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World Trade Towers DESTROYED!
Two Planes crash into and DESTROY World Trade Towers!
By Staff of 24 7 News Net
The 24 7 News Wire

24 7 News Net Wire
September 11th, 2001


Two symbols of US POWER were DESTROYED today!

The TWIN TOWERS or WORLD TRADE CENTER in New York City are on FIRE as I write this.

CNN is showing pictures of a kamikaze hijacked commercial jet liner crashing into the symbol of US Financial might!

The Trade Towers were targets of terrorism once before.

But this action will make forever skyscrapers a thing of the past.

Buildings like the Twin Towers are easy TARGETS for terrorists.

Just like cities are easy TARGETS for terrorists.

Soon a SUITCASE NUKE will hit a major city.

And you will then see the MASS EXODUS of major cities EXACTLY as one of the worlds top psychics has been saying since 1995!

"Anywhere in the United States where many people gather, will be the TARGET of TERRORISTS soon", says SOLLOG.

"This is the START OF Jihad" says SOLLOG.

SOLLOG who has given exact information about future events using his psychic gifts says, "these events are from Osama Bin Laden and his vast muslim militant network!"

SOLLOG says "WORLD WAR III has now started, and this day goes down in history as THE START OF THE END of American Power!"


Since 1995 SOLLOG has been warning of THIS DAY! In FACT he put the year 2001 into a famous US Federal Court case in 1995, as THE YEAR THE US will be attacked and destroyed!

Well, this is 2001, and sure enough THE EXACT YEAR SOLLOG GAVE is when the USA came to a stand still from a massive attack.

How did SOLLOG know that in 1995, when he warned the US Government in a US court case, that the USA would be attacked and DESTROYED in 2001?

Even if the USA exists for some time, this day will be recorded as THE DAY THE HEART OF THE USA DIED!

So terrible is this attack that the psyche of the USA will never recover!

Nostradamus warned THE KING OF TERROR would start WW III from the SKY in 1999.

He was 2 years and 2 months off.

SOLLOG warned 2001 WAS THE YEAR OF JUDGMENT FOR THE USA in 1996 in case 96CV 1499.

"So many people will be dying soon in the United States from massive acts of TERRORISM! The cries of these victims have been echoing through the years to me" said SOLLOG.

SOLLOG says. "when the US Stock Markets open you will see a massive flight to cash and gold."

He also says, "When the FIRST SUITCASE NUKE hits ISRAEL, then ROME and then Washington DC, you will see THE CRASH OF WALL STREET!"

SOLLOG warns, "If George Bush unleashes the US Military on the Middle East, you will see SUITCASE NUKES hit cities! That is the next step in this terrible scenario, if Bush decides to retaliate!"

SOLLOG then warned, "Israel will be hit by a SUITCASE NUKE first, then Rome then Washington DC!"

SOLLOG added, "Big Buildings and Big Cities will forever be targets now! It is time to move far from Big Cities!"

News Flash! All flights in the United States have now been canceled.

News Flash! The Pentagon has now been hit by another suicide plane crash!

News Flash! Part of the World Trade Center has now COLLAPSED!

News Flash! All flights world wide have been canceled!

News Flash! Thousands have DIED! Both Trade Towers have COLLAPSED! The New York skyline will forever be changed! The World will never be the same!

The United States has been hit so bad by TERRORISM today that all airports are closed and the stock market will not open today!

As you know, THE US WILL RETALIATE upon the Middle East!


You were warned!

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