGEBUSH.com, which is one of their sites!

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