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Volcano Erupts Where and When Psychic Warned!
Famous Psychic Hits Another WARNING
By Staff of 24 7 News Net
The 24 7 News Wire

24 7 News Net Wire
January 19th 2002

Today is the 19th of January, which is a key date in a recent WARNING given by the most infamous psychic or seer alive today.

For nine days his fans have been warning all over the net that a major event was set to occur today.

The last few lines of the WARNING issued by SOLLOG state.

Enosageous has awakened.

The triangle of fire deep within the earth obeys.

The GREAT QUAKE now spreads upwards from the depths of below.

Fans of the seer are saying look SOLLOG wrote about THE FIRE deep below and how it spreads upward to the surface.

The numerous skeptics of the seer who is known for constantly putting clearly dated warnings into the public domain like USENET say so what no quake.

Fans of the seer say SOLLOG gave the exact location in his warning.

They point to these two lines as PROOF

31 Stones from 13 Jewels are embedded upon the breastplate.

A GREAT QUAKE LINE is formed on a world map when one connects Jerusalem south Westerly to Solomon Islands.

Fans explain that 31 stones and 13 jewels are a simple coded reference to the exact longitude and latitude of the Volcanic event that permeates todays news.

On a world map it is amazingly close if not right on to where the Volcano is located.

Fans of the seer also explain the reference to connected Jerusalem to Solomon Islands is again a reference to the location.

On a world map the Volcano is indeed right near where a location is that connects the longitude to the latitude of Jerusalem and Solomon Islands.

Fans say this once again proves the warnings of SOLLOG are not coincidental hits.

Those Doubting Thomases ignore the connections and just say no quake occurred.

The actual WARNING was posted all over Usenet by fans of SOLLOG

Read it for yourself and see all the items I've named are in the warning.

Then read all the other articles on this site and others that explain these types of things seem to always appear in the writings of Sollog.

Dates are given backwards and upside down in his writings so 119 is 911 as he explains and 119 is also 116. The Volcano did erupt on 116 and now three days later it is the MAIN STORY in today's media outlets.

No one can deny the next to next line in the WARNING by SOLLOG clearly states "The FIRE deep within the earth obeys...:

People are now calling these allegorical writings of SOLLOG by the word SOLLOGISMS.

We contacted the staff of SOLLOG and they said the Volcano does connect to the WARNING, however they explained today is not over and the last Sollog GREAT QUAKE warning had a literal GREAT QUAKE (over 8.0+ range) occur within 3 weeks of the date he gave in the area he named.

Great Quakes (over 8.0+) are so rare they don't even occur every year.

So the SOLLOG people are saying today's LAVA in Congo is indeed an event within the prose of SOLLOG but they WARN they expect a literal connection as well.

Some things never change, they skeptics mock and the fans applaud.

We have many articles about major quakes SOLLOG predicted on this site.

His recent WARNING is Here.

Just check this Recent Usenet posting to see time stamped proof this is No Hoax!.

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