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The Age of Nuke Terrorism is Nigh!
Suitcase Nukes are near!
By Staff of 24 7 News Net
The 24 7 News Wire

24 7 News Net Wire
October 15th, 2001

The Age of Nuke Terrorism is Nigh!

Since 1997 reports that close to 100 SUITCASE NUKES (small portable tactical nuclear devices) from the Russian Nuclear Arsenal are missing.

They have been rumored to have been sold to Muslim states.

Does Osama Bin Laden have any SUITCASE NUKES?

The fact that many Muslim countries now have NUKES is the real problem.

They can be used anytime the owners of them want. They are carried into the target area and detonated from a remote area. They aren't on the head of ICBM's like old nukes. They go off with no notice!

Since 1995 one of the biggest stories in the world has been one that the US media has kept hidden.

That story is about SUITCASE NUKES, and how one person has been warning that they will soon be used against many US cities.

To prove this tragic event will occur, that same person has been guaranteeing future events, such as earth quakes, hurricanes, plane crashes and acts of terrorism like the Oklahoma City Bombing and the recent 911 attack in NYC.

It is a fact that many executives in the US media got a fax warning from that person in 1995 before the OK City bombing. A warning they have hidden on orders of the US Government.

It gave the date and name of the building in OK City.

That warning was the basis of the McVeigh appeal.

The appeal is sealed, but we have an interview on this site with Rob Nigh the attorney for McVeigh about the WARNING the US government and media is hiding in the OK City bombing case.

In 1997 the person that hit the OK City bombing released what is known as the 902 Prophecy. It clearly states the big building in NYC will be hit by a big bang, major terrorism in September.

Thousands of people are discussing it in usenet.

Yet once again the US media is HIDING the warning.

That same person hit 9 quake warnings in a row from 1999 to 2001.

The US media knows he has hit quake warning after quake warning, yet they refuse to report on it.

That same person has now issued a SUITCASE NUKE WARNING to his fans and members of TOH, the religious movement he heads that has many thousands of members worldwide.


He says Israel is struck first then Rome then Washington DC.

What is clear, is that in this NEW AGE, an age when WMD (weapons of mass destruction) are in play, the old way of living in cities is over.

How can anyone stay in an area that terrorists will continue to target to kill as many as they can.

Terrorists will not be using SUITCASE NUKES and biological weapons in the rural areas of the world.

They don't kill enough people in rural areas.

If you live in an area where many people live, a city of the west or even a suburb of the west, you need to ask yourself, do you want to be where you are when a SUITCASE NUKE goes off near you.

Do you want to be anywhere near an urban area when terrorists explode a plane full of anthrax or some other biological weapon over a city and the death spores filter down to the surface of the earth near where you live!

The US will not wipe out every terrorist on earth.

The ONLY WAY TO PROTECT YOURSELF AND YOUR FAMILY is to move far away from the targets.

The person that has been warning of this time since 1995 says the mountains of Canada, Asia and South America are safe zones from the terrorists.

The name of the person that has been hitting quake prediction after quake prediction, plane crashes and acts of terrorism in his WARNINGS is named SOLLOG.

We have many articles on our site about his warnings at http://www.247news.net

The official site of Sollog is http://www.sollog.com

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