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School Shooting in Law School at Grundy VA!
Bizarre Connection in NINE US SCHOOL SHOOTINGS
By Staff of 24 7 News Net
The 24 7 News Wire

24 7 News Net Wire
January 16th 2002

NINE US School Shootings have struck since 1997 in the United States and all NINE SHOOTINGS occurred on three perfectly straight lines!

To our many fans, YES, another School Shooting with multiple deaths just occurred and it is connected to the warning by the famous mystic SOLLOG

From 1997 to 2002 there have been NINE MULTIPLE DEATHS school shootings in the US.

What the US media is hiding is that they all struck on three perfectly straight lines on a US Map.

The three lines forms a triangle over the heart of America on a US Map.

Look at the Map of the United States in this article.

All NINE LOCATIONS of these seemingly random events occurred on three perfectly straight lines.

Look at the triangle the lines form over the HEART OF THE USA!

If you haven't heard of SOLLOG and LINE OF TRAGEDY, then you need to understand that in 1995 a world renown mystic warned these events would occur.

He stated the SLAUGHTER OF THE INNOCENT would occur on a line from south of Seattle through Oklahoma City through Miami.

Six US School Shootings have hit this exact LINE OF TRAGEDY warned of in a US court case in 1995 and again in 1996.

A map showing the LINE from south of Seattle through Miami is in case 96CV 1499.

If you try to see that case THE US SECRET SERVICE interviews you to see why you want to see THE GOD CASE!

In 1995 the Secret Service arrested SOLLOG for warning the US President (then Bill Clinton) to stay off THE LINE OF TRAGEDY he drew from near Settle through Miami.

The case was dismissed and then SOLLOG sued the Secret Service and Clinton for false arrest in 1996.

That case is 96CV 1499.

In that case SOLLOG warned THE SLAUGHTER OF THE INNOCENT would occur on THE LINE OF TRAGEDY from South of Seattle through Miami!

The first US School Shooting with multiple deaths then occurred near Jackson Mississippi in Perl. Jackson Mississippi was mentioned directly in the SOLLOG as a future site of TRAGEDY!

Kip Kingel then killed many in Springfield OR.

The worst school shootings in US history struck in Littleton CO at Columbine High. Littleton is exactly in the middle of those two locations (Perl MS and Springfield OR) ON THE SOLLOG LINE OF TRAGEDY!

Three other school shootings struck on this same line including the Nathaniel Brazill shooting, where a 13 year old killed his teacher just North of Miami.

These other TRAGEDIES all occurred on this infamous LINE OF TRAGEDY.

The Oklahoma City Bombing occurred on THE LINE.

The crash of Valujet 592 struck THE LINE near Miami.

The worst hurricane in US history ANDREW struck just south of Miami ON THE LINE!

The infamous JON BENET RAMSEY Sacrifice struck in Boulder CO ON THE LINE!

Charles Bishop flew his plane into the Bank of America building ON THE LINE in Tampa!

The famous murder of Johnny Versace struck THE LINE in Miami.

The suicide of Andrew Cunanan struck THE LINE in Miami ending the largest FBI manhunt in recent history!

Three other shootings with multiple deaths struck on another line.

That line goes through Jonesboro Arkansas.

It also goes through Paducah Kentucky.

Edinboro Pennsylvania is also ON THE LINE!

If the line is extended into Texas, this shooting line goes straight through WACO where the US government killed almost 100 innocents!

These are the details of the third shooting line.

Two different school shootings struck near San Diego and each had multiple deaths.

The most recent shooting in a US school with multiple deaths just occurred in Grundy VA.

If one connects the locations of Grundy VA on a US map to San Diego, that line goes right through Paducah KY, where another shooting occurred earlier!

The end result is we have NINE LOCATIONS where multiple deaths occurred in NINE School Shootings (San Diego had two different events).

So much random violence, and yet, this map shows THE EVENTS WERE NOT RANDOM!

When you couple the fact that these shootings did occur in a pattern noticeable on a US Map, and you realize SOLLOG WARNED it would happen.

Well then you understand why THE US SECRET SERVICE is so interested in US School Shootings. In fact it is the US Secret Service that is in charge of investigating school shootings and not the FBI!

In 1995 the FBI did many investigations about SOLLOG in regards to the fact that he faxed the day before the Oklahoma City Bombing details of the Oklahoma Bombing to sixty executives in the US media.


The so-called LOST FBI FILES were all about SOLLOG.

We gave details of the SOLLOG investigation to Rob Nigh the attorney for McVeigh before the execution.

That is why THE LOST SOLLOG FILES were found.

The US Government has been actively covering up the SOLLOG WARNINGS since 1995 and the US media is aware of it!

Recently another famous SOLLOG WARNING came to pass.

In 1997 SOLLOG publicly warned that a major ACT OF TERRORISM was to hit the US on the scale of the Oklahoma City Bombing.


A paper in Philadelphia "The City Paper" did a moronic article about the warning.

The editor some fat slob named Howard Altman mocked the SOLLOG Warning!

He even contacted the White House and the Mayors office in New York about THE WARNING that stated SEPTEMBER was the key month for the NYC TERRORISM!

Well four years later THE EVENT HIT!

Then part two of the WARNING HIT when the New York City media was hit by Anthrax.

In 1997 SOLLOG WARNED that after the TERRORISM struck in September that in October the NYC media would be struck!

In Germany the top newspaper DE SPEIGEL did three articles ON THE WARNING that fatso Altman laughed at in his weekly free rag!

More school shootings keep occurring with multiple deaths and so far every one since 1997 has hit ON ONE OF THREE STRAIGHT LINE!

The media keeps HIDING THE TRUTH of this!

SOLLOG says nukes and bio-chemical weapons will soon start striking major cities such as Rome and Washington DC!

The US Government knows this is a certain fact and yet they keep the cities packed with the future victims of those attacks.


The US government knows SOLLOG has been so accurate in his writings that they have told the major US media to not report about SOLLOG.

The US government wants to keep people in the FUTURE TARGETS of nuke and bio-chemical terrorism, that being large cities in the US.

That way when the first nuke hits a US city the government can declare a NATIONAL EMERGENCY and the military will takeover!

You better leave the United States now while you can!


These school shootings were only THE SIGNS that SOLLOG said would occur before the first NUKE hits the United States!

On this site are many articles about SOLLOG and most of the things we have mentioned in this article.

We have an interview with Rob Nigh the attorney for McVeigh about the SOLLOG lost files!

We have an article naming the FBI agent investigating SOLLOG due to his amazing 911 WARNING!

We have many articles about major quakes SOLLOG predicted.

We have several articles about the previous school shootings and THE LINE OF SOLLOG.

This is no hoax!

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