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15 Year Old Suicide Pilot Fan of Osama!
Tampa suicide pilot hits famous LINE OF TERROR
By Staff of 24 7 News Net
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January 6th 2002

Tampa Florida, the city where a 15 year old suicide pilot and fan of Osama bin Laden flew a plane into the Bank of America building.

Boca Raton Florida, the city where Osama bin Laden's terrorists placed Anthrax in American Media's building.

New York City, the city where Osama bin Laden's terrorists hijacked American Airlines planes into the World Trade Center.

America or American was in the name of all the events.

The American Media building in Boca and the Bank of America building in Tampa share another common denominator.

Both of these cities are on a famous LINE OF TRAGEDY that runs across America from near Miami through Tampa, through Oklahoma City through just south of Seattle.

We've written several articles about this LINE OF TERROR or tragedy that runs across America where so many headline tragedies have occurred that it boggles the mind.

We have also written articles about how the events were GUARANTEED to occur in the near future by the world's most infamous psychic who goes by the name SOLLOG.

So accurate is this seer of doom, death and mayhem, that his fans often refer to THE LINE that runs through Tampa and Boca Raton as THE LINE OF SOLLOG.

The worst hurricane to hit the United States hit near this line just south of Miami in Homestead, about the same distance that Boca Raton is North of Miami.

Johnny Versace was killed by Andrew Cunanan on THE LINE in South Beach. Cunanan committed suicide on THE LINE.

Valujet 592 crashed on THE LINE just outside Miami.

Brazil the 13 year old shooter killed his teacher near THE LINE just north of Miami, his shooting was one of 6 school shootings on THE LINE.

The first in the recent rash of school shootings in the US struck in Perl near Jackson Mississippi ON THE LINE.

The worst school shooting in US history hit in Littleton CO at Columbine ON THE LINE.

Kip Kingel killed his family and other students south of Seattle ON THE LINE in Springfield OR.

The Oklahoma City Bombing struck ON THE LINE.

The third worst hurricane in US history (Opal) in regards to monetary damage struck the pan handle of Florida ON THE LINE.

The notorious murder of Jon Benet Ramsey struck in Boulder Colorado ON THE LINE.

A 7.0+ range quake hit near Seattle last year ON THE LINE.

The worst destruction by tornadoes in US history struck near Oklahoma City ON THE LINE.

Two more school shootings stuck ON THE LINE, one just south of Seattle and the other near Oklahoma City in Fort Gibson.

Why did Charles Bishop a 15 year old pilot in training fly a stolen plane into THE BANK OF AMERICA building?

Did not Osama order his followers to strike at the financial heart of America in his most recent video?

Charles Bishop merely followed the orders of Osama.

Mohammed Atta lived in south Florida while he was training to fly a plane into the WTC.

Atta lived in Coral Springs for a while.

Other terrorists of Osama bin Laden lived in Delray Beach while they trained to fly planes into US buildings.

As we noted right after the AMI (American Media Inc) Anthrax attack, if you connect Coral Springs to Delray Beach on a map of South Florida, the AMI building is in the middle of the line as is Boca Raton.

The AMI Anthrax attack was from Osama's Terrorists.


These tragic events were foretold in 1995 by SOLLOG.

He said they were part of THE SIGNS that Nuke Terrorism is near.

We did a story a couple of months ago explaining that SOLLOG had warned the FBI that NUKE TERRORISM would occur in Washington DC within 60 days.

SOLLOG writes both prophecies and warnings.

He has now hit 10 quake warnings in a row.

His most recent quake warning stated January 1st 2002 would be when the next 7.0+ quake would occur, he gave not location.

Sure enough a 7.3+ quake hit Vanatu within 12 hours of January 1st E.S.T.

EST is the time zone SOLLOG usually gives his quake warnings in.

SOLLOG hit 5 exact dates in a row for 7.0+ quakes at one time.

For him to be within a few hours of the January 2nd event is way beyond coincidence.

In the past 30 years 7.0+ range quakes have only occurred about 13 times per year.

For anyone to be within 10 or 12 hours of a 24 hour window in a quake warning for a 7.0+ range quake is at least a 15 to 1 probability.

Skeptics that mock SOLLOG say he missed the date of the quake.

Fans of SOLLOG say look another hit that was within quake prediction parameters to show it was a highly above chance prediction.

Scientists can't hit 5 straight dates in row for 7.0+ quakes, yet SOLLOG did.

Scientists can't be within a few hours of a 24 hours window for a 7.0+ quake prediction, yet SOLLOG just did it once again!

SOLLOG was the only person warning years ago of THE LINE OF SOLLOG or THE LINE OF TERROR from south of Seattle through Tampa through Miami.

Fans of SOLLOG are already saying all over the net, LOOK ANOTHER HIT FOR SOLLOG with the crash of Charles Bishop.

Why have the FBI withheld the suicide note of Charles Bishop?

We have reported how the FBI contacted our attorneys about THE SOLLOG NEW YORK CITY TERRORISM WARNING.

In 1997 SOLLOG issued a famous PROPHECY.

It clearly stated New York City would suffer from TERRORISM on the scale of Oklahoma City when a BIG BANG HIT THE BIG BUILDING.

SOLLOG said it would occur in September.

Read the articles on our site, we posted the name of the FBI agent in Miami and his phone number on this site.


We have also reported how the FBI hid documents from McVeigh's lawyer about how another SOLLOG WARNING stated clearly April 19th 1995 would be when a BIG BANG occurred.

SOLLOG even named the initials of the Alfred P. Murrah building in that WARNING which he sent by fax to many executives in the US media.

The whole MISSING FILES FIASCO involving the McVeigh case that held up the execution of McVeigh was all about THE SOLLOG FILES.

Already fans of SOLLOG are saying Charles Bishop's suicide note is being hidden from the public because HE MENTIONS SOLLOG.

A suicide note of the Columbine shooters appeared after Columbine, and in it the writer claims to be a fan of SOLLOG.

The note appeared right after the shootings, it was said to have been posted to the net by a friend of the shooters.

Is SOLLOG the missing link that connects all of these events?

Too much has happened where and when SOLLOG said in his writings over the years for many people to now admit, SOLLOG either has inside information of terrorists or he is a real psychic!

If SOLLOG didn't hit so many quake predictions, I would have to admit myself that SOLLOG was connected to terrorists.

However, SOLLOG is not connected to terrorists, he just writes about where, when and how they will strike.

Just like he hits quake warning after quake warning.

Some foolish skeptics mock the recent writings of SOLLOG.

In the most recent interview SOLLOG gave, which appeared on www.Nostradamus.org, the famous seer stated that Nuke Terrorism was near.

SOLLOG then stated BURNING BUSH would be a sign.

Fans of SOLLOG have been discussing the terrible BUSH FIRES in Australia.

Many teenagers are in custody in Australia.

SOLLOG fans are once again speculating that fans of SOLLOG in Australia set the flames as THE SIGN SOLLOG spoke of in his latest interview.

SOLLOG released a seven year prophecy in December of 2001.

In it SOLLOG warned many would be laying slain in the streets on New Years Eve.

Fans of SOLLOG say the many hundreds that were killed in a major explosion in Lima the capital of Peru was what SOLLOG warned would be in the news.

Six city blocks were leveled around New Years Eve with that explosion in Peru.

On New Years Eve church bombings appeared all over the world.

Some in Indonesia, four in India and one even in France.

Fans of SOLLOG are calling these events more hits of the terrorism SOLLOG warned of.

As I mentioned before in this article, the recent writings of SOLLOG stated a 7.0+ quake would occur on January 1st 2002. One did within 12 hours of that time frame, an impressive statistical hit for SOLLOG.

Many skeptics of SOLLOG are pointing to the fact no Nuke destroyed Washington DC in the 60 day window that was referred to on our site.

When we were given the facts about how SOLLOG was being investigated by the FBI once again for his clear WTC hit, we were given a small message direct from Sollog to include in the article.

The message made no direct mention of an exact date for an actual Nuke to go off in DC.

But we were told SOLLOG had indeed stated NUKE TERRORISM would hit Washington DC within 60 days.

That placed the event we were all waiting for to occur in late October to late December of 2001.

No physical nuke exploded in that window.

However, SOLLOG's camp is once again claiming absolute correctness in his 60 day NUKE TERRORISM WARNING.

How can that be?

SOLLOG's camp is quick to point out that before our article appeared in late October 2001 about SOLLOG's warning for Nuke Terrorism in DC shortly, the fact was no one in the media was mentioning seriously the possibility that terrorists like Osama and Sadam had nuclear capability.

Since that article appeared, several things then occurred which indeed makes the claims that SOLLOG once again predicted the future accurately.

Osama went public on November 9th 2001, with the fact he has NUKES!

That exact date of 11/9 was given in writings by SOLLOG last year AS THE DATE THE FINAL SIGN WOULD BE GIVEN that NUKE TERRORISM IS NEAR!

Since that NUKE WARNING appeared on our site, it was learned by Washington DC that Pakistani scientists that developed Pakistan Nukes had met many times with Osama discussing a nuke program.

Since our NUKE WARNING article appeared on our site, the U.S. military has discovered many documents about Nukes and the Taliban and Osama in buildings once controlled by the Taliban in Afganistan.

Since our NUKE WARNING article was written, a person familiar with the inside workings of Sadam Hussein's government has revealed to the world that Sadam has a vast bio-chemical and nuclear program in Iraq.

In the 60 day window SOLLOG warned us all of, the western world and WASHINGTON DC has learned the terrible truth.


NUKE TERRORISM has indeed struck Washington DC in the window SOLLOG warned of.

The FEAR of NUKE TERRORISM is hanging all over Washington DC since the warning was given.

The Vice President hides far from Washington DC in the event that a NUKE hits it.

The main senate building has been closed since the warning of SOLLOG was given.

The president is rarely in Washington DC since SOLLOG gave the WARNING.

The US government and media of the west now knows NUKE TERRORISM IS NEAR!

NUKE TERRORISM has hit DC without even one bomb going off!

Another allegorical hit for SOLLOG.

Any reference to an actual Nuke in our articles was our own interpretation of SOLLOG's warning.

The actual warning given by SOLLOG simply says NUKE TERRORISM is near if the USA does not obey GOD.

The actual verbatim warning we got from SOLLOG's attorney is that SOLLOG had relayed via him to the FBI that NUKE TERRORISM would hit DC within 60 days.

After that was stated by SOLLOG, DC learned TERRORISTS DO HAVE NUKES.

How can anyone say NUKE TERRORISM did not hit DC when SOLLOG warned.

Afterall SOLLOG never said to us or the FBI that an actual NUKE would be detonated in the window.

He just warned NUKE TERRORISM would hit DC and it did.

If you don't think NUKE TERRORISM has hit DC, let's all watch how long it is before the whole senate, the president and the vice president are ever in Washington DC at the same time.

The US government now hides from the terrible reality that the AGE OF NUKE TERRORISM has begun.

The SOLLOG camp did not allow us to interview SOLLOG for this article, since he is very busy finishing his newest books.

But they did say nothing has changed in regards to nukes.

Since 1995 SOLLOG has stated Israel is the first area to have nuke terrorism, then Rome then Washington DC.

SOLLOG's camp will only say THE TIME IS NIGH!

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