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Anthrax Attacks Infect Thousands!
Thousands Infected With Anthrax!
By Staff of 24 7 News Net
The 24 7 News Wire

24 7 News Net Wire
October 23rd, 2001

Anthrax Warning - Thousands Now Infected?

Have you been to a post office in the past 40 days?

Feeling a little under the weather?

Thousands of postal workers are now on antibiotics in the Washington DC area.

US Postal workers are starting to drop like flies to the true power of Anthrax.

No one except the terrorists know how many letters have been sent with Anthrax nor what Post Offices have had letters with Anthrax in them.

What is known, is that the way the US Postal machines handle Millions of letters each day, can make an Anthrax letter bomb release it's killer poison into the air. There it can filter throughout a Post Office and inffect anyone in a Post Office. Postal workers and postal customers are now in fact at risk of Anthrax due to how the machines move mail in a Post Office.

Were the letters to high profile people in the media and government the only letters with Anthrax sent by terrorists?

Have the letters stopped?

Will the Anthrax letters continue to keep being dumped into the US postal system making mail a thing of the past?

There are three forms of Anthrax poisoning.

The most dangerous is Inhalation Anthrax, and that is what is now killing people quickly.

When you inhale the odorless and invisible spores of Anthrax, you may have a slight reaction to it. Then for 30 to 60 days the spores lay like a time bomb in your lungs. When the second phase of inhalation Anthrax kicks in, you first appear to have a nasty flu. Within a couple of days ore even hours you are dead.

This is Inhalation Anthrax, and it is the type of Anthrax that is now appearing in DC Postal workers.

DC postal workers got Inhalation Anthrax as the mechanical mail feeders in the DC area squeezed or compressed 1 or more Anthrax letters and then whipped them around the sorting room.

The Anthrax in the DC letter(s) is what is known as Military Grade. That means it can be easily put into the air with minimal movement of an item used to disperse the Anthrax spores.

This type of Anthrax is considered very hard to make. It takes Millions of dollars to refine Anthrax into a 1 Micron size, which is the size of some of the spores found in the Anthrax letter bombs.

The US Military has done it and so has the Russian military.

Iraq is said to have this sophisticated type of Anthrax. Some have stated it was given to Iraq over the years by both the US and Russian military.

Some say Iraq now has the capacity to produce this level of military grade Anthrax.

Mohammed Atta the so called ring leader of the 911 attacks met with Iraqi agents this summer in Europe.

If the terrorists want to really confuse the US Government, they can send Anthrax letters all over the US to addresses that don't exist with fake return addresses.

The poison letters will then infect US Post Offices and US Citizens all over the country via the mechanical machines used to sort mail.

When a letter with Anthrax is RETURNED to an address that doesn't exist, it will be put into a dead letter file in a US Post Office.

Such a virtually untraceable letter will have infected the post office it first went to be sorted in, the post office it was sent to in order to be delivered and then the post office it ends up in as an undeliverable letter.

The whole time the letter never even has to be opened!

While the FBI and US Postal Inspectors look for letters send to the media and government, the real damage can be being done by letters that most likely will never even be read.

Did the terrorists do this already?

Or did the terrorists just learn that the US Postal equipment that sorts millions of letters is the perfect vehicle to deliver Anthrax bombs to kill many US citizens?

We have done many articles on this site about someone who is the most gifted living psychic in the world. His name is SOLLOG. He actually wrote a WARNING that stated a major act of terrorism would hit New York City in September. He called the act of terrorism the BIG BANG in the BIG BUILDING.

The same warning stated many people in the NYC media would then be struck after the September terrorism. He recently hit 9 striaght quake pedictions in a row.

His New York City terrorism warning is being hidden by the US media and government.


SOLLOG says the age of NUKE TERRORISM is about to being.

So I asked the great seer SOLLOG who many consider to be the MODERN NOSTRADAMUS, what he saw for the near future in regards to the US Mail.

The seer said, "The US Mail will soon be a thing of the past. Many will soon be dead in the US and overseas from major Anthrax attacks that will be carried out via the worlds postal systems.

Terrorists will also use large public buildings to attack silently many people all over the world with Anthrax. Anthrax will be released in the ventilation systems of many public buildings via ventilation systems."

SOLLOG also warned, "Many right now are walking Anthrax bombs about to explode. Many more will be infected soon by Anthrax. Thousands will die from the poison created by US military scientists over the years. The poison of Anthrax. The only reason this poison exists in such a Military grade is because the evil US military developed it. Just like they developed Nuclear Bombs."

SOLLOG then added, "Although many will receive antibiotics to kill Anthrax. It will be a continued attack, and such antibiotics will not keep working. That will result in many deaths in the US Postal system and it will soon break down.

Mail costs will sky rocket, so more and more businesses will learn how to do business with no paper. With electronic payments, there is no need for businesses to use the mail for things like billing. With the advent of the internet and email, families will soon stop sending photos and cards in the mail. It will all be done via the internet and email."

So that is what SOLLOG the greatest seer living says. Many will soon die from an continued Anthrax attack. Postal workers will at first have immunity to Anthrax from antibiotics, but they will grow immune to such antibiotics and eventually fall to Anthrax if they continue to work where Anthrax is sent.

How many people are entering hospitals right now with symptoms of the flu that will soon be sent home to die mysteriously?

If you know of anyone that dies suddenly from a flu like illness, and the person is not old and sickly before the death, email us.

We want to start to keep track of all the mysterious deaths the US Government and media will soon be hiding.

THE FACT IS, Military grade anthrax is now being used on the American public through the postal system. It will also be delivered in large public buildings through ventilation systems.


You've now been warned, something the US government and media refuses to do.

So stop using the mail, refuse to accept it and demand that you get electronic bills from anyone you do business with.

Stop going to targets, like large public buildings.


Look at your life style and ask:

Do you really need to sit in a theater and possibly be exposed to an Anthrax attack?

Do you really need to sit a sports complex and possibly be exposed to an Anthrax attack?

Do you work in a large building that is a possible Anthrax target?

Do you need to visit a mall that could be a possible Anthrax target?

Most of the things you now do or the way you now live your life puts you at risk of entering a possible Anthrax attack target.

Stopping your mail is easy.

Learning to not breath in Anthrax targets will radically change your life. You won't be able to go to many of the public places you are used to going. The Post Office, Sports Complexes, Malls and large public buildings.

Do you really want to risk possibly being exposed to Anthrax in a public place?

Do you really want to be checking into an hospital in 30 to 60 days with signs of a flu and be dead within hours?

The hand writing is on the wall.

The terrorists possess WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction).

The terrorists possess Anthrax that can be spread easily in the air.



Do you want to touch a letter that was in a room contaminated by Anthrax?

Do you want to visit any public building that can be an Anthrax target?

If you want to admit WMD's is now being used against the US, you then have to admit YOU MUST CHANGE THE WAY YOU LIVE or you put yourself at high risk of being infected with Anthrax.


Look at how the numbers are multiplying in the media.

Days ago it was 1 Death and a handful of exposures.

Now there are several deaths and SOON TO BE MANY MORE.

Ignore the facts and become a statistic.

You can hide from Anthrax.

But can you hide from NUKE TERRORISM?

If you can do it, you should move to a safe zone.

The seer SOLLOG that warned of the September NYC attack says you can survive the coming age of NUKE TERRORISM and NUKE WAR in the mountains of Canada, Asia and South America.

The official site of SOLLOG is http://www.sollog.com

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