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F-CK GOD .com! New Web Sites take aim at GOD!
Controversial New Domain takes on the Worlds Religions
By Staff of 24 7 News Net
The 24 7 News Wire

24 7 News Net Wire
August 28th, 2001

A couple of years ago, a judge ruled DIRTY NAME DOMAINS were legal and had to be registered by Internet Registration companies.

For the first several years of the life of the commercial Net, no one could register domain names with FUCK or CUNT in them.

Now anyone can have an eMail address or web page at http://www.FUCK-GOD.com

A group that calls themselves the GODS OF FUCK at http://www.GodsofFuck.com are running the following controversial dirty name Domains and will host your eMail or web pages.


The same group recently registered many more FUCK domains to sell several new eBooks.

These books are all about how many sites are attacking the Worlds most famous web sites and technology companies.

The books are filled with copies of what anti-big-business groups are saying about sites like AOL, eBay, Amazon, Yahoo and Microsoft.

So far the group that runs these FUCK BIG BUSINESS sites are only selling their new eBooks about these companies on their sites, and have yet to offer any eMail services or anything else connected to those domains.

Other sites such as www.FuckMicrosoft.com, which is not run the same group, does offer eMail and even T-Shirts.

This is a list of some of the famous companies the group is marketing FUCK books about.


This is not the only group to be registering FUCK and CUNT domains.

However, they seem to be the largest owners of domains that target Religion and Big Business.

I was sent copies of new eBooks that are all featured at www.1eBooks.com titled

Fuck Microsoft
Fuck eBay
Fuck AOL
Fuck Amazon
Fuck Yahoo

They are humorous looks at how there are literally 1000's of web pages and posts in usenet and forums that all have FUCK AOL or some other major company in the post or web page!

Some of the books include funny images being created by vocal ANTI Microsoft and ANTI eBay sites.

So, if you want to tell the world or GOD to FUCK OFF, you need to check out:


The same group also runs


All of these names were registered through AIS - An Internet Services and Hosting Company.

A spokesperson for AIS stated that the actual owners of these names are AIS clients and that AIS is often listed at the request of clients as the owner in Domain Registrations, since they do all the maintenance and billing for these domains.

Disclaimer - This site also uses AIS for web services as do many other sites.

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